Sarah Palin's "Beautiful Family!"

Palin's SignatureWendy, Cynthia and I just returned from the Colorado Springs McCain/Palin rally. She has visited the Springs a few times already, but this was our first venture into town to see her. Sarah Palin reminded everyone that her administration will rejuvenate the economy, affirm life, and show the media that comebacks are possible in America. It was amazing.

It was raining and cold, but mobs huddled together to await signatures of McCain/Palin signs. We had yesterday’s blog post picture blown up to 8-1/2×11. Pressed into the mess of thousands of people, I passed our family photo up. She smiled widely and three times yelled back to me, “Beautiful family!” as she signed it. Willow was behind her and did the same.

We got some pretty good pics of the Palins! I snapped only a couple dozen because my batteries were running out of juice. Here’s one, and Willow looked right at my camera (I was in a sea of people!)…

Man, I should send this one into the Washington Times…

I snapped this one while in the “mosh pit” waiting for her autograph…

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  • http://bethany.preciousinfants.com Bethany

    Those are beautiful pictures of the Palin family!

  • http://www.creatingtreasures.blogspot.com tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    You might make big bucks selling that photo in a decade or so!!! LOL

  • http://www.crumbsonmyfloor.com crumbsonmyfloor

    Wow!! Congrats to you guys, you had GREAT seats! Although, I’m sure you were standing the whole time. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    I’m hosting a give away at my place next week, be sure to stop by!

    Take care,

  • http://www.myspace.com/sixsweeties4me kelli

    Wow!!! You got some great pictures! I had the privelege of seeing Sarah Palin and John McCain in Albuqueruqe when they were here in Sept. right after the GOP convention. I didn’t get to shake her hand, but I came close. It came down to the luck of the draw, but it was such an incredible experience. I agree with you that it is rather upsetting to see so many believers supporting Obama. God has really impressed on me that we need to pray for believers to vote for someone who is pro-life. Economic issues and national security are very important, but abortion breaks the heart of God! This nation needs to do the right thing and turn from our wicked ways so that God can heal our land and truely make us that shining city on the hill. I fear God’s judgement on us as a nation if we don’t change our ways! Please commit to praying for believers all across this nation to make the right choice…the choice for the unborn! Thanks, Chris for your fabulous insight on this election. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts! God bless you all!

  • Valerie

    Chris, how do you know what a mosh pit is? And to think you claim to be conservative….(hee, hee).

    McCain/Palin all the way!

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris Jeub

    On Moshing. I recall in my early 20s my first job as an English teacher in Wahpeton, North Dakota. The football team’s field doctor (Ferd) and I were friends and we took our kids to a DC Talk concert. The mosh pit was restricted to 18 years old, so Ferd and I left the kids and jumped into the mosh pit. We surfed Toby Mac and the rest and had a tremendous time. There were several students in the audience who saw us, and it was scandalous the next day in school! Heh heh.

  • Amanda

    Those pictures are SO cool…how lucky you guys were to see her in person!! Piper Palin never fails to crack me up – she’s so hilariously adorable.

    The “mosh pit” comment cracked me up, too. Fun stuff! :-)

  • http://gracioushomemaking.blogspot.com Jen

    Very nice pictures!

    There’s much I love about Sarah Palin, but just a small little detail is her simple wedding band in your last shot of her – she seems so much like one of us :)

    Another family for McCain/Palin :)

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