Good golly, they’re spending us to oblivion

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From Yahoo! News: “House Democrats propose $410B spending bill.” Yet another spending bill, our leaders’ handout to its loyal subjects. Democrats claim this is desperately needed too “make up” for the Bush administration’s lack of spending.

Uh-huh. Sure.

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  • Michelle

    Yep! Every new official spends the first 3-6 months blaming all our problems on the previous administration! Typical Democratic policies.

  • http://daniellesdailylifeblog.blogspot.com Danielle

    Mr. Jeub, don’t you and your wife have a child that you adopted as well? Does that make this pregnancy Wendy’s 14th biological child, or will it be a total of 16 kids?

  • trishia

    the link in the post is broken= the correct link is:

    thanks for pointing this out, I hadn’t heard about it yet. sickening, they are running our country to the ground…

  • http://simplelivingak.wordpress.com/ The Wilkinson Family

    It sure is sounding like a soap opera. Just gotta keep on praying.
    Blessings, Jason & Anna
    ~QF in Alaska~

  • Wendy

    Hello Danielle,
    This is Wendy’s 15th Biological child.

    Thanks to all you who have sent the well wishes and prayers.

    In Christ