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We post to an email group called MOMYS (Mothers of Many Young Siblings). Discussion of Sen. McCain’s vice presidential choice came up, and Wendy posted a response to a post from a mother who refused to applaud “this woman.” While she agreed with Palin’s pro-life position, the MOMYS mother attacked Palin as lacking character saying, “If she had the character we would like her to have she would not be in office at all but would be at home filling the role that the Lord God made especially for her.”[1] Wendy’s response is as follows:

I am very much applauding Sarah Palin.

I have read and read everything I can find on her and she is great through and through. She said in one interview that with her Downs baby, her and her husband could not abort him because every life is a
blessing. That is worth applause.

She also stated that there are those times when she puts down the ‘BlackBerry’ and picks up the breast pump. LOL! I can relate. Her husband also stated that he likes to be home and doesn’t mind it at all. All that is worth applause.

She has family near her and they also maybe pitching in and the older girls maybe able to drive and they can help to. My guess is she didn’t get this far without a whole bunch of supportive family around her. That is just wonderful.

She seems to know how to manage her time well and get things done. Some ladies do and I am always amazed at them because I am not one of them.

Her lifestyle is way different then most of us and probably different then what we could even imagine. Most likely she has her baby Trig with her and why not? She can have a assistant hold the baby while she makes a speech or have someone watch the baby while he naps and she writes a speech. She can leave the baby in the hotel with a sister while she visits the disaster in LA and be back. Who knows.

This is not her first baby. She has an adult son so she has done this before. (he is off to Iraq soon)

She may not even put in 40 hours in one week like most working mothers, plus she doesn’t have the drive time that they do making it 50 plus hours being gone from home.

Edith Schaeffer in her book “What is a Family” says that at some point the father may stay home with the children and mom goes to work. What is wrong with that? He may find that he does a wonderful job at making supper and that he really likes it. The point is family works together to accomplish what has to be done. It should not all fall on one person anyway.

Just wait until the cameras catch her nursing and try to make something bad of it. LOL

I think it would be wonderful to have her in the White House with a wonderful play area close by with her baby in it.

[These] are really strong words.

I know what it is like to be under public scrutiny and it is no fun at all to be misjudged and condemned for it.

As the media scrambles to find any dirt on her, let us hold her up in our prayers. I agree with Elaine when she says “let us pray for our country as these are very important times in our nation.” God Bless
the U.S.A!

Joy in the Lord,
Wendy =) <><

Married to the love of my life Chris.
14 blessings so far

dd Priscilla 9 months old, Havilah dd and Joshua ds twins 2, Josiah 4, Hannah Joy 6 dd, Keilah 7 dd, Tabitha 8 dd, Noah ds 10, Micah 11 ds, Isaiah 12 ds, Lydia 14 dd, Cynthia dd 16. – Jump to Alissa dd 22,
Alicia 24 dd, dgs(dear grandson) Isaak 3.

[1] Used with permission.

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Beth

    Well said certainly put some positive thoughts into my head.


  • Linda Valentino

    I too have the blessings you say about all these wonderful gods gifts to the universe.
    I wished i was able to bring in one, but my parents did not want me to have my baby boy. they forced me when i was small to have an abort. which i did because i was underaged and also with a rape case that this was from. from that point i was sterile. i guess the abortion did somthing to me that made me forgo having any babies. i am NOT in rejoicing this but i wanted to tell you i think that children are gift from god and loving them. i grew up with a family of 8 and miss them all i live 4000 miles away from them.. we do not hear from each other much and wish we woudld have more. but i feel that palin did the right choice of having all her babies she is going to be a great vp

    i think that she is going to run the nation not mc cain

  • ElleBee

    Wow, Wendy. These are fabulous words on Sarah Palin. I’ve been torn between my admiration of her (for many of the reasons you cited), and my concern for putting her children in the spotlight so often. Thank you for sharing this with those of us not on MOMYS.

  • Penny

    Today, I am thankful for Sarah Palin! She has put my life on the map! She was born and educated in Idaho where I live and raise my family. I am also married to a wonderful man named Todd. I also gave birth at the age of 44 to my ninth child. I am the proud mother of a child with Down syndrome. She was my eighth child and is now 6 years old. We did not know before her birth that she would have Down syndrome but I have been asked that question a million times. I guess what people really want to know is if I would have chosen to give birth to her. The answer is YES! Today the statics tell us that 9 out of 10 women would chose abortion with the knowledge of Down syndrome! I am thankful that Sarah Palin has been given the opportunity to share her PASSION for being a mother to the world! How many women today want to have more than two children? How many woman today would chose to give birth at the age of 44? How many women would chose to bring a child with Down syndrome into the world with joy? The answer to thses questions is obvious…not very many! I am proud of the woman and mother Sarah Palin is!
    …The proud mother of nine in Idaho!

  • Wendy C.

    I really, really like her..yet when I tell my “mom friends” I think she needs to tend to her God given job first, they disagree with me!
    Thank you for stating my thoughts better than I have been able to!

  • Christy

    Very nicely written.

    It is interesting that she is being condemmed for putting her children in the spotlight. Should we condemm Obama as well for putting his girls in the spotlight? What about the Bush family? The Clintons? What about every other government official?

    There are many working mothers. Are the comments from Grace inferring that woman should NOT be in the workforce or in office of any kind? Some mothers have no other option but to work. Some may not have to, but are making a difference by doing so. Some work from home, so technically they are in the home, but hours spent working is still working & not fully focused on thier children.

    I, too, applaud Sarah Palin. For doing what she believes in, for taking a stand, and for not backing down when doing or fighting for what is right. And, I, too would love to see an infant in the White House… his play area close to Mommy.



  • Barbara

    Thank you Wendy – may the Lord bless you for having the guts to speak the truth. YES Sarah Palin has made some family lifestyle choices which are not those my husband and I have made, nor those we feel are best in general given the Lord’s plan for families. HOWEVER, as people and politicians go, I feel more “like-minded” with her than any I’ve seen in the last couple decades or ever. This is not an individual who “became” prolife because it was politically expedient (like some of the other potential VP choices, and one could even argue the top of the Rep ticket). Rather, she puts her money where her mouth is, both regarding having a large family (not quite politically correct today), an unexpected/unplanned late pregnancy herself, facing a Down’s diagnosis, then her daughter’s pregnancy as an unwed teen – this woman and her family LIVE PRO-LIFE! This is one of MANY similar areas in which Sarah Palin presents a VERY unique make-up for a politician. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to FINALLY vote for someone who sincerely embraces many of the core fundamentals I hold dear. Glory to God for their willingness to venture this ugly and awful road for the sake of serving our nation!

    As a side note – Lord have mercy on the MANY unscrupulous writers nationally who chose to slander Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol in the last few days, suggesting precious Trig was Bristol’s son, not Sarah’s. How can these “reporter” publish uncorroborated claims and photos suggesting a “baby bump” on a young teenaged girl – photos which I might add ended up being false – some from 2006 labeled 2007, all before this pregnacy. How devastating! For this reason alone, I do not think I would have chosen this road myself, if I were Sarah Palin – I cannot imagine the struggles I would have faced as a teen having my “baby bump” (when no baby was in my womb) analyzed nationally. WHERE are all the crusaders for women standing up for this vulnerable young woman??? In my book, these writers (mainly liberal, but some conservative too), who chose to believe the worst (a completely unfathomable scenario, in my opinion), and then PUBLISH their unsupported, false, scurrilous bologna, should be held accountable. . Lord have mercy. WHERE are their retractions today? Not to be found. Rather, if you can believe it, I have discovered many of the slanders, instead of apologizing, are now claiming Bristol’s present pregnancy is false, still a cover-up for the fact she’s Trig’s mother.

    In addition, I struggle tremendously w/ the audacity of the women nationally who believe because they’ve been pregnant and had babies. they are somehow “experts” on pregnancy and can state what can or cannot be “truth.” If I were to share the stories of my six pregnancies and births – what I gained in each, how “big” I looked, when (or if) my water broke, whether it was a leak or a gush, my labors (whether I went in labor naturally before or after water breaking or was induced AFTER water breaking), etc., many might think it was a work of fiction. However, it is NOT. As any mother should know, there is NO “standard” to any of these factors, and to make conclusions based upon supposed “norms” is ridiculous – just as posting photos of Sarah pregnant w/ Track vs. how she looked in when pregnant w/ Trig (her son w/ Down’s) as evidence that she’s perpetrating a hoax is crazy. Or to suggest “it is impossible” for a woman pregnant for the 5th time to have her water break and not go into labor – really – that’s a medical impossibility? Give me a break – the possible scenarios that occur in “normal” pregnancies is vast. When you add in Down’s a factor (including often lower birth weights), it’s pretty difficult to distinguish what is “normal” or plausible. Yet “experts” across the board, even some physicians, have stated Sarah’s narrative of the facts is “impossible.” Another side note I’ve found fascinating – IF Sarah’s narrative WAS false (which again, I do not believe), WHY would she have added so many potentially unwise factors to her story – giving the speech post her water breaking, flying back to Alaska post water breaking, etc.? IF this was all a guise, wouldn’t they have come up with a better, less controversial story? Sarah’s choices have been under intense scrutiny in Alaska for months, w/ many strongly objecting to the route she took (flying home, etc). IF this had been a faux pregnancy, to cover her daughter’s indiscretion, wouldn’t she have “chosen” a better time to “go into labor”? IF her water never broke (because she wasn’t pregnant), why make the story so open to criticism by adding the part about staying to give the speech and then flying to Alaska? Of course, she wouldn’t have – if she’d been in control of the factors (as she would have been in a faux pregnancy), she could have arrived home from the Energy Conference and THEN gone into labor, “delivering” when she did. Instead, like all of us, she wasn’t in control of the factors, and for some reason chose to honestly share those details w/ the world (a decision I’m sure she regrets now).

    As another fellow Idahoan, we rejoice that the Lord has raised up an individual who has paid dearly for her beliefs in the sanctity of ALL of life! I pray by God’s grace, our country recognizes the rarity of a “real believer” and supports the whole Palin family!

    Much love,

    Barbi in Coeur d’ Alene

  • Leah

    There have been plenty of times in history that God has chosen to use a FEMALE to do His work. This just might be one of those times.

    Sarah Palin is a real person. Sometimes she fails, sometimes she succeeds. In everything, she gives God the glory and simply does the best she knows how.

    I’m so proud to be an Alaskan right now, and I’m super proud of who is representing our state.

    She’s a baby-nursing, baby-wearing, moose hunting, ice-fishing, imperfect Mama. Just like me!

  • Samantha

    Just a question here, on MOMYS we are not allowed to cut and paste the digest. It is copyrighted. I sincerely hope you obtained permission before you copied this woman’s private email to the private group here. And if you did, it would be nice to post it here. :) Not trying to be mean, just saying…. (you do not have to print this part of the comment)

    I loved your book, liked your show and enjoy your blog.
    While I in general I do not agree with women working outside the home, it is really none of my business what Sarah Palin does. It’s between her and her husband and God. I do think that it is best for families for mothers to be at home, however, it isn’t my choice, and Sarah Palin has not asked my opinion. I will not encourage my daughters to be mothers/wives who work outside the home. But I have told them that the choice in this election is a President/VP that are for life, or a President/VP who are for death. The end. That simple.

    Love Samantha

    Thanks Samantha for the comment on copyright. We have made a correction to the posting.

  • Jill

    First off…no flames.

    I am still struggling with this issue.

    I am one of the women who has a hard time understanding Sarah Palin.

    I do applaud her for not aborting her baby. Life is a precious gift. But, she went back to work 3 days after his birth. Given the complications tha can arise when a Down’s baby is born and how many of those things are unknown for even weeks after the birth….I am at a loss to understand her priorities.

    I wonder….if, God forbid, something happened to John McCain, how would she run the country? Would she put her family aside, as she has done here? And would that be because she considers the love and service of the country more important than the love and service of her family? Judging by some of the actions I read, she is GREAT for politics….but what does that mean for her family?

    Also….politically speaking….there are a couple of things I have read that seem to support that she is a bit of a maverick. So is McCain at times. I was hoping for a candidate that would give some stability. Which, she may….it is hard to tell, as she can be unprdictable.

    If a woman were going to be in office, I would have an easier time supporting one whose children are grown, or who has none.

    To me….their ticket is better than the alternative, so for that reason, I can get behind her.

  • Renee

    Thank you Wendy for putting into words all that I believe about Sarah Palin. I am so happy to see a mom of a larger family, breastfeeding, pro-life, homeschooling, out in public doing a wonderful job. From what I have researched so far they appear to be a wonderful God loving family that is doing what they have been called to do.

  • Gina

    Thanks for this – well said!

    My dh was following this thread (on MOMYS) more than I was (at first) and he was really impressed with your response – esp in light of all the critical comments.

    Also, when I first heard and read about McCain’s choice, I thought, “He couldn’t have picked a better pro-life person, since she’s had to make a ‘choice’ based on a potentially difficult circumstance.”

    Thanks again for your insightful comments, flavored with grace.


  • LaRae Watson

    Hoorah for Palin as VP. I am a mother of seven; my dh and I have a very conservative worldview. And while we appreciate having fellowship with others who are “like minded” the truth is legalism is sweeping through conservative christian circles and needs to be dealt with.

    To those of you who don’t like the pick bc she’s a mother of five, or has a down syndrome baby, and “we would take a woman away from her [children]”, think about this LOGICALLY. You may not agree with her choice to, as a mother, pursue a career, but that choice has already been made….by her. No one is taking anyone away from anybody. She’s a sitting govenor! Whether you agree with women getting into politics or not (which I don’t btw) the only question we should ask ourselves is whether Palin would serve the country best as Alaska’s govenor, or our VP nominee. That question seems pretty clear.

    Women are going to be in politics, mothers included. Right or wrong, that is a decision of the individuals. That being said, if Miss Palin is set on serving politically I can’t think of a better place for her than the VP slot in this race.

  • Kelli

    Hi Wendy,

    I agree with you! I am thrilled with Sarah Palin as our nominee for VP. I watched her speach last evening and she inspired me. She is a real person, who has struggles just like me and has risen to a place of position so that she may perhaps be able to help everyday people like me. I think it is refreshing to have someone who is a mother, who deals with the situations in life that many women face on a daily basis heading to a place of office where she can possibly work to make life a little better for all of our families. I liked how she pledged to be an advocate and friend to families with children who have special needs. This was not a hollow promise without any meaning. You could sense it was from her heart. That is encouraging! She is handling all the scrutiny and harrassment from the media and the opposing camp with grace and dignity and determination. She is rallying behind her daughter during a difficult circumstance and she is reaching millions of families who themselves have or may be dealing with the same circumstance in their own lifes. She is pointing the way to life…not just with her own story of her infant son (who is so adorable by the way) but also the unborn child her daughter is carrying. We need more examples of families who will stand by their children even when they make mistakes. Love is the answer !! (Doesn’t that sound familiar? :) ) Anyway, I really think that this campaign has now gotten really exciting and I am taking 3 of my six children to see John McCain and Sarah Palin this weekend at a local rally. What an exciting time.
    God bless you all!!!!

  • Kelli

    Hi Wendy,
    Just one more comment. I was thinking about the question of whether or not it was appropriate for a woman to be placed in this position. “The woman’s place should be in the home…” theory. Truth be told, if we held fast to that I wouldn’t have gotten the education I recieved, because the majority of my teachers were women. I would have had difficulty in the delivery of my 6 children as all of the nurses who ministered to me and all of the Dr.’s (except for one) and my midwife were women. The fact is we all need to be in the hands of the Lord God, submitting to His purposes and His calling for our lives! We need to be careful that we don’t limit God by putting our roles in a box that we can not get out of. If we submit to the individual call that we individually recieve from our Lord then we are in His will! That is the most important thing!

  • Crystal

    I had to comment, I laughed when I read something to the effect of
    “We probably wonder how she can have time to raise her children while
    she’s governor”…..and all I could think of was all these male
    politicians who seem to have plenty (and too much) time on their
    hands, where they can lead double lives, have mistresses, visit
    pr*st*tutes, and pursuing all sorts of other “special
    interests”….and live in all thier other homes in other places,
    She probably has more time than you would expect.

    She said her husband stays at home, which I think is the second
    best alternative. It takes a man secure with his masculinity to agree
    to do that! And most of the kids ARE older. As for the one daughter
    being pregnant, I don’t think anyone should be touching that one with
    a ten foot pole! A lot of self righteous people are pointing how she
    shouldn’t be so self righteous when she messed up so badly with her
    daughter….and I have to say, we all know that it happens to the most
    diligent parents, thier children making decisions like that. And as a
    good parent, you sometimes have to let your children learn from thier
    mistakes, and you love them through it, and that’s what Sarah Palin
    and her family is doing. I’m glad she makes no apologies.

    There was also a lot of discussion about wether this woman should even be working, because it takes her out of the home, and another lady just pointed out “How many of you use midwives?” We NEED MORE midwives! And yes, we would be asking women to leave the home, not only to leave it, but to leave it at a moment’s notice. So, with that being said, we need to be careful not to be hypocritical, saying “She can be a midwife, but not a governor or vice president.” Either way, I see the contribution as invaluable to all men women and children.

  • Wanda

    Thanks Wendy for posting this!
    I wonder if there was this much discussion and contraversy when Deborah was appointed by the Lord to be Judge and Prophetess?
    I think Sarah is a very brave woman, and as Crystal has said her husband must be very secure in his manhood.
    As for her daughter……. has any of us not sinned?
    All I know is that if I lived in the States I would be proud to have Sarah as VP!
    The fact that she has been called in a negative sense a Maveric is interesting too, because it is usually the “Maveric’s” who get things done.

    I also have had a female midwife and have a female Doctor. I am not going to condemn them for leaving there families to serve me, that would be hyprocitical because I in no way want to go back to having a male Doctor.
    The Proverbs 31 woman who is so highly esteemed left her family in the care of servants to go sell her linnen garments and sashes, she dealt in Realestate as well.
    Sometimes our Father who knows better than we do calls women (and men) to do things that are out of the ordinary and the rest of us need to be blessing instead of cursing them.
    Blessings from a sister in Canada

  • Shelly

    Wendy asked me to please share what I had posted on the Momys digest concerning the attacks on Sarah Palin. So here it is.
    Frankly this reply is full of innunendo’s and assumption.Based on your opinion of how she and her dh are choosing to raise their children.Have you spent a day with her? I would venture to say that she uses alot of creative planning to be able to spend time with her children.I have seen many pictures of her with baby in sling in her Governor’soffice. And yet I cannot presume to know how much or how often her children are at her side.But I do know by her own testimony that her family is very importantto her and that she values each one as the unique gift of God that they are.Is it ideal for a momy to work outside the home? I dont think so. Andyet it is forbidden by scripture? No! I do not think so, as long as she has the approval of her own husband.She is not running for a church office. She will have no spiritual authority over anyone.I believe God has raised her up for such a time as this. You know it really bothers me that we are so one sided as christian home schoolers we fight for our rights to make the decisions in our homes and to not have the opinions of others imposed upon us when infact what we do has no bearing on what they do.And yet here we have a family who has chosen to raise their family ina different and yet not immoral or sinful way. There is no scripture that she is violating by holding this office.What this family has chosen to do has no bearing on what you are doing in your own family. Much like all the other women who choose to work outside the home.I am thankful for Sarah Palin and for her willingness to put action to her words. We really cannot afford to have Barak Obama as this countries next president!God forbid!That we would choose a man who doesnt want his daughters to be forced to have a baby because they made a mistake!The supreme court hangs in the balance and the freedoms that we enjoy as christians in this nation could very well be at stake.

  • Rebekah

    Now that we finally have someone stepping forward, she is being slammed by those who have prayed for such a person because she is a woman and a mother…how incredibly sad and disheartening, the very things that we treasure and have made her strong are now her Achilles heel. Simply because she is a woman doesn’t mean God can’t and isn’t using her in a VERY mighty way…

    God can work thru a woman just as easily as He can thru a man – doesn’t He work through you on a daily basis? There have been women throughout the Bible that God has called into an authoritative role – what sacrifices did they make to follow His lead? Although we know what they have done, we do not know all that they sacrificed to do God’s will – and they were just as imperfect as Palin and I and you and everyone else is. They were as human and female as you and I are. Do we slam them? Do we say they are horrible role models because they were women and stepped forward in faith that God could use them in a different way than He is using you or me?

    What of Gladys Alyward, Lottie Moon, Amy Carmichael and so many other dear and devoted missionaries who God called away from family and loved ones? Are they to be frowned on because they did not take on the dutiful role of wife and mother? Instead, many of them mothered hundreds and thousands of children throughout their lifetime – their faith and personal sacrifice were ripples in the hearts of millions of
    people, not just those who knew them but those who continue to read about their example. Don’t limit what God can do by keeping a woman within the confines of her home – God is bigger than that.

    I have never understood why women judge other women so harshly – we judge women harsher than we do men. We are not perfect, no one is perfect, only the Lord God above. Yet women tend to take on their shoulders the need to judge others, especially women, according to their own personal standards, which are not necessarily the same
    standards God would use.

    I would much rather have a pro-life, evangelical Christian woman, wife and mother as the VP than Biden, who has abandoned his faith except for the political ties it brings and who openly supports abortion against his religious faith’s teachings. We have two choices here – if you are not voting for Palin as VP, then you are supporting Biden. Who is the greater danger to America and to your family?

  • Vicki

    Nicely done Wendy. I tend to run away from political topics on MOMYS (actually all topics there.. sometimes pp are too opinionated) but BRavo to you for standing up an voicing your opinion. 😉

  • Valerie

    Very well said Wendy. I agree with you.

  • AmyF.

    Very well said Wendy!!!
    Blessings from TN

  • Elaine W.

    Dear Rebecca,
    I felt led after reading a previous post of yours to email you. Then after reading your post I am writing as a sister in Christ who has prayed and prayed about this subject. I too did not like McCain. I though he was not a very good speaker, he came a cross as crass, not very personable and really I did not know a lot about how he felt on the issues. I personally had hoped Huckabee would have won the nomination (and yes, there were issues that I did not agree on with Huckabee). Truth is there probably isn’t a canidate that we can ever vote for that we can line up with totally. I believe that it is OUR job as Christians and American citizens to research the canidates (not just what media says about them; they are so bias) and truly delve into their voting record, their past and what “they” say or “don’t” say. We should earnestly pray for us to make the right decision. Not out of anger because someone said something that has offended, or maybe someone who means well comes off sounded more judgemental than they intedended. I know after re-reading some of my own post over the last few months they may come across sounding more judgmental than I would have thought when writiing. Maybe Obama should not have been referred to as Satan, but the thoughts of him running this country scare me. Maybe “wolf in sheep’s clothing fits him more” . Yes, he is an eloquent speaker, is young and enthusiastic but his background. As I stated before we are going to have one of the 2 as our next president. It is important not only for our future but the future of our children.

    As I said at the beginning, I did not like McCain. I have since changed my mind. I had too had been to judgmental, I judge him by how he came across on his “stump” speeches. I have since seen interviews of him being interviewed one on one. He really impressed me! He is a lot more articulate than I gave him credit for. He is smart, compassionate, and I believe a man of honor. He is decisive and KNOWS what he stands for and believes. He is pro-life, pro-homeschool, pro-adoption. He is not afraid to go against the flow. He has a lot of experience in government. He has served our country well, spending MANY years as a prisoner of war. I am sure their are things in his past or stands on issues that maybe I don’t or won’t agree on. But for me he definitely holds more of my views on issues.

    I also listened to Obama being interviewed. He is very articulate, but tends to “think” about his answers way to much for me. I want someone who knows what he believes and is not afraid to say. Not to sit there and ponder, making sure he says just the right thing. He believes in abortion. He believes in women in the draft. Basically, everything that I have heard him say points to socialism. He has been linked to some really shady characters. The man sat under a “pastor” who evidently spends a majority of his time spewing hate about America. Gee, if I didn’t believe what the guy was preaching I think I would have left 20 years ago. I think Obama’s charisma and eloquent speech will pull a lot of people in but I truly believe if he makes president we will see some very dark days ahead. Also, Obama has no experience other than his short time in Congress. He also doesn’t live in the real world when it comes to finances-He made the statement that someone making $250,000 might be struggling. OK give me $250,000 a year, I would like to struggle like that!!! On the $600 stimulus, his wife commented that the check could probably only buy a pair earrings. (Yes, I realize that McCain is rich, but he seems to have more a real sense of how most Americans live.)

    Rebecca, and anyone else that feels the way you do. I urge you to pray and look at both canidates and what they stand for. PLEASE I beg you not to make a decision based on what others have said that has upset you. I have always been “into ” politcs. I use to listen to my Dad and Aunt debate. She used to be a feminst in the ’70’s. Some of their debates got a little heated. You know that is ok too. That was back in the good old days when it was ok to talk about politcs-not like today when we so politically correct. After their little debates were over there were no hard feelings. Still brother and sister. We are all different and have
    differing views on things but we should base our decisions on our convictions of what is right and wrong. I would hate for Obama to get in just because people wanted to prove a point.

    BTW, I am sooooooooo thankful that we live in the great USA, where we are still free to have this conversation, where we can voice our opinions (good or bad) and yes can even refer to canidates as “whatever”!! Why because we are FREE.!!!! I pray to God that we stay that way!!!

    In Prayer for this Nation,
    Elaine mom to 6 in nc

    It’s only a deal if it’s where you want to go. Find your travel deal here.


  • Michele

    I am a frequent commenter here at the Jeub Family website and hold the utmost respect for your family. But this post really sadden me. I do not mean to create discord but I am wondering if Sarah Palin is a biblically sound choice?
    I know for a lot of Christian’s voting for her is just a vote against Barack. And while I understand that, do we really over look God’s commands to ‘pick the lesser evil’? I know at this point many people will be questioning my sanity. LOL I understand my thoughts are in the miniority but still I wanted to share some scripture in which God speaks about women, their roles and duties and so on…..
    Isaiah 3:12 “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”
    Bible clearing shows that when women are in the ruling position that we are in trouble.
    1 Corinthians 11:3“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.”
    By this are we not disrupting the order that God established? Sarah Palin would have to defy the authority structure if she was VP, IMO.
    Titus 2:3-5“The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”
    Verse one of Titus 2 tells us these are things of “sound doctrine”. Asking a woman to switch motherly duties with her husband is sound doctrine? Teaching women that career is more important than family is sound doctrine? For me it isn’t. And it isn’t ‘pro-family’ either.
    I know I will not change anyone’s mind but I wanted to put it out there to make others think a bit deeper than an election. Thank you for letting me share this!
    God Bless,

  • Shannn B.

    Hello Jeub Family,
    I really like what you wrote Wendy and it has helped me understand better.

    I have to admit, when we were watching the announcement, I thought, “She’s going to V.P. with a baby? Who’s taking care of him?” But her life is obviously not run-of-the-mill and they have obviously already worked out a family system for themselves that is successful. Thank you, Wendy, for reminding us that we don’t want to be judged based on what outsiders see. Isn’t that why we are on MOMYS? :-)

    Along those lines, I have felt badly for any unkind words I wrote when we were following the Jon & Kate Plus 8 thread. She is a Momy, too, and I would want to think that the people who are most like me, (as if there is anyone for Kate), would be most sympathetic.

    We are going through a terrible time in our Christian homeschool group right now, Christians angry with one another, and I am very aware of the need for Christians to be a body – “By this will they know you are My disciples: by your love for one another.”

    Since Sarah Palin was head of her high school chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I am going to go out on a limb and say she is a believer, and, as such, I plan to cut her as much slack as I would my own sister, even if her life choices are not ones I would make. She’s a lady I’d love to sit down over a cup of tea with!

    Shannon B.

  • Chris Mullen

    Hi Wendy and Friends,
    It is wonderful to see so many people showing love and admiration for Mrs. Palin and her family. I was raised by two parents of which, my mother was the multi-talented one keeping our lives well balanced. Now, as an adult, I heavily depend on my strong wife as well.
    I completely share your admiration for Mrs. Palin and her decisions of giving birth to her last child. However, I have two points of concern which I hope you will comment on.
    1.) We are not hiring Mrs. Palin for a nanny or care giver. We are actually hiring her for the VP position of our goverenment! Next to a man whose health is very questionable. As much as I would want, I’m affraid we can’t base that on only her personal life–if at all…
    2.) What went wrong when her minor daughter got pergnant? What will ALL the little girls in America be told by this example during the times of the Britney Spears? Yeah, her daughter is going to get married, but why wouldn’t she? She comes from a wealthy family. I’m affraid not all girls come from these same economic backgrounds though. I don’t know if that is the image I would want of my country. It is bad enough that we are tied down to the stereotypes that Madonna, Britney Spears, and other celebrities have created for us here at home and abroad; and now, our very own Government.
    I don’t know if Mrs. Palin would be the right choice, along with a man on his second marriage who he met while still married to his first wife.

  • Cynthia Jeub

    I think that if you dig into Sarah’s history as a governor a little deeper you will love her stance.

    Your second verse from Corinthians was interesting. I actually got out my bible and looked that one up. In the third verse which you quoted, Paul talks about heads. In the fourth and fifth verses he discusses honor. Sarah Palin has in no way dishonored God or her husband in her actions. She’s in a great marriage and she supports and honors her husband in all of her speeches, and he supports her.

    Titus 2:3-5 was the most interesting.
    “(3)Likewise” in the previous verse it was talking about men, then it speaks of women likewise, meaning that God loves both men and women equally and has a calling for each.

    “Not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine” In no way has the Alaskan governor been shown to be not sober!

    “(4)train the younger women to love their husbands and children” As I stated above, Sarah mentions her husband in every speech she makes as someone she loves deeply and respects. She loves her children also, which is obvious by the fact that she chose to keep and love a special needs child.

    “to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home” Did you know that when she took office, Mrs. Palin let go all of her maids and cooks so that she could remain busy at home? She does all of her own cooking and cleaning with her family.

    “To be kind” Sarah has kindly recognized many veterans for their sacrifices.

    “And to be subject to to their husbands so that no one will malign the word of God” once again, This woman is willing to be subject to her husband in all ways.

    I hope that we can get these issues out of the way and look at Mrs. Palin as a leader. In spite of all the bad things that are being said about her, nobody can find anything wrong with her.

    Our choices in this election are blatantly clear: McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden. If I could vote, I would vote for her. Since I can’t, will you please take into consideration voting for a woman with biblical values?

  • Michele

    I do not dispute her record, which I have researched greatly. This issue is not against Sarah Palin as a person, a mother, a wife or even as a Christian. This is not about her having one child , five children or twenty. It is not about about if she has a special needs child or not. It is about the authority structure God has laid out for us. It is about Christians not watering down God’s word for the sake of an election. We should not be holding Sarah Palin up and comparing her to Obama/Biden to decide if she is qualified. We should be holding ALL the candidates up and comparing them to the Scripture.
    With that in mind,is Sarah Palin a scriptural sound choice? Let me post a bit on the scriptures you posted and your points if I may…
    When Paul discusses honor in verse 4 and 5 of 1 Corinthians 11, he discuses honor in head coverings while in praying or prophesying. That does not distract from the meaning of verse 3 which outlines the line of authority from the word of God. By all means it just solidifies how we they are to show their authority. The line of authority is still there. As we explore deeper into that chapter the line of authority is stated again in verse 7 “For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.” It being pointed out, that man is the glory of God and that woman is the glory of man…the line of authority is being repeated to us. And in verse 10 “For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels. ” It is telling us that her authority will be known by her covering. So again, it is telling us that there is a line of authority and this is how we show it in prayer.
    In Titus 2: 3-5 I pointed out that verse because it telling aged women that their role is to show women their Godly roles. If we have seen that the line of authority that says women are subjected to men, then is a woman who is ruling above men being a Godly example to young women? No,she is not. Ruling over men is a direct disruption of the line of God’s authority.
    We have no greater example of the line of authority than in 1 Timothy 2:11-12 “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” It is certainly clear, she is not to assert her authority over a man.. Would Sarah Palin being in authority over men in her role as Vice President and possibly as President? Absolutely. And the Bible has clearly said that is not to happen.
    Having a women leader is spoke about in Isaiah 3:12. Where the prophet Isaiah says, “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” Look what you have come to he is saying. He says your so weak you are being ruled by children and women. Furthermore he says they lead them because this country is in error and they will destroy their ways. It is not an example that we should want to lead by certainly.
    Furthermore there are more than two choices in this election. Do not eat what this corrupt society wants to you devour. God is sovereign but our choices & actions have meaning and we are accountable for them. I am voting and it will not be for either of the two choices that only society has deemed worthy. It will be for a candidate that I believe is Scriptural sound choice.
    This is not about Sarah Palin as a person or her beliefs. This is about the word of God. Do we take His word about the structure of authority and disregard it for the sake of an election? Do we go against the authority structure because Mrs. Palin is a good woman who is kind and has a good values? The Bible tells children to obey your parents…..would it be acceptable for you, a kind, intelligent, compassionate Godly young lady, to disregard that command and disobey your parents for the sake of a cause you find worthy? It would not be acceptable. God’s word is infallible regardless of the cause .His word must come first in all things. Even in a heated election. :)
    Thank you for time and I enjoyed your reply very much.
    God Bless,

  • Laura Wilkins

    The problem with Sarah Palin is not anything to do with her family choices or situations – those are certainly private. Also I do believe we should caution against asking anything of her that we would never as a man – for example, why isn’t Obama home with his small children? That being said, however, the problem with her is that she has been caught lying far too many times. She is Bush all over again and with McCain’s age and potential health issues, it’s entirely possible, if not likely, that she WILL be President. Not good. She is totally unqualified and therefore dangerous. The Republicans have done enough damage. My parents travel EXTENSIVELY outside the country on business and the whole world is wondering if we are smart enough to save ourselves or if we’re just going to let the Republicans keep ruining this country. In England when the Sarah Palin thing broke, it was treated as a joke there. They are literally laughing in Europe over her being on the ticket. We need to wake up and be smart enough to save ourselves. Democrat = family. Republican = corporation.

  • Cynthia Jeub


    I would like to make a few points on your statements.

    I do not seek to water down the scriptures. Rather, I would agree with you that God’s word is infallible. What I disagree with you on is whether the Bible commands that women should or shouldn’t lead. So, is it okay for a woman to be above men in leadership?

    -Never does God say that women are “Below” men, he only says that women should “Honor” men, and should “Give glory to” men. God loves all of his children especially, whether they are men or women, and does that not also mean that He calls them according to His purposes?

    -Furthermore, if you would believe that a female should never lead a male, what will you do next time your son decides not to do his chores and needs a punishment? Sit back and be “in silence”, or do your duty as an honorable mother?

    -There are many times in the bible that God called a woman to lead in a time when it is necessary. Esther has a lot of similarities with Palin. Esther probably had no intention or dream of becoming queen, but God allowed King Xerxes to find favor with her. He chose her, and she stood up when no one else could to save her people. In the same way, McCain chose Sarah Palin for his VP and she sees the opportunity to change her country and save the lives of children everywhere.

    -You concluded with the question of whether I would disobey my parents for the sake of a cause that I found worthy. My answer is yes. I know that my parents would never tell me to give up my faith, but there are many non-believing parents that would, upon discovering that their child was a Christian, would tell them that the belief is unfounded. The bible says to “Obey your parents as unto the Lord” likewise it says that the woman is the glory of the man, and Mrs. Palin has in every way brought glory to her husband.

    -Finally, you said that you are voting for neither candidate in this election. If you believe that women should be completely silent, then why exercise your 19th amendment rights and vote? Why would you even voice your opinions on this site if you don’t believe in women doing so, as it would break a silence?

    I also enjoyed your response and I hope you understand that I hold you in the highest respect.

  • Cynthia Jeub

    Laura, would you be so kind as to explain to me how is exactly republicans are corporate and democrats are family?

  • Michele

    I have enjoyed these discussions with you. Your compassion and intelligence on these issues impress me. And your parents have done a fine job to train you for a debate! *smile* And I also hold you in the highest respect, your very informed and articulate.
    Back to the issues at hand.

    You said:Never does God say that women are “Below” men, he only says that women should “Honor” men, and should “Give glory to” men. God loves all of his children especially, whether they are men or women, and does that not also mean that He calls them according to His purposes?”
    I say: Understand being under the headship of man is not a horrible thing as feminist would have us believe. There is a line of authority that God has outlined and their is great comfort in that line. He has stated He loves us both, but there is still in line we must obey. I will take you right back to 1 Corinthians 11:3, again… “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” (NIV) I normally use KJV or the NKJV but I wanted it here in a different transcript for a reason. You stated that when God speaks about women he says only “honor” and “Give glory to”. Neither are found in any translation of 1 Corinthians 11:3. God isn’t mincing words here, it is clear and that translate to all Bibles versions. So here we have direct words of God, this is the line of authority I have established. There is no reference to God saying here, Ok honor men or give glory to man….but says that every head of MAN is Christ and every head of WOMAN is MAN but the head of Christ is God. So I dispute your point that “he only says that women should “Honor” men, and should “Give glory to” men.” It is always important when discussing/debating a biblical standpoint that you give Scripture as your basis. I would ask that you show me where it never speaks about women other in the context of honor or to give glory to. While there are passages in the bible that do say to honor man and to give glory to man, those are not the only ones in dealing with the headship and authority line. So please be careful when saying the Bible “only” says anything. Your incorrect.

    You said: Furthermore, if you would believe that a female should never lead a male, what will you do next time your son decides not to do his chores and needs a punishment? Sit back and be “in silence”, or do your duty as an honorable mother?
    I say: Never does the Scripture tells us women to be silent in our God given roles. Being a mother is a role God has gave women a head of. The commandments do not say, Obey thy Father. It says Obey thy Mother and Father. Our roles as Mothers are clearly outlined in many parts of the Bible. Children are to obey parents, regardless of their gender.

    You said: There are many times in the bible that God called a woman to lead in a time when it is necessary. Esther has a lot of similarities with Palin. Esther probably had no intention or dream of becoming queen, but God allowed King Xerxes to find favor with her. He chose her, and she stood up when no one else could to save her people. In the same way, McCain chose Sarah Palin for his VP and she sees the opportunity to change her country and save the lives of children everywhere.
    I say: God certainly had favor for Esther, not because she was a Queen but by her commitment to God. There is no scripture that shows that she RULED over Persia, only that she had control over her own household and she able to influence Kind Xerxes. She was not a politican nor did she make laws or commands. She had to ask King Xerxes just as others did to save her people. Does that make her actions less honorable? NO! She was a Godly woman. And I believe God uses women within his line of authority all the time to do His work.

    You said: You concluded with the question of whether I would disobey my parents for the sake of a cause that I found worthy. My answer is yes. I know that my parents would never tell me to give up my faith, but there are many non-believing parents that would, upon discovering that their child was a Christian, would tell them that the belief is unfounded. The bible says to “Obey your parents as unto the Lord” likewise it says that the woman is the glory of the man, and Mrs. Palin has in every way brought glory to her husband.
    I say:There is a reason a child is a child and a parent is a parent. If a child was capable of deciding for themselves all things, then why would God give us parents? Why would He then instruct the parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go, ” (Proverbs 22:6) if children were to decide all things? There is a reason a parent can ask you not to do a thing you assume is worthy. Obeying parents is God’s command to all of us. We can not pick and choose when to apply it. If we do then we are in danger.

    You said: Finally, you said that you are voting for neither candidate in this election. If you believe that women should be completely silent, then why exercise your 19th amendment rights and vote? Why would you even voice your opinions on this site if you don’t believe in women doing so, as it would break a silence?
    I say: No. I said I was voting for neither of the TWO canidates you pointed out as the ONLY choices. There are more choices. I never said women should be completely silent. Please show me where I stated that.

    Women have a great role in God’s world. They can and are doing great things. If our roles were respected and not convulted then more honor would be brought to women.It is sad that we have bought into societies feminist trap that to only do GREAT things we need to be a position of power. I will tell you , Mother Theresa never had to be Vice President of anything to do more than a lifetime of good. *smile* Wouldn’t you agree?
    My last question to you is have you done the same amount of research on John McCain as you have Sarah Palin?
    God Bless,

  • Cynthia Jeub

    Hello Michele,

    Allow me to continue to clarify my position.

    “Understand being under the headship of man is not a horrible thing as feminist would have us believe.”

    Please explain to me what feminists have against men leaders. Rather, they say that men and women deserve equal rights before the law. That includes having the right to vote, as well as having the right to become a leader.

    “There is a line of authority that God has outlined and their is great comfort in that line. He has stated He loves us both, but there is still in line we must obey.”

    Yes, we must obey IN THE CHURCH. Paul didn’t tell us to obey “in all things”, but he was talking about the way a church should be run, instructing the Christians.

    “You stated that when God speaks about women he says only “honor” and “Give glory to”. Neither are found in any translation of 1 Corinthians 11:3.”

    1 Corinthians 11:3 states that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of every woman is man. The question here is how you define “head”. This is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a person with respect to mental qualities”, meaning that a “head” deserves respect and honor, but not necessarily leadership. But in Titus, as we discussed earlier, Paul discusses the specific qualities of a woman. Sarah Palin fulfills every one of these.

    “Never does the Scripture tells us women to be silent in our God given roles. Being a mother is a role God has gave women a head of.”

    Exactly my point. God has specific roles for each man and woman. Do you think that it is beyond God’s capabilities to call a woman to a difficult position?

    “She [Esther] was not a politican nor did she make laws or commands. She had to ask King Xerxes just as others did to save her people”

    The similarity continues between Mrs. Palin and Esther: In an interview just yesterday, Sarah was asked if she disagreed with McCain on how to fight Global Warming. She answered, “We’re working on that, I’m trying to convince him to make changes.” As a VP, she will have to ask McCain to do things and she will serve as an excellent adviser. If she becomes president, I would compare that level to Deborah, who served as a judge in the court of Israel in the old Testament.

    “There is a reason a parent can ask you not to do a thing you assume is worthy.”

    Yes, and an adult in India can sell their child into slavery if the child is a Christian and a parent in China will turn turn her son into the authorities for preaching to her. Suppose a father tells his son: “Stop obeying the bible.” What is the son to do? It would be obeying the bible to obey his father, but it would be disobeying the bible to disobey his father.
    On this point, however, we have gone off-topic. We are talking about women vs. men as leaders, not parents, an entirely different topic.

    “It is sad that we have bought into societies feminist trap that to only do GREAT things we need to be a position of power.”

    There is no feminist statement that says to do great things we must be in a position of power. Rather, I believe that women should have no limits. I personally would like to become a writer and a mother. God has called me to write my stories for the world to read. I do have friends that are girls that feel called to attend law school. We must not place limits on women. God’s plan is freedom, not enslavement, and he calls us to do his will in all areas. Including government.

  • Michele

    Before I answer your last post. Can you do be a favor? Can you define to me what the word ‘help meet’ means to you? Because the definition I know flies in the face of feminism that I grew up and lived through.
    I am on the way out to take 1 of my 5 children to get art supplies for a project. I shall look forward to your reply. :)
    God Bless,

  • Erica

    Michele, Thank you for your posts, I agree with all you have said. I think that you have put all of my thoughts into words. You said them much more eloquently than I could have though! I truly believe that this country would be in a lot less trouble if we followed the outline of authority that God has given us. The Biblical role of women is so much more exciting and honoring than the world wants us to believe! Cynthia, I would also like to know if you have done as much research on John McCain as you have on Sarah Palin? Since he is the candidate, not Sarah, it seems like we should dig deep to find out if he is truly a sound Biblical choice.

  • Michele

    The feminist movement was not a huge help to women as much as it was damaging to our society as a whole. The concept was great on paper, in the eyes of the law we would be the same. But the agenda behind it distorted the idea to fit a rather narrow one. Which was either you left your home & stopped being ‘enslaved’ as a home maker or you were backwards and ignorant. Women who attempted to stay at home at the time of the movement were told they were ‘setting the movement’ backwards. Resulting in the next 50 years of homemakers coming under attack and their job as role as mother & wife being taught as slavery. Wait……wasn’t this about CHOICE? Wasn’t this about having the freedom to CHOOSE? But what if you choose to stay at home….why was that not acceptable now? Because there was an agenda behind this movement. The feminist movement also heralded in the idea that the woman’s body was one that we had control over, including any living child inside of it. It was no longer a human but a CHOICE. Roe vs. Wade was ushered in and now we were really free! I mean we didn’t have to be tied down to a kid anymore. We were free to kill it. Do some research Cynthia, want to see where the decline in our morals started? About 50 years ago. Want to see where child abuse really took off? 50 years ago. If their life was not worth anything inside the womb, why would it be worth much more outside of the womb? Children stopped being innocent things we could protect and became prey. Not that any of this didn’t exist before, but certainly not in the staggering numbers we have today. Men started to lose ground with the movement. Now we have men who can’t, won’t or do not know how to lead their homes because it was just beaten into them NOT to do it, it was sexist to want to lead in the home. Genders really have taken a beating during this movement. Again, I am not against women being able to vote, women having a job outside of the home, women getting equal pay. That is the again feminist rhetoric that still exists, either your all in or your against us. It is possible to want to be equal in the eyes of the law without buying the agenda that pushed it. I don’t want the feminist movement, I want CHOICE in my life. And freedom to make that choice without belittled. I want women to be women and I want men to be men. No blurred lines. If a woman wants to do what a man does then let it be a choice…..not a pressure or an idea forced upon us. The feminist movement is full of the idea to be MORE you have to leave behind the home. You are nothing without a job, a title, money and power. So having lived through this, I will assert again the feminist movement says to do great things we can ONLY do so when have a position of power. Otherwise why they feel oppressed in the home? From home we could never do great things. That is not what Proverbs 31 tells us though, is it?

    It is great to see you believe in what the theory was for the feminist movement, but what it was suppose to be and what it was is two different things. With all due respect, having to grow up, be a wife and mother through this has really opened my eyes to what it is about. I don’t think that is anything you can get from a book or a study or research. Wisdom is only gained through experience. I think this is why you see so many couples who are in my age group going back to Complementarian ways. We lived through those days of the movement, we seen the down fall of leaving behind THOUSANDS of years of following God’s headship commands, we have seen too many of God’s children being killed for a selfish nation. We want it back to where God has commanded us. I could go forever, but I will let this one lie and move on to your points.
    I will make my points/questions short so that we don’t get off a rabbit trail again. *smile*

    On that point you say that is God’s commandments for CHURCH only. Define church.
    Do you think that submission is slavery as well?
    Do you believe we are to serve God with a servants heart?
    You said God’s plan is freedom, please explain and give scripture to your meaning of that. I am not saying we are not to be free. I am asking your point on this because it was a general comment but I feel one worthy of exploring.
    I would echo my earlier question and Erica’s repeat of it, how much research have you done on Sen. John McCain?

    I thank you as always for your time, consideration and thoughts on these subject. :)
    God Bless,
    PS… Please forgive any grammar errors. It is 2:30 am and I have been up most of the night with a ill 1 and 1/2 year old. Prayers for a speedy recovery are most welcome! :)

  • Wendy Jeub

    Hello Chris Mullen,

    What issues and facts that relate of politics do you really want to bring up?

    You are only slamming McCain and Palin and you are not basing anything on voting records or past accomplishments.

    Palin – is great and is to be admired and applauded. When she became Governor to Alaska she sold the luxury jet to save the state money. She stated that she could fly like everyone else.
    Now that is “a nice change”!! How often do we see that in government officials?

    I also think that ‘we the people’ forget that our elected officials are public servants, I would say she is like a missionary going out and doing the best she can to spread the truth. No one would be down on a missionary family for making a decision to move to Washington D.C and do the best they can to represent Christ, family and betterment of the public!

    I also think that most elected officials soon forget that they were put in office to serve the people. I really believe that Palin will be open to letters that are sincere, to the point and well worded. She is a listener.

    Now go and do the right thing!
    Wendy Jeub, mom to 14 blessings so far….
    Married to the love of my life Chris.
    Grandma to one Isaak who is very cute and sweet.

  • Cynthia Jeub

    Let me make sure that you understand my view, which I think we are in more agreement than anything.

    You said, “If a woman wants to do what a man does then let it be a choice…..not a pressure or an idea forced upon us.”

    Exactly! Sarah Palin, in her acceptance speech, was wearing a suit that she’s had for the past two years. Does that seem like someone who would fall for typical peer pressure? Instead, she has gone down a different path and stood firm in all areas. You are pressuring her to be like you while wrongly accusing her of pressuring you. I’m completely agreeing with you that a woman should be free to choose any lifestyle, including that of vice presidency.

    My points:

    1. The Titus 2 woman is described very well in Sarah Palin. refer back to my first post.

    2. You did not address my statement about Deborah. In debate, we would call this a “dropped” argument, meaning that by ignoring a statement you agree with it. because this is not traditional debate, I would love to see a response to the fact that God appointed Deborah as a judge.

    3. I’m hesitant to define the word “church” because you didn’t respond to my other requested definition, the word “head”. I said that Paul told his people that the “heads” deserved honor and respect. Do you disagree?

    4. Do you believe that God is capable of selecting a person for a specific role? This was an earlier question, also unanswered.

    5. For clarity, I’m not a feminist and don’t believe in blaming the ’60s or the ’70s or the 1500s or Plato or Aristotle for our sinful nature. You can’t trace feminism to the 1950s. As I recall, queen Jezebel was pretty demanding for power while Elijah was a prophet. Tracing the feminist movement back, it started with the curse on Adam and Eve. Eve’s new desire was to rule over a man. Sarah Palin has never stated that she will be ruling over her husband, or that she wants to.

    So now this has been crystallized into five points. To answer your question on if I’ve researched McCain, yes I have. But that’s another rabbit trail as we were asking if it is biblical for a woman to be president, not if McCain will be a good leader. I’m signing off now, you may respond and have the last word. If anyone would like to question my stance, refer back to this and previous posts from me on the topic.

  • Wendy Jeub

    McCain has good foreign policy. He understands many things, he picked Palin for a reason.

    Obama is not a good clean option for this country.
    I believe he does not have a very good understanding of foreign policy. Or economics. He does not think this country is worth fighting for. Big message to our troops who put their lives on the line everyday for this great country.

    This is not the time to join the rebels and vote 3rd party, that was in the primaries. I am sorry but there are only 2 choices, any other vote is a throw away.

    Laura, we do not vote here in the USA based on what the “world” thinks. We are free and we are very free thinkers. That is one reason we are the world leader. Democrats are not pro-family. They are pro-big and bigger government. More taxes to weigh your families down. We need government to slow down and stop spending money, get our economy under control and secure our boarders.

    Dr. Dobson has thrown his hat in with McCain/Palin and that is a very powerful statement to me. Why? Because he takes the time to really research things and he is not silly or quick to make that kind of statement. God has put his hand on Dr. Dobson, he speaks everyday to millions. Here is the link to the interview.

    Go McCain/Palin 2008 !! =D

    Let us pray for the USA as these are very important times in our nation.

    May God Bless America!