Through Illinois and now at Nationals

The Jeubs wiggled their way all the way from Canada to nearly the Gulf of Mexico. The weather has been hot and humid, but we’ve all managed to “keep our shirts on.” None of us have had any time to post to the site, and now it is 5:30 a.m. in Birmingham, home of the 2008 NCFCA National Championship. Real quickly, here are some highlights…

We stopped in Janesville, Wisconsin, for an overnight with the Hanus family. I mention the Hanus family in our book, Love in the House, as a family who had a great deal of influence on my life. They, too, have 14 children, though they are a generation ahead of Wendy and me. I was best friends with their 2nd child, Paul, when growing up. Their youngest is 16 years old, and we arrived with very peculiar timing. The day before in the apartment of their home, one of their daughters gave birth to her first child (it was a home delivery). Fran Hanus shared with us how the delivery was beautiful and the help that her daughter received included nine other Hanus moms. “The love was so thick in that room, you could cut it with a knife!” This makes 32 grandchildren for Mike and Fran Hanus.

Our stay was short-lived. After a good night sleep, we headed down to Springfield, Illinois, where we were featured to speak to a group of homeschoolers. The managers of Camp CILCA, Kevin and Tawn, were most gracious to us as we popped up our tent and camped for three nights. Our talk included presentations of Cynthia and Lydia for NCFCA, and Wendy and I presented our Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen talk on frugal living. It is encouraging to see moms and dads dedicated to making the financial sacrifices to homeschool their children, and it is our honor to give them tools to successfully do so.

The next day was our site-seeing day. We visited the most incredible museum we have ever visited: the Lincoln Presidential Museum. If you ever have the chance to visit, you must! We spent most of the day their reveling in the rich history of Abraham Lincoln. Such a man of faith and courage! The brand new museum had wax statues, kids play rooms, two spectacular historical movies, re-creations of Abe’s cabin life, and rich walk-throughs of the fantastic time of history. If your homeschool family is big enough, everyone can get in for free: 15 kids makes a “school,” and teachers and bus drivers pay no charge. Our dozen kids and our guest’s kids pushed us over the edge. See, it can truly be “cheaper by the dozen”!

We ventured further into the south, all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to visit some friends, Howard and Kristi Tripp. I worked with Howard when at Focus on the Family, and he and his family (they’re expecting their seventh child) live in the beautiful mountains in Chattanooga. We swam Sunday afternoon in a warm lake…quite the contrast from cold Minnesota! Yesterday (Monday), I left Wendy with most of the kids in Chattanooga to stay with Kristi and Howard as Cynthia, Lydia and I zipped down to the NCFCA national tournament in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lydia did quite well her three rounds of Expository speech, but the competition is incredible. I wish I had time to upload a video and some pictures, but I barely have time to post this post. We have a Training Minds Ministry table at nationals and working it will suck up my time. Besides, Lydia will be putting together a vacation video soon. Thanks for your prayers…this trip has been full of blessings. We’ll post more soon!

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  • Marie

    Dear Jeubs,
    I shouldn’t say this, but I’m almost envious of you all being able to do much sightseeing with your children. Hope you continue to have a great time. God bless!!!
    Marie in NC

  • http://adecoratedlife.wordpress.com/ Michele

    We are getting ready to head out next week to Chattanooga ourselves! Glad to hear everyone is having a great time!
    God Bless,

  • Kristi Tripp

    So glad that Wendy was able to stay on longer. One whole day was NOT enough! We’re having a great time letting the kids kick back and be kids together- what summer vacation is all about! Glad Lydia did well!

  • Deanna

    I love reading of all of your family’s adventures!! Your such a sheltered, non-social homeschool bunch…hee hee. What an awesome opportunity, and lots of wonderful memories you are a part of. Blessings to you all!!!!!