Slumdog Trillionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

I enjoy reading Daniel Henninger’s economic columns in the Wall Street Journal. Last week’s “Obama’s ‘Hair of the Dog’ Stimulus” was excellent. If I do say so myself, the Jeubs could have written it!

In our audio CD, Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen, Wendy and I lay out principles to frugal living. This was a tough sell a couple years ago when markets were soaring and lavish living was “in.” We advise people to live frugally even when times are good, but that frugal living keeps our focus on more important things like God and family. Our talk shows how “frugal and fruitful” lives sustain families through the best and the worst of times.

We voted for Bush twice, but we weren’t fans of his spending policies. Bloated pork-barrel spending got us into a heap-load of mess, the subprime-mortgage crises one of the biggies. But President Obama’s so-called “stimulus” has blown the lid off spending: the largest spending bill in the history of America. It is downright Orwellian to call this a “stimulus” bill for the bill will do the exact opposite. (See here.)

You see, the economic fundamental of the spending bill is convoluted, absolutely twisted. Keynesian economics believes spending money will get us out of recession. So, the government has poured hundreds of billions of tax-payer money into programs that Congress didn’t have time to debate. Rather than tax dollars being given back in the form of tax cuts or credits (heaven forbid, the people may save the money!), money is dumped into the economy. As Henninger puts it, “Frugality and prudence are suppressed and the compulsion to spend that got us into this mess is promoted as a necessity.”

I oversee a website for academic team-policy debaters called Blue Book Report. The lead article this morning links to a Reason.com article comparing India’s deregulation policies to America’s new regulation policies. America grows suspicious with deregulation, but the reality is that India–a poor country because of regulation–displays the proof that deregulation works.

So, it is a mess. There is really no “out” of this in sight. Wendy and I are slotted to speak in June at one of the largest home-school conferences in the nation, the Christian Home Educators of Colorado. We’ll be speaking on Cheaptr by the Baker’s Dozen, and our focus will be on how families should adapt to the economic hard times that are upon us now, and apparently are getting worse. It will be good.

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Sarah M. in MI

    You go Jeubs!
    I have a copy of Amy Daczyn’s Complete Tightwad Gazette book, and pull it out and re-read it at least once a year. It helps me re-focus.
    It’s all about priorities.
    Figure out what it is that is most important to your family, and don’t waste money on things that are not.
    I you live a “frugal” life all the time, it’s not a hardship to be frugal when times are hard.
    It’s not about deprivation; it’s “having life, and having it abundantly.”
    We praise God repeatedly that two years ago when, after the birth of our seventh child, people were pestering us to buy a bigger house, we said “Not interested,” and purposed to be content with what we have. We are so happy not to have tripled our mortage expense.
    We are dilligently reducing our debt. Our apologies to the President if we are not significantly stimulating the economy! LOL
    Thanks for seizing the opportuniy to tell more families about frugal living!

    Sarah, wife to John, mom to the magnificent seven

  • http://www.crumbsonmyfloor.com Crumbs on my Floor

    Well said. Although, can I get a copy of your book on how you organize your time to read all this stuff?

    I would love to have the time to read more about our government. I do try. But with the *little crumbs* at my feet and needing to learn school it’s hard.

    I know I can always come here and get the Jeub version.

    Take care,

  • Dan

    “Be free from the love of money, content with such things as you have, for He has said, ‘I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you.'” Hebrews 13:5

    The world system (Cosmos) says you must have more, more, more, spend, spend, spend. God’s word says “be content.” “Let him who stole steal no more; but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing that is good, that he may have something to give to him who has need.” Ephesians 4:28

    “I’ve lived the lifestyle of contentment, and I’ve been exposed to the pain caused by the love of money (and things). I know which lifestyle I want to live, what lifestyle I would want my children to live, and I know that God’s ways are always best. Fear God, love God, trust God, obey His commands, and enjoy Him forever!

  • http://mathsearchteam.livejournal.com Sydney Tiro

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