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Wendy was on KBIQ this morning talking about her cookbook. The spiral bound cookbook has over 200 recipes and has become a real hit. These are real meals the Jeub Family eats regularly, and the book comes with several tips on how to eat like kings on a frugal budget. Click the link below to listen, and don’t forget to buy her cookbook:

Listen to Wendy on KBIQ

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Stacey

    That’s great! I have been tempted to buy your book but one thing stops me. Do the bulk of your recipes have deer meat and the like in them?

    We don’t eat deer so they recipe book wouldn’t be real helpful to me. I am sure others don’t eat it either. :)

    It would be great if you would post a couple of the recipes on your website so that people would get an idea what is in the cookbook.

  • Crystal

    Stacey you could probly sub the deer meat with ground beef or beef period.. i do this alot with recipes calling for beef i sub deer burger instead..

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris Jeub

    Hello Stacey,

    Not many are deer meat but you can always subsitute beef.

    We have many recipes posted throughout our site just keep snooping all the posts and comments.

    Our CD “Cheaper By The Bakers Dozen” is packed full of our tips on how we have done it!

    Joy int he Lord,
    Wendy =) <><

  • Kathy

    Anything with meat in it……………I’M THERE!!! :0)

  • Richelle

    Hi Wendy,

    I love your cookbook it is wonderful! I want to know what book you are working on now? Can you give us some insite?

    Oh I want to see more pictures from vacation.


  • Nancy

    With grocery prices going up, what would you say is your average per month now? We have 9 children and are about to take a drastic pay cut for my husband to change careers. I’m trying to find out what’s reasonable. I don’t use many canned goods and I like a lot of produce, it’s hard to cut that!


  • Rachel

    What a wonderful clip! Wendy, you did a great job explaining your cookbook and helping people understand how eating for less money can be achieved. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    – Rachel

  • http://momys Wanda

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now of course i love cooks books , but I
    thought it was very plain and easy to understand and used alot of
    items i already would have around the house. .She has some great
    saving tips, ideals and alot of stories to go along with them .

    Also you can tell she is a momy to many. In the back is a group of finger foods for toddlers.

    Also a great recipe for a herbal healing Tea bath (that you do not drink LOL )

    I thought I would just share . Alot
    are recipes that I probally have somewhere in one of my cookbooks that I would have to search all over for , so I really LOVE having so many in one spot.

    It will go right next to my momys cookbook !!!!!

    Wanda Blessed wife of Keith and momy to Ashley 20 ,Jessica 19,
    Marissa 16, Keirsten 14 , Chelsea 13 and our 3 reversal blessings
    Gracie 3, Micah 22 months, and Josiah 13 weeks

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Deanna T.

    Dear Chris and Wendy,

    I just had to write to let you both know that my husband Paul and I are expecting our 8th child now.
    I know we are all pretty much strangers,…so why should I feel the need to write? Well, you may recall when I first wrote to you to thank you for the impact of your book, and that my husband and I were struggling with decisions about God’s timing regarding children.
    We were given your book as a random gift by dear friends in CO. They did not know of our questions, they just sent it because they liked the book, and had met your family.
    We feel we owe you a thank you, and want to include you in this little celebration…because frankly, God used your book to keep us on our previous chosen path of letting HIM give us our children.
    It hit me yesterday while in thought about it all, that this baby is a “Love in the House” baby!! Happy – Happy –

    So, your efforts are not in vain, and even if you feel at times that they might be…God has brought wonderful blessing because of His faithfulness for you and your family. We are always a bit nervous until reaching that 3 month marker, because of previous miscarriages…but will just trust Him for that too. So, blessings upon your household and all within it’s walls. I do look forward still to ordering your cookbook Wendy, and have not forgotten. I look forward to reading your newest book as well.

    Love in Christ to you all,

    Deanna and Paul T.
    with blessings: Matthew, Andrew, Angela, Ben, William, Eric, Emily…and “Baby 8” :):)

    p.s..I hope this note finds you all well..

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Laura

    Wendy – I will definitely be getting the cookbook!!!
    I quit working just over a year ago to be home with my kids (after being a working mom for 15 years – my youngest is 5) and it absolutely AMAZES me how much money we wasted over the years on pre-prepared meals simply because I just did not have the time to cook even the simplest of dinners.
    I literally had to re-learn grocery shopping and I absolutely HAUNT websites by big families (yours, the Duggars….) because your cooking and shopping tips are literally money in my pocket! Thank you so much. We now eat better and on far less than ever before. I didn\’t even know that was possible.
    And thanks for “putting it out there”. Your kids are adorable, you and your husband seem to be as kind, gentle and calm as can be. You are definitely making it work. What a wonderful message for us all: if you can do it with so many kids, the rest of us could surely take a hint or two and do it with 1,2 or 3 kids! Family is everything.

    Thanks again,

    Laura W.
    Sahuarita, AZ

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Wendy Jeub

    Hello Nancy,
    To answer your question about, “how much we are spending now”. I am assuming that you are talking about how much groceries have gone up.

    I am still spending the same amount between 5 to 7 hundred. The reasons? I saw this coming and I got busy and stocked up when the prices were still low.

    I have done and am doing what we talked about in “Love In The House”, “Love In The Kitchen” and “Cheaper By The Bakers Dozen” When you buy these invaluable products you will save way over the small amount you spend to get them.
    It is not too late for you to save money today.

    God Bless and keep the good comments and questions coming.
    We are blessed by them.

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