Tournament Weekend

The Rocky Mountain Classic Tournament took place over the weekend in Denver. Tournament season typically turns our lives upside down, but it is so worth it. Cynthia, Lydia and Isaiah all competed. The only sour news is that Isaiah (13) didn’t qualify to the Regional Tournament with his Calvin & Hobbes humorous interpretive speech, but it was his first year in speech. We’re quite proud of his hard work nonetheless. Cynthia and Lydia did quite well.

Cynthia didn’t qualify in two events, though she’s sort of relieved. She had two scripted speeches, one Open Interpretation and one Persuasive. They were both good, but scripted speeches just don’t do well with her. She is much more of a limited-preparation speaker: Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Impromptu. The latter two she had secured qualification in previous tournaments, but the RMC was her last chance to qualify in L-D debate.

Cynthia did fantastic! Not only did she enter outrounds with a 4-2 record, she advanced to quarterfinals. She was beat on a 2-1 decision by one of the best limited-prep speakers in the country.

Lydia again did very well with her Original Oratory on “Creativity in Family”: all the way to the final round. She said she sort of biffed it in the last round stumbling over some words. This may not have mattered in the preliminary rounds, but by the time you get to the final round, these little things count. She took 8th place (last) in the final round. Still, she’s excited to once again go all the way to the end, and she’s even more determined to practice hard for our Nationals Qualifier, two weeks away in Colorado Springs.

Does all this sound like fun? is having their end-of-the-year clearance sale on resources that can help you get a speech/debate program started. Visit their website here and get 50% off anything (good only through tomorrow). Also, the top competitors of the tournament are alumni of our Training Minds Ministry program: see here.

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