Mother of 14: Nadya Suleman

We have 14 kids, and now Nadya Suleman has 14.

We’ve received requests about what we think about Nadya Suleman, the woman from California who birthed 8 children by in vitro fertilization. In a second swoop of childbirth Nadya delivered as many children as Wendy Jeub! Her unconventional method has marched a media montage against her.

It appears, on the surface, that we (and other large families, at least those with 14 children) have a moral dilemma on our hands.

First, the facts:

  • Nadya has delivered twice: 6 children the first time, 8 the second.
    [Correction: The second pregnancy followed several individual deliveries.]
  • [Her latest pregnancy] was through in vitro fertilization. Two eggs split after the second implant, resulting in 8 children with two sets of twins in the mix.
  • She lives with her parents and refuses welfare. Her church has helped with basic needs.
  • She claims to have received death threats for her “unconventional choice.”
  • The father (still unnamed) is the father of all 14 of her children.
  • Nadya is not married. She was raised as an only child, and has reported to have always wanted a large family.

This is an intriguing value conflict, no doubt. We love children, too, and have dedicated our lives to following God’s calling for us to have children. We encourage couples to allow God to bless them with one of his greatest blessings, that of children. Why refuse His blessings?

Here is a mom who desires children so much so that she voluntarily had six embryos implanted. Now she has 14 children. Good Morning America hosts were “congratulating” Ann Curry for landing the first interview with Nadya. Though the press is salivating in their eagerness to interview Nadya, there is an undertone of judgment toward her, and it appears that the sentiment of public opinion is stacking up against her.

These judgments come from the same crowd that attack Wendy and me for having a large family. The judgments are very similar: we’re irresponsible, inconsiderate, immature, and selfish. Some will go so far to say we have no choice but to neglect our children. Here’s an email we got just last week from a woman:

You guys who say we want to have as many as GOD gives us sicken me. This is not the medieval times, this is an advanced age [where] everyone has access to birth control. We should know and do better than animals. By having a lot of children, you people put unbearable demands on planet earth. You take resources and spaces of many average families. In return more carbon emission and quickens the global warming.

If Nadya has been getting emails like this, my heart goes out to her for having to withstand such attacks. I take issue with people who have such low opinions of life, who think children are little curses who do nothing but drain a society and harm the environment. Quite the contrary. Nadya’s 14 children will, Lord willing, grow to be benefits to society who contribute to those around them. They will likely pay for this emailer’s retirement, especially if this emailer has no children herself.

You’re thinking: “What about the ethical conflicts with in vitro implantation?” or “What about her being a single mom?” Yes, in vitro fertilization has its ethical problems. It bothers me that Nadya snickers at conventional families like ours. If I were a doctor, I’d likely be bothered about the implantation of six embryos in a single mom. These are ethical dilemmas, no doubt, that medical students will be discussing this case study for years to come in their college ethics classes.

But what is more bothering to me is that these ethics classes are the same ethics classes that have shelved the Hippocratic Oath for the sake of “choice.” Abortion on demand is the status quo, and life itself is seen as “demands of planet earth.” Nadya reveals in her other interviews that she chose to have six embryos implanted because she didn’t want them to “go to waste.” This is the ethical dilemma with in vitro fertilization: these are tiny human beings who are discarded if not implanted. The vile reaction to Nadya come from the pro-choice community, not parents like us. Families of 14 children remind the pro-choice community of their ethical dilemma, so they lash out at Nadya and the Jeubs.

Really, this isn’t a moral dilemma for us, nor for any large family. Would this have been news if Nadya killed most of her embryos? Apparently, implanting six embryos and killing the weakest during the pregnancy is common practice. That all eight embryos survived to full term is a miracle, one that we are rejoicing over. The premise that life puts “unbearable demands on planet earth” simply isn’t true. Scrap this lie and embrace the truth that life–all life–is a gift from God, and the choice to kill is always wrong.

Nadya’s pastor and her church family have no moral dilemma in extending love to one (well, 15) of its congregation. The dilemma is on the hands of moral relativists, the “pro-choice” crowd, the modern culture who have dissed conventional mom-and-dad families and embraced “anything goes” lifestyles. Here is a value conflict of theirs: a single mom who has chosen to create as many children as she chose. The dilemma is for the relativist: they may condemn Nadya for her choice, yet they would excuse her if she aborted them. Their respect for “choice” is sadly low, but their respect for life is even lower.

So, let them deal with the dilemma. We love life, and we applaud Nadya for choosing life.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Jo

    Actually her first 6 children were not from ONE pregnancy. They were from 5 different pregnancies. So she has had a total of 6 deliveries. Her first 6 range in age from 7 yrs old down to the 2 yr old twins.

  • http://reconciledtogod.blogspot.com/ YCW

    I think you are mistaken about Nadya’s first six children. I believe they were born in five separate births through IVF.

    (Not that this invalidates any of your points).

  • Sarah M. in MI

    I applaud her for life also. I feel sad that the same culture who created her situation criticizes her for it now. [I am soooo angry at the people who have referred to them as a “litter!”]
    We, as a culture, created this mess. The feminists said that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Go ahead and have kids without one. And if God can’t give you a baby, we doctors can.
    These options are available to everyone. The only good decision she made is to not “selectively reduce.”
    But the rest of her decisions were enabled by our culture.
    What grieves me is that we live in a culture where single mothers can be allowed to go through the process without any hesitation, and where we are “growing” babies, and then trying to figure out what to do with them when we “don’t want to waste them.”
    [Maybe I am hard on this because I was blessed with fertility???? I hope not. I hope it is because I am not comfortable with people playing God.]
    Now that her babies are here, they must be loved and cherished as all children should be.
    I think God is very liberal with allowing new lives, and then He says “Now what are you going to do with it.”
    Praying that those babies become mighty men and women of God, in spite of the culture they live in!

  • http://www.familyrootedinlove.blogspot.com Jillian

    Do your views change any now that it has come out that she is on welfare and some of the children receive disability payments…? That her parents found her to unstable and asked the doctor not to implant her?


  • Nellie

    The person that sent you the nasty email about carbon emissions and having too many kids is just another liberal whacko. This type of person puts clothes on their miniature dogs and calls them her, “kids.” Many times these people do not have kids out of choice and expect not to be judged by other people yet stand and judge those of us whom chose to have more than one child.

    If you can afford it and take care of your kids through careful budgeting like you Jeubs do then you should not be judged. Also you give your kids a very important gift. The gift of having Christ in your home and love.

    The Jeubs are doing just fine from what I see. I have one child and one more on the way. You all are being responsible, living within your means and loving your children.

    I myself have tried to learn from you and the Duggar Family in Arkansas with budgeting and again we have only two kids. We all could use good role models for showing us how to economize better during these days.

    Instead of attacking you guys the liberal leftist nuts should attack reforming the welfare system. Women should be more concerned about raising their kids at home instead of putting them in daycare as soon as they are born and later wondering what went wrong with their children with sex and drugs.

    We live in a culture, unfortunately that attacks Christianity and all the beliefs that go along with it-procreation.

    Don’t let the negativity get you or your family down.

    Nellie Kellinger, Chicago

  • Lila

    I believe in marriage before sex, that’s what the bible teaches. I also believe it’s wrong to judge another. My concerns are for her children. What kind of life will they live. No father, no home, mom’s in college with no job.
    I feel really sad for them. I believe in the bible that teaches children are a blessing, the more the merrier. But children are to have a mother and a father. Why does our society condone sex without marriage, children without marriage? Well, Jesus said these would be a sign of the times. Heaven help us all.
    Miss Lila

  • Linda Valentino

    Although her thoughts were not that she could not care for them she wanted gods precious angels.
    I feel how is she going to care for them.
    With Govt Money? I just wonder how much of my tax paying money will go to feed the children?

    I do not mind to help her out. I feel that she is yes irresponible in her thoughts and actions. She has 6 at home, her own family struggling. To add 8 more yes its love but reality thinking, she will have a hard time with it for the mere fact she has no husband.

    I am a mom, I know what it is to have a large family and I come from a family of 13 and I know it was very hard growing up without most of your life. I have the notion that she does not understand that you just can not do this alone. Her mother and father blasted her for having so many children. Children now adays cost money, Like You and Wendy do. You have Full time job, people buy your books, you have your daughter helping you, your children are helpers but she has children all under 7 yrs old, how can they help them?
    I am not against Nadyia but I wanted to be sure she will be able to take care of all of them.
    I feel that God gave her the most precious gift he could ever give her but she needs to find help in monies, by writing a book, do interviews and allow people or others take a part of this to care for them.
    IF she married the young man then she would be allowing these children a good family, a bond that no man should ever replace.
    I feel that without a husband how is she going to care for them, bottles formula hospital bills are well over 1 million by the time she leaves there, her own mother could not take care of the little ones. Yes she wanted to be a mom, its wonderful to love children but if you can not afford to have them financially then you should not have them.
    I wish I could have more, but I lost my two when they were very sick 15 years ago. I have none now.
    I just wish her the very best. and She needs to find caregivers to care for these children to help her with baths, and I hope her faith is stronger than she is, cause she is going to need all the help she can.
    God bless you all too.

  • Amy

    That nasty email in ridiculous! Is she saying that you should not have children in order to save the earth ??? Perhaps reducing the number of blessings you want will save a tree or leave a bit more oxygen for her so suck up?? I can’t believe some peoples uneducated remarks against someones family.
    I am so happy that these emails are able to bounce off you and Wendy. People are afraid of what they don’t know. Don’t ever let outside influences and people’s narcissistic opinions ever get in your heads or in the way of what God has called you to do!

  • Alicia

    She had more than 2 pregnancies, from what I heard on the Today Show yesterday, only the last 2 (other than the octuplets) were twins, the other 4 were single births.

  • Eileen G

    Her older children were each seperate pregnancies except for one being twins. She was receiving $1000 a month in public assistance before choosing to become pregnant with the 8. I would like to have a large family also but can only afford the two that I have. I have no problem with people having large families. I do have concerns with her having 8 more children and not having the funds to support the 6 she had yet finding the funds for fertility treatments. Her family does not seem to back her decision. There is something not right here and I wouldn’t put her in the same category as the Jeubs. The two families do not compare in my opinion.

  • Angela A.

    While I do agree with the points that Sarah made, I want to speak to one of the fallacies that Anne Curry brought up. She asked the ridiculous (albeit common) question of how a woman would be able to love and give adequate attention to so many children. This question reveals a great deal about a person’s worldview, esp. re. one’s perception of the value of the life.
    Anne and others like her obviously do not understand the God-given capacity of the human heart, to expand with love like a balloon filling with air. How many parents of one child send that child off to boarding school? Are those parents available to soothe the child’s fears or give affection or any other gift of parenting? How is that considered adequate attention? Or, how many parents of 2 children BOTH work so many hours (not to survive, but to live in a ritzy neighborhood or to buy that 2nd Porsche) that the kids barely ever see their faces? Or, how many parents of 3 children are so addicted to the Internet that the kids are most familiar with the back of their mom or dad’s head?
    My point is that if you don’t value the life of a child as an amazing gift of God, on loan from heaven to love and nurture in the admonition of the Lord, then the number of kids you have is irrelevant. You won’t be able to adequately love and give of yourself to ANY number of children.
    Conversely, we could name scores of families with many children who are the most well-adjusted, happiest kids on earth. They sing many praises of their loving parents and hope to go on to have many children of their own. Now THAT speaks for itself! In fact, I know many large families, and without fail, the kids hold their parents in very high regard. Contrast that with many kids of families with 2.3 children who want nothing to do with their parents. Again, the number is irrelevant!
    Many people think that I have too many kids at a headcount of 5. The truth is, if I would manage my time better, I could be a far better mom to TEN than I currently am to the 5 blessings we have today. And, on that note, I think I’ll end my comments right here and go hug a kid or 2 or 3 or…. :-)

  • http://www.creatingtreasures.blogspot.com tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    I agree with Sarah and Nellie. While Nadya needs to be congratulated that she chose life, she was irresponsible when she bought into the lie of this secular society. I don’t know if she is a Christian or not but she doesn’t seem to have trusted God in this at all. Her story sounds a lot like Sarah’s in the Bible trying to bring God’s promise about in her own time and terms.

    This society we live in has no morals whatsoever. Brad Pitt and Jolie have I don’t know how many embryos and are having babies so they can make money with marketing their pregnancies and children so they can help children in 3rd world countries. Liberal freaks dress their pets up and treat them as children, all the while advocating ridding the world of children.

    I pray that Nadya will finally find Jesus and that Truth will bring light into all this mess and restore. She is playing God doing all that she did. I think a lot of people do not think through the decisions they make as well as they do NOT rely on the Lord Jesus to supply their need: they are go getters. They do it themselves!!

    What’s that lie that is propagated as a verse from the Bible: God helps those that help themselves!??!!!

    Oh, BTW, great article about the Bail out plan. I hope it’s not too late.

  • Alicia

    Per the interview I saw, she had been married for like 7 years previously and had numerous miscarriages. The former husband is not (as far as I could tell) the father of the children. As far as I could tell the father is a sperm donor, not a part of the children’s lives (though I THINK it is the same person, not sure though). She had 6 pregnancies, not just 2. She has gone through numerous IVF procedures, implanting more than one egg at a time and had 4 single births, then twins, now the octuplets.

    Just want to clear things up a bit! She will be on Dateline tonight, I encourage all to watch, if for no other reason than to actually hear her speak out about her life and her decisions.

  • Beth

    I “get” that she didn’t want the embryos (babies) to be destroyed, I would feel the same way. However, I don’t understand why she choose to have all 6 embryos implanted at one time. In doing so she was risking the exact lives that she was trying to birth. Having 6 embryos implanted at one time is extremely risky, for the babies and for the mother’s health. I wish that she had made better choices about the implantation.

    That being said, what is done is done. And EVERY life is a blessing from God!! Children are not born by accident!!

    I truly feel sad for the person that sent you that nasty email. There is such negativity and judgement out there, it is really a shame!

    I will continue to pray for these babies and for their mother! They will need all the prayers they can get!

  • trishia

    thank you for the simple, to the point article on her. So many are judgemental and rude. We cannot know what is in her heart or mind and we cannot say what we would or wouldn’t do until we were in that situation. again, thank you, nice to hear others feel the same way I do.

  • Kathy

    Thank You for posting your thoughts. I started reading other comments then decided to post mine first so I wouldn’t be swayed by the thoughts of others. I have 3 children of my own ranging in age from 11 down to 4 months. All with complications. People tried to discourge my last pregnancy and told me they didn’t know why I would even try again. Well, I remarried and my husband had no children and had instantly bonded with my older two kids. I have always wanted 3 children and knew I would give it another try if god was willing to allow me 1 more pregnancy. I was pregnant in a short time and knew I was strong enough to make it through the hurdles one more time. We had alot of hurdles with this pregnancy, but I was correct and we made it through this pregnancy with a baby girl. I wish people would follow the rule of If you don’t have anything nice to say. don’t say anything at all! The only regret I have regaurding Nadya is that i don’t live closer to be apart of her support team! :) Kudos to you Chris & Wendy for following your hearts.

  • Erica

    Actually, she does receive government aid…

  • Nellie

    I wrote in earlier. Regarding the mom of the 8 babies- I do not like the idea of government aid if a single parent chooses to keep having child after child. I do think there is some irresponsiblity in having so many children out of wedlock. I believe in a 2 parent home.

    My previous post was in support for the Jeub’s whom are financially responsible. If you are financially responsible like the Jeubs or Duggars then by all means have children.

    I do think it would have been better for the mom of the 8 babies born if she would have thought more before having 14 kids she cannot afford at all without a lot of government assistance. It seems like an awfully big hardship on her mom as it is with her previous 6 kids.

    I believe in having kids as the Bible says but having them in a stable 2 parent home. Parents that take the time to mentally, emotionally, financially prepare. I think the Jeubs have been very thoughtful with their finances.

    My support and comments were really for the Jeubs. The ridiculous comments about not having kids due to saving the planet type of thing was so goofy I wanted to voice my support for the Jeub Family.

    I do hope for the best for the mom of the 8 babies.

    Nellie Kellinger, Chicago

  • Mark

    In my opinion, it is totally irresponsible to deliberately bring 14 children into the world who will never know what it is to have a father.

    Others have pointed out that it is untrue that Nadya does not receive government assistance, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. She will no doubt have a multimillion dollar hospital bill from her several week stay in the hospital, plus the costs of delivering and treating all her premature infants until they are healthy enough to leave the hospital. Who is going to foot that bill?

    Nadya claims that after she finishes her masters in counseling, she will be able to support her children. That remains to be seen. She’s heavily dependent on her mother in caring for her children. (According to some news reports, her mother said, “When she gets home from the hospital, I’m gone!) What will Nadya do if something happens to her mother or her mother refuses to help? How could she possibly work and pay for childcare for 14 children? This woman displays a complete lack of common sense. It’s one thing to have lots of kids when you have a stable family like the Jeubs, with two parents, but even two parents would find it overwhelming to care for 8 infants at once! I don’t believe this is a normal, healthy desire for children- it’s an abnormal obsession.

  • Jane Buss

    Dear Chris and Wendy,

    I love hearing your response to topical issues going on. I whole heartedly agree with you on this matter. People feel they need to jump in with their judgements and condemnation. I must have missed the scriptures that say ” You must bare only 2 children”, “you must have 2 working parents and a big house and 2 cars”, “you must only think of yourselves and critisize others when they make different choices to you”.

    I am pregnant with our 7th child and I can honestly say My God provides all my needs. I don’t drain the government I look to God for his unlimited sources.

    This is an exceptional issue and yes I’m not entirely comfortable with everything but God has blessed this lady with 14 beautiful children and all we are asked to do by God is to Love her.

    I implore everyone to read your book Love in the House as it shows what God can do when we take our eyes off our circumstances and fix our eyes on him.

    With much love to you all, looking forward to hearing of your new arrival very soon.

    Love in Christ

    Jane Buss and family, England.

  • http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com jennifer

    I find the pendulum swinging against the tide. Large families are the burden on society(even if one can provide for them) and now they have their proof. A mother that cannot provide for these babies.

    The sad part about all of this is that she could have aborted the 8 early in her pregnancy and she would have been applauded for making a wise decision.

    I grieve for the boom in family planning with IVF treatments. I understand the desire to have children-

    It is apparent that society wishes for it all…the option to kill any unwanted babies, give birth to as many as one can(as long as they are like Jon and Kate-and look cute and are not too too religious) and tell others that the multiple birth option is not for them. Scary times because it is obvious that we have reached the ultimate in FAMILY PLANNING.

  • http://comptines.over-blog.com Nicole

    I know the reality of triplets after two children aged 5 and 2,5 years old.
    Just think, to give a bottle of milk to one took 2 hours… I had to wake them up every three hours day and night… It was alot alot of work!
    We had a women in France who had 6 babies and she was so depressed with it all…
    I just can’t think of how she will managed with 8… My life was 24 hours work… it took us 7 years to get over the tiredness…
    I am sure these 8 babies will not be able to receive the love and attention they are allowed to receive from their mother…
    (I did not ask my daughter to be a second mother to the triplets!)

  • Monica Daniels

    God has blessed my husband and I with three girls through IVF. We have two embryos left and in the Spring we will implant them. We started with 6 embryos and purposed that we would never destroy a baby. We pray God continues to bless our family this Spring.
    I applaud this woman for cherishing life, although I believe these children deserve a father, not just a sperm donor. I don’t think she was in the right mind when she started this journey but at least she gave these babies life. I do think she had options. There are many couples who could have adopted these embryos and given life to them.
    I also find it interesting that she was an only child. She is proof that children desire siblings, I think she is making up for loss of family growing up.
    Keep making those babies Jeub Family! We love you and learn so much from you!

    Monica, Connecticut
    Momma to 3 IVF babies

  • http://www.agodlyhomemaker.blogspot.com tami lewis

    AMEN! great post!

  • Susan

    I do not have a problem with large families. I think they are a tribute to faith and a blessing from God.
    I have never bought into the argument that someone could not have enough love for all their children if they have more than two.

    But I also think, that it is not right to continue to bring children into the world if you have no means to support them, other than taxpayers dollars.

    I am speaking for myself, but I did not have children to make me happy or to complete me. I was both complete and happy before I had my children. While they have enhanced my life and given me an additional purpose in life, I had those things before.

    Yes, all children are a gift from God. But with children comes responsibility. Personal responsibility. To me that means that my husband and I provide for them, not my fellow taxpayers.

    I hope that this young woman gets some professional counseling from her local church. She can have all the children she wants, but it still won’t solve whatever obvious issues she has.

  • Kim

    Hi Chris and Wendy,
    I really enjoy your web site and you have a wonderful family. With this story, however, please check your facts. This women is accepting public assitance and has been for some time. She is also using public insurance (medi-aid) to pay for the births and the babies hospital bills. I feel that is very wrong. If she was unable to afford more children and admits she will be unable to care for them on her own, she really should have thought twice about having so many.

  • http://www.chaarmpress.blogspot.com/ Charli


  • Sandra

    I’m not going to critisize Ms Suleman,because I think it is rather pointless to look back.Look ahead to the future,and I do hope she will be blessed via book deals,articles,etc.,to properly care for herself and all the children.
    I also pray that she will be able to manage her finanaces properly,so that she can hire some help,(if needed),if volunteeers are not enough.I pray her mother gets a break and gets some rest,but yet will still be an interested grandmother.Remember that it gets easier,in a lot of respects,as they get older.(I mean as far as feedings,diaper changes,basic care,etc.)Obviously the grandmother is feeling very overwhelmed at the prospect of helping out right now.
    That said,I would really like to see the gov’t place some type of limit on the no. of embryo’s that can be transferred at one time.(Nadya is still young and would have had time to have the others implanted later).I say this because I don’t understand why we can have seatbelt laws,yet not protect against producing more children than God intended for the womb to carry at one time.Perhaps this will lead to something like that coming out of it.(just my opinion,I don’t really care to debate the merits of that one).
    Earth…oh yes.God made it FOR people! He didn’t make it for grass and animals to gaze upon each other,nor for honeybees to blindly make honey for no one…etc.It’s for us!I recall reading there are a lot of bad things that *should have happened to earth,but haven’t..earth adapts.Earth adjusts..why? because Earth itself is alive! (in a sense).Although we as humans are repsonsible for it’s care,and there are certainly times when we could do a better job of it.(in general.I’m not talking from a standpoint of limiting ppl).My kids laughed at me for saying that earth is alive,but I dug up an article I recalled about how even things we consider bad..hurricanes,for example,are necessary,because they help balance the ocean.(yes,they stopped laughing then,(but I didn’t) LOL).
    God Bless

  • Sandra

    >>>He didn’t make it for grass and animals to gaze upon each other

    Pardon,that came out wrong.I meant He didn’t make it just for animals.

  • Tisha

    I found your response to this situation really surprising! I am very curious, as people who have often spoken of the blessing of chidren, given by God, do you consider her situation that?
    Do you believe pregnancys resulting from IVF God’s provision and blessing?
    Do you believe God intended for mothers to have that many children at one time?
    I struggle with this concept myself, not sure what to think, and am interested in your views and how you reached your conclusions.
    Are you applauding her for valuing life by not selectively reducing, or for having this procedure performed in the first place?
    If you do not believe in limiting through birth control, isn’t this just the flip side to that coin?
    Respectfully questioning,

  • http://www.queensedgefarm.blogspot.com Amy

    very good points….I have just had my 4th child, 2 weeks ago, and I to receive comments about enough being enough. I appalud Ms. Suleman’s decision to not terminate any of her children, and will keep praying for her and her children’s well being.

  • http://comptines.over-blog.com Nicole

    and for her sanity!

  • joAnn

    I have mixed feeling. I have been a single mom of 4 children and it has been very hard in every way. I agree that it was the right thing to do to have all the eggs implanted but I do question her responsibility factor. To have that many children without a father is hugely irresponsible. She has no idea as what she is in for. Dont get me wrong I am pro life. I even have a sister who has 12 children and I see nothing wrong with having a lot of kids but I feel the decision she made was irresponsible on her part and the doctors as well. What was she thinking????

  • Lois

    Thank your for your support of Nadya, I am praying that people will surround her with love and compassion. And, that she will receive all the help that she needs. Sadly, our culture places values abortion and does not value the beautiful children that have been born. As a single woman; I understand her desire for children despite being unmarried. The government and other agencies pay for women to have abortions yet when a single woman has children they gripe over the food stamps that she recieves. It’s backwards and shameful. Regardless of peoples view on how they were conceived—the children are here now, and that is the most important fact to remember.
    Thank you for ‘taking a stand’.

  • Rafa

    I totally support nadya in what she has done. We are free in this country to have as many children as we want. This is not communism in china where people are limited to having one child. If Nadya believes that children are gods angels who am I to say it is wrong? Everyone is indebted to the american taxpayer in someway–don’t we all drive on roads and bridges paid by the american taxpayer? So I think that arguement is irrelevant. In any case, if the jeubs, duggars and jon&kate+8 can have lots of kids, why not her (or me) for that matter?

  • http://daniellesdailylifeblog.blogspot.com Danielle

    I do not believe that IVF is God’s plan. I believe it would please God more if we adopted waiting children than if we created embryos in a lab and “had them implanted”. It’s just as good to accept that God intended for you to be childless.

  • Marie

    Were you able to have biological children, Danielle?

  • http://daniellesdailylifeblog.blogspot.com Danielle

    Were you able to adopt?

  • Kathryn

    I posted this on another Pray-for-Nadya site and wanted to share it here to: You are right on, and I will be so bold as to say that Nadya too DESERVES our prayers. She is a sinner just like the rest of us. The woman didn’t kill anyone, but she is being treated worse than a murder!!! I applaud her for CHOOSING LIFE for all of her children! She has made choices and decisions that many of us do not understand, but we are NOT called to judge. We must love her and support her with our words, thoughts and prayers as we must support anyone in need. The Bible does not say to only pray for or grant mercy to those who deserve it, on the contrary, Jesus died for us while we were still sinners, oblivious to our sin and selfish ways. Let us grant Nadya and her children the same mercy the Lord has granted us.

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