How much does a Jeub Thanksgiving dinner cost?

The Los Angeles Times reported on the average cost of a Thanksgiving turkey dinner going up 5.6% from last year. As we have continually argued in previous posts, papers like the LA Times attempt to push a “doom and gloom” picture on our opportunities as families. It is interesting to note that the very report the LA Times read from took an optimistic response to the increase: “Classic Thanksgiving Dinner Still Affordable.” Compare the two articles here and here.

Turkey Dinner cost

When the report came over the radio, I thought to myself, “I wonder how much we spend at Thanksgiving?”

We eat well. We have a huge turkey–usually the largest turkey we can find in the big feezer bin at the grocery store–with homemade stuffing mixed with elk sausage. Sides include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon, my grandmother’s sweet-n-sour green beans with bacon (a killer recipe included in Wendy’s cookbook), homemade dinner roles, and cranberry sauce. Of course we have a few pumpkin pies to top it all off.

So I asked Wendy and Cynthia how much this all costs. “Fifty bucks,” Cynthia guessed while Wendy pondered. “No,” I returned, “for a family of 10 eaters.” (We have nearly 20.) Cynthia then guessed, “Twenty-five bucks.”

We’re doing our own chart and will post it online here in the next couple of days…Stay tuned!

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  • Brea in Texas

    Can’t wait to see it. Please post soon! (And you’ve made me very hungry, despite the fact that I just ate supper. Those sweet potatoes sound absolutely wonderful!)

    In His Name,

  • Lila Huggins

    Good Evening Jeub family,
    I couldn’t sleep this evening so I wandered through blogland and found your lovely family. Being born and raised in Colorado Springs it really got me hooked.
    I will soon be ordering your book and hope to learn more about your family.
    I live in Atlanta Georgia now after my hubby brought me down here after he got out of the army 38 years ago.
    God Bless you all,
    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  • Lisa Jones

    How great! We are in a biblestudy where we just finished a dave ramsey study and we are working on lower our grocery bills as a family. I am putting together a packet of information and resources. I am going to add your blog as one of them and your cookbook. The money spent on the cookbook has been worth saving money for our family! :) Thank you!

  • Paula

    And please don’t just post your chart. DETAILS PLEASE! How do you do it? Where do you shop? What all do you buy? And can you do it healthy (i.e. organic)?? :) I think last year for our family of 6 we did Christmas dinner for $15. :) But it was simple and not extravagant at all.

  • Richelle

    I am dying to know….. Where did Wendy find the $5.00 turkeys like she did on the show? Please tell..

  • Rachel from Wisconsin

    Hi there Jeubs!

    I visited Mom in Minnesota this past weekend, and we had our Thanksgiving meal early this year. There were only 7 of us (including baby Cole). Instead of the traditional Turkey themed meal, we had venison steaks, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberries and mashed potatoes. It was delicious, and very affordable.

    The price spent on Thanksgiving isn’t what makes it memorable; it’s the memories made from spending quality time with loved ones that really make a difference.

    I hope your Thanksgiving this year is filled with warm and happy moments that will turn into great memories for the future.

    God Bless You!

  • Alisha

    I can’t wait to see what you post in the next couple days. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I think it may be my favorite holiday…and my favorite meal..of the entire year! That food you listed sounds soooo yummy right now! :-)

  • Vivian

    I can not find turkeys that cheap here in St Louis. I wish I could, but I do agree meals are cheaper if we cook from sratch…When you have a large family you do have to shop wise and I see you do.
    I sure enjoy your site…and your wonderful family,
    Happy Thanksgiving and God’s blessings to you all.