Rocky Mountain Classic

The Jeubs are super-duper busy this weekend. Cynthia, Lydia and Isaiah are all competing at the final regional qualifying tournament, and Micah will be attending as an 11-year-old timer (competitive age begins at 12). The kids will be staying with friends in Denver for the event, while I’ll be commuting to and fro. Cynthia has two events and debate to qualify in, and Isaiah has his Humorous Interpretation. Say a prayer for them!

Would you like to come judge at this tournament? I spoke with the judges’ coordinator this morning (she is also the events coordinator for Training Minds Ministry) and she said they were short 50 judges. Hard to believe, really, because the hospitality for volunteer judges is phenomenal–fantastic food diced up by homeschool moms–and the entertainment is worth it. The speeches and debates are better than you will ever see. If interested, visit and click on the “Judge Registration” tab at the top. Though this is a 3-day event, you need only select the rounds you are able to make.

By the way, little Zechariah is doing great! He slept through the night Saturday night (a blessing from heaven!), but was sort of restless last night. Maybe it had something to do with his circumcision yesterday.

We usually have a doctor do circumcisions, but this time we connected with a Jewish Rabbi from Denver. He is quite the character! Funny and quick with a joke, he had the circumcision finished in a few minutes, and he filled in the family with the history of the surgical procedure. Call us nutty for thinking so, but it was a great experience.

No, we will not post pictures.

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  • Mark Lyndon

    Funny how Christians didn’t circumcise for the best part of two millennia, and yet because of some seriously bad *medical* opinions in the late 19th century, some Christians are looking for reasons to do it today.

    95% of Christians worldwide do *not* circumcise, and the Catholic church has been opposed for centuries:
    The Holy Roman Church “…commands all who glory in the name of Christian, at whatever time, before or after baptism, to cease entirely from circumcision, since, whether or not one places hope in it, it cannot be observed at all without the loss of eternal salvation.”

    From Cantate Domino, re-affirmed by Pope Pius XII in 1952

    “From a moral point of view, circumcision is permissible if, in accordance with therapeutic principles, it prevents a disease that cannot be countered in any other way.” Pope Pius XII in 1952

  • Rachel from Wisconsin

    Hi Jeubs!

    Glad to hear Zechariah slept through the night for you on Saturday. Hopefully he makes that a habit.

    I had my son circumcised, too, and I don’t have any fears that he is losing his eternal salvation from the procedure. When he accepts Jesus Christ as his savior, his salvation will be full and complete.

    I hope that you get all of the judges that you need for the competition. If I lived closer, I would certainly consider judging an event in the competition. The perks sound great!

    Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us! Somtimes it seems you get judged for the things you say and do, but it’s a joy to see you living your lives with such conviction and honesty.

    – Rachel

  • Tisha

    Does this mean the Jeubs are not Catholics who are against circumcision due to fear of loss of eternal salvation? : )

  • Laura

    Ok – wow, I really like you guys. I really do. I admire you for so many of your wonderful qualities. But honestly, Obama made a little joke about HIMSELF when he said that. I worked with retarded adults for 7 years, my husband for many more years than that. Honestly, we can’t take everything so seriously that someone can’t say anything without offending some group or another. It didn’t mean anything other than that the man was poking fun at himself. Nothing more. The man was left one heckuva mess after Bushie left office and he’s trying. Give him some credit. He’s a good man with a good heart. Give him a chance. There’s a lot to fix. We have to come together and not be quite so critical if we’re all going to get thru.