Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July is one of the most enjoyable days of the year for the Jeubs. Monument starts the day with “The Best Small-Town Parade in Colorado,” and our neighboring town of Palmer Lake ends the day with a spectacular fireworks show along the front range of the Rockies. Over 30,000 people tomorrow morning will flock to our tiny town to watch bands, Shriners, politicians, firetrucks and classic cars. A thousand kids (no kidding!) ride their decorated bikes through the street for the Kiddie Parade before the 2-hour parade begins. And this parade isn’t hyper-sensitive to tooth decay and water. Squirt gun battles rage, and kids bring home more candy than they get at Easter!

I take great footage every year of the Jeubs catching candy and gawking at the passing elephants. (Yes, we have elephants in our parade!) But we are so incredibly busy in the summer. I am writing curriculum for Monument Publishing, working 12-14 hours six days a week. Wendy is holding the fort, though she still manages to take one night a week to go into the office and work on her new book (due out in November). People often say, “How do you do it all?” At times like now, I return, “I have no idea!”

Well, actually, I do. God has a profound way to leading Wendy and I through the twists and turns of life. I just finished reading John Eldredge’s newest book, Walking With God. (And how do I find time to read a book? It’s a God thing.) I’m learning to listen to God’s shakes and prods–his “convictions”–when drudging through the busyness of life. Take, for instance, this blog posting. A half-hour ago I was simply going to enjoy a glass of Kombucha and go to bed early. God prodded me, “Go post,” so here I am with you.

“We don’t get an outline for each new day, with summary points at bedtime. There is something to be learned in every story…Pause along the way [in your life story] at those points where God is speaking to you, shedding light on your story, or teaching you something new. Pause there. Let that be the lesson for the day. Don’t just plow through! Take your time and let him speak.” (Walking With God, p. xiii)

It is extremely difficult to listen to God when busy, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we are able to pause, listen, and move to the areas in life he wants us to go. Eldredge subtitles his book, “Talk to him. Hear from him. Really.” I’m sure he has to place the “really” at the end because something inside us says, “Yeah right, God doesn’t speak to us that way…” and then we get back to our busy life.

I’m convinced that God wants us to walk with him, talk with him, and listen to him. I’ve been practicing this lately, really. Just the other night, when I was tempted to end the day by jumping on my computer, God said, “Go out on the back deck and enjoy a conversation with your daughters.” Okay, so I did. Cynthia, Lydia and I talked for over an hour on a cool summer Coloradan night. It was absolutely beautiful and divine. A real heaven-on-earth moment.

How many heaven-on-earth moments have I passed up, too busy to notice God calling me? You catch what I’m saying, don’t you?

I’ve got decorated red-white-and-blue bikes in the driveway ready to go first thing in the morning. We’ll be busy tomorrow, but not with busyness. There will be much joy tomorrow celebrating the birth of our great nation. God will be there celebrating with us at the parade and the fireworks. May he be there with you, too. God bless America!

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • http://www.homesteadblogger.com/preciouspeas Michelle

    What a wonderful post! It was just what I needed to hear. So often I get caught up in my day to day activities that I forget to listen to what God has in store for my life. Thank you for reminding me that I need to stop and be quiet for awhile. I think I’ll put that book on my reading list.

    We apparently have mutual friends, or at least you have met them – Steven and Jennifer Vaughan – their daughter Ashley just competed at Nationals with your daughter!
    Michelle Bibby

  • beth

    Thank you so much for all the time you take to post on your site. I look forward to each one. This one was really nice to read and has made me take pause.
    Thanks for sharing your life

  • Iffydruid

    Hat’s off to you and your family for homeschooling your kids. I have a mere 3 of my own (I’m one out of 7 myself) and have learned the hard way that traditional schooling is not for every child. My son, who went through a bad time during my divorce, simply stopped going to school. After a lot of searching and having school officials coming down on me I found a charter school to enroll him in. He’s almost 18 and has a couple of years to make up. His charter school is all independent study. I have nothing to do with any of the schooling myself. He HAS to do it himself and gets once weekly coaching and help from a local high school teacher. He has a sense of accomplishment and pride by doing it all on his own and has managed now to balance responsibility of a job AND getting all his school work done, at his own pace. His grades have never been so wonderful as they are now that he’s in the charter program.

    p.s. I’ll have to check out the recipe for your elixer drink :D!

  • Jenna

    I just watched your episode of Kids by the Dozen on TLC last night while I was on vacation with my family in Pigeon Forge, TN. You have a wonderful family with such sweet, well-behaved children. I know you are so proud. God bless you all.


  • http://www.gmrlife.com Wendy

    Hi Jeub’s,
    Another great post. Curious as to whether Wendy drinks the Kombucha while pregnant? Would love to know for the future myself. Thanks and many blessings to you all God Bless <