What a trip!

We’ve been back from our Midwest Adventure for a few days now. We’ve barely had enough time to relax. Horse Camp started first thing Monday morning, and we rolled in from a 15 hour trip from St. Louis at 9:00 pm Sunday night! Yeesh. But, we wouldn’t trade the fun and excitement of our four week trip through the Midwest for anything.

Summers are the busiest time of our year. Though our homeschool is put on hold, business is enormous. Monument Publishing, the publishing company I own and some of the kids are employed through, publishes the bestselling curriculum for the NCFCA and sold nationwide. This is literally my third 16-hour work day since we returned home (Wendy has been holding the fort). I just posted new material on our website at www.speechsupplies.com. Check it out if you’re interested.

Our grand finale from our trip was the NCFCA National Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama (which is in June the hottest place in the universe, did you know that?). Lydia didn’t break to outrounds, but she did do well and had a remarkable challenge–and honor–among the best expositors in the nation. You may have watched Lydia’s speech at an open tournament earlier this year (see here). She has come a long way! Here she is competing at Nationals:

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  • http://adecoratedlife.wordpress.com/ Michele

    So glad to hear you had a great time! We getting out the door ourselves today for our trip.
    Lydia has come such a long way! Congrats to her and her parents! :)
    God Bless,

  • Deanna

    How old is she again? It’s amazing how many young people have no skills when articulating themselves to others. I don’t think all will rise to the occasion of your talented daughter, and compete in a national competition. However, we can do our part at our home to ensure that our children are guided in practical ways to be able to communicate respectfully, as well as be good listeners to others. I do appreciate homeschooling for that aspect, among many other atributes. Thank you for your continued encouragment and challenge to many parents all over the country. Welcome Home!!! :)

  • Marcy Smith

    She did a great job!!
    I hope to see you guys here in San Antonio in Jan. We have lived her for ever but never been able to go to the Film Fest. But plan on going in 2009!!

  • Rita

    Welcome home! It will be good to see your faces here and there, again!

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