How much is the Bailout?

A student of our debate camps sent me a link to a great website, Right.org. The splash page lists the woes of the current $trillion spending bill being blasted through Congress. If you press “Still not sure?” on their front page, you’ll be taken to a page that puts this spending bill into perspective. (Click here for the main page.) It is quite informative, and apparently, as more and more people become aware of this bill, Capitol Hill is being bombarded with phone calls urging the bill’s defeat.

Irony of ironies, Training Minds Ministry is hosting a Foundation for Economics Education seminar here in Monument tomorrow. Two economics speakers will be speaking to high schoolers about basic free-market economic thinking. If you are in Colorado tomorrow, you’ll definitely want to make it to this event. Click here for event and registration information.

Our president is on the campaign trail trying to convince people that this economic “stimulus” bill is needed for our nation to survive. While America has been through recessions before, fear mongering is being delivered by those who want to hastily speed through America’s largest spending bill in history. (For those of you who own our book, re-read Chapter 2.) While the administration is claiming economists are on its side, the exact opposite is true. The CATO Institute put out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal with 250 economists signing their name on the ad. Click here to read the ad, and watch CATO’s latest video:

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