Centennial Tournament

Colorado just finished its first state qualifier in speech and debate last weekend. It was an exciting weekend! There were three Jeub competitors: Cynthia (16), Lydia (14) and Isaiah (12). A friend sent us this picture she took when Wendy went to judge:

BTW: Wendy is due at the end of the month!

There were two big surprises of the tournament. First, Cynthia went to finals in Extemporaneous Speaking. She’s a great speaker and already qualified to regionals in Impromptu, but she jumped on board Extemp just two weeks ago! Another club in the state allowed Cynthia to join their team. Students are given 30 minutes to prepare a 7 minute speech on a current event topic. We’re so proud of Cynthia for making it so far in Extemp!

The second big surprise was Lydia’s Original Oratory on “Creativity in Family.” She has done quite well with the speech in other tournaments, and this one she made it all the way to the final round. After she preformed in finals, she came out very disappointed in herself. “That was the worst performance I made this entire tournament!” she said. She was shocked as the finalists were called off in the award ceremony:

In two weeks the three will be attending a tournament in Denver. This will be the last chance at qualifying to our regional tournament. Cynthia has two events she still needs to qualify in, and Isaiah needs to make it with his Humorous Interpretation. We hope to post some videos later on these speeches.

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  • JenT

    I promise I’m not a stalker. :) I just happened to be working on my blog and I follow your blog, so it popped up that you had just posted.
    Anyway, congratulations all. I watched the video. I can just imagine her tenseness, then as each name is called and it’s not her…whew. Congrats, Lydia.
    And Wendy is looking very good for an 8 month expectant mom. I usually look terrible. :/

  • tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    Congratulations! congratulation!! Woo hOO!!! Praise the Lord!!

    I can’t believe time has flown and Wendy is already due at the end of this month!!

    May God bless you all!!!

    Tereza :)

  • Rafa

    Wow. Congrats. I’ve been reading your website for ages and I think your family is super interesting. I have also started reading the bible. Just curious, what bible version do you use? I have the NIV student bible which helps explain a lot of things but do you use another version? KJV? Thanks for letting me know.

  • Deanna

    Wow, your children are sure growing up!!! I was so tired by the time my troops were down for naps..well the younger ones..that I was watching your dvd just for extra encouragement. Wendy, I am so grateful for my newest blessing..and yet miss being pregnant. We were due the same time! He is my first premie out of eight, but we are so happy that God spared his life. After a month of being in the hospital with no complications, he is home with us now!!! Well, congrats too to your speech and debators…I think my children may be future contenders They seem to always have something to say, and arguing comes naturally!!!! All in love,of course :):) Blessings…The Sleepy Mama!