What is Palin Power?

A month ago the Democrats held the winning hand for history, that with the hopes of the first black president, Barack Obama. Now, with the appointment of Sarah Palin as the vice presidential running mate, history is on the Republican ticket, too. It has been assumed for too long that the first woman chief executive of the nation would be a liberal Democrat. Instead, we have a conservative Alaskan who has five children and hunts moose.

“Ah, but she’s a woman,” some say. While some may see power in Palin’s femininity (so-called “Palin Power”), I see the power of family. She has not been defined by what is thought to be the “perfect” politician’s family. You know the image. Husband, wife, two kids. Her family walking on the Republican Convention stage looked unique and different, but more truly American. Rough on the edges and most perfect in many ways. Consider:

  • Todd, Palin’s husband. Tremendously confident in his masculinity. Hunter and snowmobile racing champion. He broke his arm in the last race he was in, but he refused to give up. Tough Alaskan, one who would say, “Yeah, I stay home and she goes to work. Got somethin’ with that?” I identify. Early in our marriage, Wendy worked while I finished up school. That’s family working together, not some imagined misalignment of biblical hierarchy. Todd is someone I hope to have the privilege someday to gut an elk out together in the mountains of Colorado…with our daughters.
  • Track, first born son. He went to war for our country on 9/11/08. Nineteen years old and devoted to serving his country. He may pay the Ultimate Price, God only knows. He has been raised well within the strong values of this Christian family. These are the values I struggle to teach my children: love of God, love of country, life beyond self. If I were in battle, I’d like to have Track at my side. He seems to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t blink before jumping on a grenade to save those around him.
  • Bristol, pregnant out of wedlock at 17. How should Christian parents respond? Exactly how the Palins responded, loving and forgiving, believing in her daughter despite her foolish choices. While the media foamed at the mouth at the hope that the conservative Christians would throw Palin under the bus, Christians warmly sighed at how the Palins handled the news. Peggy Noonan got it right: “Modern American evangelicals are among the last people who’d judge her harshly. It is the left that is about to go crazy with Puritan judgments; it is the right that is about to show what mellow looks like.” Their family will make it through, because families are powerful.
  • Trig, Palin’s baby. She had Trig while in office, knowing full well that he would most likely be born with Down syndrome. She refused to compromise either her service as governor or her ministry as mother. Instead, she brought Trig to work—often excusing herself to nurse her son—making sure it all worked out. Families make things work. What a testimony for choosing life even when all worldly persuasion says otherwise.

The pundits are asking Sarah Palin if she can accomplish the executive duties while raising a family. Gee, do they really need to ask? Charlie Gibson from ABC stared down his nose like a cynical professor when he asked a leading question about sexism. Watch this…

I’m glad she didn’t agree with Charlie’s red herring, “Is it sexist to question your ability?” It was a loaded question, one that he would have pounced on if she answered yes. “See, she plays the victim and is not ready to be Vice President,” the pundits would have replied. Instead, Palin pretty much said, “Who cares?” Palin’s femininity is not defined by the media or her naysayers. Instead, it appears that Palin is defined by her strong values and conservative principles, those I would argue are founded in her Christian faith and upbringing.

Sounds like my kind of Vice President.

The Jeub family so identifies with the Palins. Her family embodies something that we believe is a refreshing calling for families: families are powerful. Other life choices don’t compare to the power of family. Not government, not money, not personal career ambitions, not feminism. Family. And family was not and is not being sacrificed by Palin, even when called to public service and high office.

Boy, what a contrast from the typical Washington politician! In every sense of the word, Palin is exceptional. She had been called to politics for all the reasons people should be called to politics: to shake up the “good old boys” and make a change for families. Also unlike Washington elitists, her promises didn’t fall to the wayside after election. She shook up her hometown as mayor and took on the special interests as Alaskan governor.

Some people believe that her being a woman is a violation of a scriptural mandate forbidding women from serving in public office. Two quick notes on that. First, if you’re being persuaded by someone who appears well versed in scripture that the Bible “clearly” invalidates a Palin vote, look up the verses. I have, and scripture does not invalidate a Palin vice presidency. Quite the contrary, God has called women into positions of influence, power and humble service throughout scripture (e.g. Miriam, Esther, Deborah, Mary, Phoebe, Priscilla). People with these archaic opinions have lengthy rebuttals that usually (and ironically) lead you away from scripture. When you read the few verses touted by your friend, ask yourself, “Is it really that clear that God forbids women to be public servants?”

Second, don’t forget who else is running for president. Folks who say, “Don’t vote for Palin because she’s a woman” usually refuse to be reminded how bad the opposing candidate is. Barack Obama promotes several complete opposite principles Sarah Palin is standing on. No matter how strongly anyone believes Sarah Palin shouldn’t be running the country, the bottom line is still this: a refusal to vote is a vote for her opponent. Some have gone so far as to say it would be unbiblical to vote for McCain/Palin. I sure hope they wise up before November 5.

This sounds like a campaign ad, I know, but you know what? Wendy and I have never been this excited over the Republican ticket. McCain has his shortcomings, and while I most likely would have voted for him, I wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on my car. I may just do that this year. I have my eye on this one: “I’m voting for the pit bull with lipstick.”

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    love it, love it. My personal believe about women serving in public office is that God will raise up women when men are not available. He did it many times in the Bible. He will get the job done one way or the other.

    I am praying for Sarah Palin. She needs our covering and I pray that God will protect her and keep her humble and vigilant so that she will not fall.

    I don’t think anybody saw this coming. God’s ways are really not ours. :)

    Go, Sarah, Go!!! :)

    About the family power…I believe in this day and age when community, gangs and villages are more important than a married man to a woman and their children, again, God has a wonderful way of making us see what is His vision for us.

    :) also, write it down: Sarah Palin will be the first woman President in this country!

    ok, I am done. :)

  • Emily

    Great post! I could not agree more. And I, for one, am very thankful for her willingness to serve and the support she has from her family.

  • Jennymomof13

    Thankyou Chris and Wendy for explaining your position But…As much as I admire you and love watching your family, I disagree. Our nation is in a crisis we cannot have Gov Palen not focus completely on what is happening to our country. She is a MOM and that in itself is huge not to undermine her husband and his duties as a stay at home dad but as other mom’s who work outside the home and have 4 or more children….there is or should be a tug to be “mom”. I hope people understand this is not an 9-3pm job where you go home and leave work at home this is a 24hour 7 day job. If anything such as illness comes upon the president….she will be. As a teen mom ( I was 17..and yes I too did get married) I needed my mom there. Just because she is getting married does not mean that her mom will not need to help. As a pediatric nurse I can also give you my opinion that a child who has down syndrome will also need mom there more than a child who does not have the genetic disorder. I am a woman, a nurse , mom of many and yes a wife of a “stay at home dad who like Palen’s husband does great” so of course I am touched in many ways. I admire her also but the vice predident position at this time…in this country’s fragile state is not to be taken lightly. Love you guys Jenny

  • Amanda


    I guess the question could be raised that can ANYONE focus 100% of their attention 100% of the time on the country and its goings-on? Not to be argumentative with your post (because it does make some good points), but I think that rendering her possible Presidency illigitmate because she has children is a bit nonsensical. There have been few presidents (or vice-presidents, for that matter) without pressing family matters to deal with and I don’t think she hasn’t considered the fact that parenthood is a 24/7 job. I mean, she has five children. As far as we know, from what we’ve seen of Gov. Palin, it would stand to reason that she’ll have her young kids in tow as much as possible; she totes Trig around in a sling constantly, even being able to breastfeed him on the job! I guess I am just questioning your reasoning that because the country is in a “fragile state”, Gov. Palin is inadequate. It’s always been in a fragile state, one way or another! :-)

    I think that God created parenthood to be a dual responsibility and having a dad around full time will not be the downfall of her children (Downs Syndrome or otherwise).

  • Charity

    Thank you for such a true and bold post. We as christians are called to hold one another accountable, and I believe that those who are focusing on the “mom factor”, have a real need to be called into accountability seeing the opposing side on this election. Yes, being a mom is very important. A calling, however, study after study shows that children need dad more than mom, especially spiritually…Now, I do believe that in most cases, moms should be home with their kiddos and that God calls men to be the providers of the home, however, I do think that there are situations, (This one in particular) that the opposite is best and is what a family has been called to.

    I too, in studying the Word, see time and time again where God does raise up women when Godly men are not available. Remember, as christians, we shouldn’t be voting our opinions of whether or not a mom should be president or vice president, but rather our values of what the scripture DOES teach without question. For instance, MURDER (aka abortion) is wrong, and that those nations who stand with Israel will be blessed those who don’t, will be cursed. I believe we will answer to God for the way we vote! Thanks for such a post when so many are downgrading this dear christian sister! We, too, were not big McCain fans, however, the choice to us, was much better spiritually than Clinton or Obama, but are thankful for his choice in Sarah Palin and are praying for both McCain and Palin as they continue to face struggles and opposition as Satan uses others to discourage them and persuade them to give in on issues that are so critical. What a blessing to have a such a family as potential leaders of our nation!

  • Jenny S.

    Hello Jeub Family,

    Months ago, God broke through my frustration and confusion with His gift of peace, as only he can give. I remember I was sitting on the sofa in the front room of our ranch house after the children were in bed. I was tired partly from the strains of the day, but also from the whirlwind circumstances that seemed to say we were “stuck” with
    John McCain as our Presidential nominee this election cycle.

    In the quiet of that moment, as He always does, God spoke wholeness into my thinking while I prayed about it…something like, “Well, let’s look at your choices, here.” I said, “My first choice is to get behind writers like Alan Keyes and support massive reform of our system, one in which the American people, not the media and punditry pick our nominees!.” That would mean writing in a name of someone who espoused that view also, and try to send a “message” to the powers that be in these parties.

    “OK” the words came to me “What’s another option?” ” Well,” I
    thought, “my other option is to hold my nose and vote for the guy
    anyway, since he is pro life and represents my views more squarely”.

    The calm words came back in, “Is there another choice?” “Well, yeah. To be committed to this candidate and get over my personal feeling for now. I could keep a watch for opportunities to change a failing system, but maybe right now, I am to look upon this man and will myself to support him wholeheartedly for the good of this country.”
    Also entered into my thoughts, one concept I had learned in a Bible study for moms. The word in the Bible “wisdom” has two Hebrew words combined in its meaning. One is “hakam”. It means, “to have the skills needed to perform a given task.” Certainly, in order to be wise, I need to have a skill or two. The second term is “hokmah”, which adds a defining element…”to perform the correct skill at the correct time”. “…correct TIME”, it specifies.

    “This is flat out the wrong time,” I decided that night months ago,
    “to indulge myself in a hissy fit because I didn’t get my nominee of
    choice. If my vote is to be a wise one, considering where we all are
    as a nation, and what our armed forces are being called upon to
    accomplish just now, my choice is getting clearer.”
    Immediately, I got peace and order in my heart and mind about this
    Tonight, I saw Sarah Palin out there on stage with her entire family, watched her small daughter holding the baby and smoothing his cowlicks with her moistened little hand, and noted the faces of the older children when John McCain joined them on stage and embraced
    each one…yeah, I know…some may say,…it’s only lights and the stuff of tv hype…and yet for me it was a confirmation. I have gone from confusion to enthusiasm for this team.

    On November 5th, will hold my head high when I stop to thank a
    serviceman or woman for serving. I will know that I helped put the
    best team in place to command them that I possibly could.

    I am voting with pride and fully engaged, for McCain/Palin!

    Agree with me or disagree, I pray for all of you, that in your
    decision, His Peace and order will reign in your hearts, too.

    Jenny – A mom of many

  • Chris Jeub

    UPDATE: This just in. This is what I call a Proverbs 31 woman!

  • Leslie

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been dismayed by some of the comments regarding Palin. I think that only she and her dh can know God’s calling for their life.

    I for one am thrilled with her as a choice for VP. As a mom of a child with Down syndrome, I am excited about what she will do and has already done in terms of bringing hope to families of special needs children.

    I’m very excited to vote for McCain/Palin in Nov!


  • Renee

    Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

    I find it interesting to read the ENTIRE transcript of the Charlie Gibson interview. We need to be aware of how the media tries to manipulate the American people….seek the truth and educate yourself.

    I have a pin now that says “Read my Lipstick” with a pic of Sarah! I wear it proudly.

  • Chris Jeub

    Here’s the transcript of the unedited interview:

  • Jen

    Couldn’t agree more! Thank you too for giving other examples of women leaders in the Bible. I will have to read up on them (I already thought of and read about Deborah, but now will read about the others).

    Thanks again!

  • Kallie

    Hello, I do agree that Palin is likeable and a good condidate. However, remember that she is the VP condidate, not the Presidential condidate. I cannot in good conscience vote for McCain in office so I am going with one of the “others”. Not McCain nor Obama.

  • sara

    So glad I stumbled across your site, and even more glad to see you guys like Palin too!
    Sad to see how some are rushing to find faults and judge her so harshly. God knows her heart and His will shall be done….
    Blessings to you!

  • Valerie

    What a great post! You go Jeubs! Our family has a McCain/Palin ’08 sign in our front yard right now! Our family is also a little unconventional. I love it that the liberals despise Mrs. Palin – because she is a WOMAN who is pro-life and pro-gun. They can’t wrap their brains around it. Like a woman can’t be pro-life and pro-gun. Well, THIS woman right here is!

    The evangelicals who are criticizing Mrs. Palin are shooting themselves in the foot. The evangelicals who are voting “other” are also shooting themselves in the foot. A vote for “other” is a vote for Obama – for infanticide, gay marriage, and a host of other ethical atrocities. Would they rather see more babies murdered than to vote for a woman? It makes no sense! Ane the left-wing loves it.

  • Karen

    I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with your views, Chris. Frank and I are also excited about this election, and I am thrilled that, as a new citizen, I can cast my first vote as an American for the McCain/Palin ticket.

  • Renee S

    I also agree wholeheartedly with your views, Chris, and I would like to add this very simple view of the Palin pick; Our nation needs a mom too. Look at what is happening today in our country to the children and families that seem to wander around in the dark. How some moms are so exhausted and overwhelmed especially single moms. Palin seems to be a great mom and a great example for others, so it makes sense that God may be giving our nation exactly what it needs…a Mom! Just a thought…

  • Randy

    Great analysis. There is no doubt our Lord can raise up anybody whenever he wants to do His will. Praying fervently for the safety and well being of the Palin family.

    As a “bigger” family and a family that has special need children we are often looked at and judged that we can’t possibly be capable of loving, providing for these many people. When the attacks started immediately for Gov. Palin after it was announced that she was the VP choice for McCain it felt familiar.

    Romans 8:31-33 (ESV) – 31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? 33 Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.

  • Fran Hanus

    Great post! I don’t believe it’s for us to decide if a person can or can’t have a family and serve in office. We can and should, however, decide on the issues. I personally cannot vote for one of the ‘others’ and take the chance that Obama would win. Besides the fact that McCain and Palin stand for most of my concerns and beliefs. I believe we have been given a great gift with this ticket. Thank you Lord for watching out for America.

  • Holly

    Oh, I SO agree! I feel that the Lord has sent Sarah Palin for this time. Thank you for standing up forMcCain/Palin!

  • Holly

    Hmm. I left my comment and went back to my household…then thought that I should come back and say a little more.

    I agree specifically that life is more about the love and strength of God working through families than it is about extra-biblical and hyper-patriarchal rigidity. I’m deeply disturbed by the hierarchical groups on-line who are saying that voting for Sarah Palin is akin to asking for blasphemy and abomination upon our nation. It is easy to drift into that kind of thinking – because it looks so pretty and healthy on the outside (and in the catalogs selling all manner of patriarchal materials…) but it is not what the Bible says at all! Thank you for encouraging us all to search the scriptures to see what God REALLY says! I’ve done a lot of that searching lately, and my eyes have been opened! It’s made me love our Heavenly Father all the more, and caused me to praise Him for the way He works in FAMILIES!!!!

  • jean

    I think that McCain/Palin will be the best thing that will happen to the US. We have a mother who is proving that ABORTION should be ILLEAGAL. She has a wonderful baby boy. Sarah is showing us that even though he has Downs he is worthy of life.

    She is showing us that every mother can make something of themselves. She is showing us that just because you have a downfall in your family you can rise above it.

    There are people that think she is horrible for having a daughter that is pregnant. Well those people should think before they speak. How many families have NOT been affectedt by underage or pre-marital pregnancies. Not many. I love her and think she is great. I could go on and on, but you know what she is about! GOODNESS for this country!

  • Nancy Jones

    Yay! I’m in agreement! I wasn’t excited about McCain alone (my first choice was a different man), but with Sarah on the ticket I’m all fired up about the election.

  • Jessie

    I really admire your opinion on this topic. I think a lot of times Republicans, and maybe Christians too, might tend to be a bit close-minded. I was happily surprised to read this post.

  • JaneLovesJesus

    Gee, I was searching on ‘Palin’ to find a link to her speech in IA today.  Imagine my surprise that it pulled up a 2-year old link by my new friends, the Jeubs!  Great piece.  I hope your opinions haven’t dampened since her VP nomination.  I believe she is Deborah.  No finer example of love for God, family, or country can I find in America’s public square; nor of COURAGE in the face of attack.  This week, we remember our heroes of 10 years ago as those who ‘ran into the danger while others were running from it.’  Certainly not to diminish the real life heroics of our first responders!  But I cannot help but also think of the woman who went to my homestate & stood in a snowstorm on the steps of the state Capitol to defy the public sector unions with a stranglehold on the state.  Standing WITH the people, the Governor, and the children who deserve educational choice.  (“Game on” indeed!)
    And the woman not afraid to call blood libel, blood libel when those hollow champions of ‘civility-when-it-suits-them’ tried to hold even my children and me somehow culpable in the Tucson shooting because we stand up for conservative values as part of the Tea Party.

    Palin has run into the battle time and time again while — who?  name ’em!  Romney? Pawlenty? Paul? were nowhere to be found. 

    Frankly, it makes me a little queasy when I see the lack of support that Palin receives from most Christian corners.  I hear criticisms of the details of her life or her parenting from Christian voters who don’t even KNOW how many children — or how many spouses — the other Republican candidates have had!  Yet it seems fair to them to criticize the tiny details of the Palin household.  They act as if we have the luxury of voting for a perfect person.  Forgetting that God himself uses the imperfect — for it’s all He has — His will be done.

    I think the major stumbling block to Christians supporting Palin is plain old fear:  They are afraid of being ridiculed for being associated with her.  Or they don’t want to do some hard and time-consuming research.  (Yes, you may call me arrogant in my opinion!)  But to her detractors, I just say “……if not her, than WHO?”  And I have not yet gotten a satisfactory answer.   Consider also how good that alternative candidate will be looking when the high-powered microscopes of a corrupt and biased media come out.  Palin has already been through the pore-level exam.  And it’s that picture that is being held up for comparison to the air-brushed ‘perfection’ of the current slate of candidates still not vetted to her level.

    I trust in God; and that our future rests in His hands, and that only His mercy will see us through. But I also believe we citizens have to do what we can to stand up for truth and righteousness.   My prayers for His wisdom; and the humble diligence of His people as we move forward.

    In Christ, jane de gisi

    • Chris Jeub

      Hi Jane! You haven’t read “Love Another Child” yet? Wendy and I commend Palin in the book, big time. We do not fear a Palin presidency one bit.