Black Friday Sales

We’ve participated in Black Friday shopping only twice in our lifetimes, and both times we returned home with our modest bags of whatever thinking, “Why in the world did we do that?” If you are the same, let me encourage you to shop this Christmas from one of our Monument Publishing sites. The savings are fantastic, and you don’t have to fight the lines for them!

Family Products at

Everything at is 50% off through December 18, the last day we’ll guarantee delivery by Christmas. This is our best sale ever. We’ve NEVER cut prices this much. The deals are reason enough to stock up on books for your family and loved ones for Christmas.

The resources Wendy and I create for this site has one sole purpose: encourage families to walk the walk God has for them. Of course, our testimony is primarily in raising children (#15 is expected in March). Love in the House and its accompanying Study Guide make great gifts for couples. Children will enjoy our friend’s story book Arrows in His Hand about the blessing of children. All these for half off the cover price.

God does continue to bless you even when finances are tough, as two resources show how. Love in the Kitchen, Wendy’s cookbook, has a wealth of recipes that we cook in our home. We eat like kings, but spend a fraction of what you would think! This coil-bound book comes with recipes, of course, but likely the most valuable part of it is in the beginning pages where Wendy maps out her shopping strategies on how she spends $500-$700 a month on groceries for our large family. If you really want to dig into the Jeub’s secrets to “fruitful and frugal” living, order Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen audio CD. With accompanying downloadable slides, Wendy and I layout our strategies for you to apply to your own family.

Home-school Speech & Debate at

Speech & Debate ResourcesThe Jeubs are big-time into academic speech and debate. I am the founder and president of Training Minds Ministry and we own and operate, a leading provider of some of the greatest resources for home-school families involved in this necessary activity. This weekend only, we’re blowing out some great resources. Here are the deals…

40% off most everything! We have a complete page of products that we are slashing the price just this weekend: If you participate in the NCFCA with your children, you’ll be all over the fantastic savings on some big-ticket items like Blue Book Advanced and Keys to Extemp. However, there are a few great resources that those less involved will appreciate, like Jeff Myers’ Handoff and the biography of Sundar Singh. Be sure to check out the savings.

For those of you who want to simply know more about participating in the NCFCA, I wrote a book just for you: Jeub’s Guide to Home School Speech & Debate. For a limited time only, I want to send a free copy to you. If you visit and add the book to your shopping cart, you can erase the amount of the book from checkout with this coupon code: FreeGuide. This $19.95 book will be sent to you with your only cost being shipping.

So, go shopping from home

Stay home today, kick back with the family, and order some gifts from the sites above. You’ll save tons of money as well as hassle. God bless your Thanksgiving weekend!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Stephanie

    Hey, you do mean a 500-700 a month not a week right?

  • Tiffany

    We didn’t participate this yr either. I love your blog and everything about it. Keep up the good work. If you have time come visit me at mine

  • Chris Jeub

    Thanks Stephanie…yes, it is a MONTH (not a WEEK).

  • Tisha

    I used Wendy’s cookbook for several recipes on Thanksgiving. It is excellent! I love all the “extras” included as well. Lots of great money saving tips and bonus information, plus some fun non-food recipes included.
    For under $10, it is an absolute steal!!!

  • Kitty

    Hello there, Jeub family!

    I just found your site today, and I must say I am impressed. I am expecting #8 in February, and we are struggling to keep grocery bills down to about $100 a week, which is not enough, considering that I am anemic and have to have beef or some source of iron every day. I am intrigued by your cookbook Love in the Kitchen, and how you can feed so many on so little. Do you use primarily whole foods, or do you also use pre-packaged foods? If the answers to these questions are already somewhere on your site, I apologize. I just found you today and have not had time to look through your archives.

    Actually, I just realized that we may be spending less on food than you are, because I include diapers, paper products, bath and toiletry items and cleaning products in my “grocery” budget. Do you include these, or is your grocery bill strictly food? Do you have ways of saving on these other items that you could share?

  • Chris Jeub

    Most of these questions are answered in our Cookbook. Some can be found in our FAQ section of our site.