Are people assets or liabilities?

You’d hate to ask this question, but sometimes reality forces the issue. Nancy Pelosi is making the headlines today over her ABC News exchange claiming $200 million in contraception is needed to boost the economy. Her logic goes something like this:

People consume.
People drain the economy.
Therefore, $200 million in contraceptives will help the economy.

Brilliant. That is, if you’re Planned Parenthood, one of Pelosi’s favorite lobbyists. Such a stretch is incredibly revealing as to who is in whose pockets. $200 million for “family planning” to reduce the number of children born in America? Sure, that may work, but this would somehow boost the economy? Who is Pelosi trying to fool? Andrea Tantaros of Fox News has declared Pelosi’s brain “officially gone numb” in her well-worded title blog, “Show Me the Economist Who Says We Are In a Crisis Because of a Birth Control Shortage.” That’s a good request!

There was 19th century economist Carl Marx who believed humans to be a burden to society. Adolf Hitler would agree, too, but he was a military dictator, not an economist. China’s leaders have been limiting family size for three decades, but I wonder where they’ll be once that generation reaches retirement?

Japan's Birth RatePerhaps where Japan is today. Tokyo reports corporations are aggressively urging couples to start multiplying. In a CNN article, it was reported that the economy is tanking in Japan. “Japan in the midst of an unprecedented recession, so corporations are being asked to work toward fixing another major problem: the country’s low birthrate.”

America is not built on the notion that the government needs to take care of its people. Quite contrare, Ms. Pelosi. America is built on the notion that its government is of the people and for the people. People are the driving force of our economic prosperity and our freedoms. Reversing this to make government the driving force has been tried before, but never succeeded (note Marx’s successors above). As long as people are given opportunity to prosper, they will give into the economy and everyone will grow. Economists who believe this are a dime a dozen.

A government who actively encourages through millions in funding to terminate pregnancies and limit births is begging for–at least–an economic bruising. Change is definitely in the air. One of the first executive orders from the Obama administration was to reverse the Bush policy of refusing federal funds for overseas abortions. So now tax-payers are paying for overseas abortionists. Just what is needed to help stimulate the American economy!

You see, only populations that procreate are ones that have the opportunity to prosper and grow. This isn’t Jeub bias talking here; this is the reality of demographics. Japan–whose birthrate is 1.3 per couple, below the replacement ratio of 2.1–are wising up. They’re seeing the devastating effects of a childless society: they’re getting old, and there are no children left to fill the jobs.

This is why we believe it is quite obvious: people are assets. Ms. Pelosi is sorely short-sighted, seeing only babies in diapers needing government-assisted childcare. We see every person as a unique and special gift from God, a contributor in unique ways to society. On a purely economic level, the Jeub children will grow into 15 adult contributors to society, through their work and their ingenuity. Here’s a much more logical syllogism:

People contribute to society.
Government takes from people.
Therefore, give back to those families creating more people.

Granted, this logic is Jeub-biased. I would love to see the per-child tax credit go up, and see our government actively encourage couples to stop fearing parenthood and start engaging in this most beautiful stage of life. Such incentives would work better than Pelosi/Obama’s call for contraception spending.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Barb

    BRAVO! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! AMEN to everything you said! Europe is facing a similar crisis, in that the only group which is reproducing at a replacement (or greater) rate is the Muslim population, which is heading quickly to the possibility of a Muslim majority.

    But this, what Pelosi is suggesting is just … so distasteful. Realizing this is how our Speaker of the House is reasoning … is quite disturbing and frightening. On one hand, it clearly demonstrates the lack of understanding of the sanctity of human life, which is tragic. On the other, it shows a complete lack of logical thinking regarding basic economics. I certainly do not understand how so many think Pelosi and her like will bring us out of our current recession. Lord have mercy.

  • Sarah M. in MI

    “So now tax-payers are paying for overseas abortionists. Just what is needed to help stimulate the American economy!”
    This is what angers me the most. Put aside the fact that he spent his first couple of days pushing his liberal agenda. That’s the perogative of the President, I guess.
    But when people are going hungry, losing jobs left and right, and losing their homes, what we REALLY need to do is spend money on abortions overseas. Short-sighted, narrow-focused, and down right diabolical.

    Sarah in MI
    Wife to John
    Mom to the Magnificent seven
    (Just doing our part!)

  • wanda

    The logic of the enemy of God never makes sense. And this is a perfect example!
    It is interesting all thru history the enemy has killed off children.
    Last month I just finished a little bit of a Bible study and all thru, no matter if it was slavery, exile, good times or bad God always told His people to be fruitful and multiply. I guess once again He knew what He was talking about!!! :o) You can’t build a society if you are eliminating people!

  • Sheila

    Amen. That’s all I can say. You’re doin’ the Lord’s work. :)

  • Erika

    Thank you so much for bringing this up. I knew you would be the vehicle to get this out. We have asked ourselves many times if china’s policies could be ours. It seems as though it is closer than we think it may be. We also feel we do our part with our brood of 9 blessings.

  • http://enthusiastically-ellebee.blogspot.com ElleBee

    I love reading your blog and the glimpse you offer into the “Life of the Jeubs”. This was (not surprisingly, well written and clearly heartfelt. That being said, however, I have two concerns. Those “low income families” whom the birth control measure is said to target get pregnant with babies they can’t afford to raise, and they end up perpetuating a cycle of welfare and a sense of entitlement. If they recognize they can’t afford to raise the children, then they are going to the doctor and being told that abortion is a viable option. It’s a Catch-22. Don’t get me wrong. In this economy, hardworking people everywhere are needing assistance at all levels. My husband lost his job in December (I work full-time outside the home), and we are using the state program for children’s health insurance. Paying for it, mind you, but still at a significantly reduced rate. My husband’s sister, on the other hand, leaves a job when she gets bored, and her husband only works sporadically. She has two beautiful girls whom we love dearly. In the past three years, she has gotten pregnant twice, because she can’t afford contraception, and her AUTOMATIC response is to abort the baby. Twice. I offered to help her find adoptive parents through my church, but she was “worried about what kind of people would adopt the baby”. So while I would certainly rather the government NOT fund medical contraception, I would prefer it to the alternative.

  • http://www.kjllovemylife.blogspot.com Kristin

    Thank you for so plainly discussing this topic. I agree with what you’ve said, and your “Jeub-based logic” is more than that… maybe large family logic :)

    Also doing our part to stimulate our national economy…
    mom of 6, praying God has more in store

  • http://www.crumbsonmyfloor.com Crumbs on my Floor

    We need to get on our knees daily and pray for this country and it’s leaders.

    As always, great post.

    Take care,

  • trishia

    I just found your blog from a link in a friends blog. I am SO glad I took the time to follow the link! It is lovely to find another family with the same values as we have. We have 5 children, so far. :) The conservative principles we are teaching our children will be those that save this country. God bless you for sharing them in this public forum. I’ve just ordered two of your books, I can’t wait to get them!

    another national economy stimulator and new regular blog reader,
    trishia g

  • http://www.creatingtreasures.blogspot.com tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    I hate to read the news, watch the news or keep up with what is happening around the world!! so sad!! :( are you going to be writing about the people Mr President Obama is choosing to put in the government who don’t even pay their taxes? I am amazed that the USA is turning out as corrupt as some 3rd world countries. :( I got to pray more. Thanks for being so outspoken about all these serious issues. God bless, Tereza