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Wendy and I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks, as you can see from our lack of posting. Of course, getting Wendy’s Love in a Diet to market has been all-consuming, and the girls’ (Cynthia and Wendy) second edition to Love in the Kitchen Cookbook is now wrapping up. There is more to pulling recipes together than you might think! I hope to have pre-order information up this afternoon.

Anyway, there are a few big news items that you’d like to hear! First, Wendy and I will be speaking in Elk River, Minnesota, on May 19 at Heppner Legacy Bookstore (click for information). This won’t be a huge event, nice and cozy for a small group of people who can make the trip. Wendy and I will be talking on two subjects, “Love in the House” and “Cheaper by the Dozen”, the same two talks we’ll be giving at the CHEC conference the month later. If you can make it, register with the bookstore and reserve a seat. Seating is limited to only 24 (like I said, nice and cozy).

Cynthia debating MatthewThe 2nd news event is huge-o-mongo! For shame that I haven’t posted about this. Both Cynthia and Lydia qualified to NCFCA Nationals at our Region 3 tournament (see results)! Cynthia was rumored to be one of the tournament surprises, her first year in Lincoln-Douglas debate. I wasn’t surprised, though. She credits her work in extemporaneous speaking (also first year) as the extra training she needed to pull ahead in her debate skills, and she and I worked particularly hard training her for this event. She went 4-2 in prelims and was knocked out in quarter-finals by the debater who won the tournament. Pictured here is a cross-examination between Cynthia and her old team-debate partner, Matthew Erickson. They had both wanted to meet each other at previous tournaments, but weren’t ever matched up. They got their chance at Regionals, and Cynthia clocked him won the ballot.

Lydia\'s OO on Creativity in FamilyLydia (pictured presenting for a 3-judge panel) has a very nice Original Oratory that attempts to articulate her large family life. She has worked hard to try to show how creativity makes its impact in the Jeub family…and can in any family. Funny, she watched most of Cynthia’s rounds and flowed the debates. She’s convinced she’ll be doing debate next year (she’s been sort of dragging her feet). Both girls are off to Nationals in June! They’re flying to South Carolina; we’re not making the big vacation trip out of it like we did last year.

The 3rd news event is bitter-sweet: we sold our bus! That’s right, the same bus that was featured on “Kids by the Dozen,” the bus that brought us on several camping trips into the mountains, the bus that broke down in New Mexico and made for a great story in the introduction of our bestselling book Love in the House. Ah, the memories. But that is what we cherish, the memories, not so much the bus itself. To be honest, the bus was getting too small for our family (no lie!) and we’ve preferred the outfitter’s tent over the bus in the last few big trips.

The bus’s new home is in Alabama, purchased from a family who saw our show and fell in love with the bus. A three-generation representation flew into Denver and I picked them up to drive them to their new RV. It was very cool to get to know Adam I, Adam II and Adam III. Their entire purpose of buying the bus is to have a vehicle to visit family who, unfortunately, need to live apart from each other for a time being. Adam II has four daughters and one son, the perfect amount to fill the bus with new memories and adventure. The Jeubs couldn’t be happier to pass on the bus to such a good family. Check out their blog here.

Bus Memories

Thanks for the memories, bus! We’ll miss you!

So, that’s the big news lately! We’re super busy right now, and I had to get up at 4:00 am to pound this post out. Order Wendy’s book Love in a Diet if you haven’t already. It is a great book that we hope to speak into the hearts of moms out there. And, if you can, link to the book’s order page from your blogs. We’d appreciate the business. Blessings to you and yours! -Chris

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Jane Buss

    Hi Wendy! Just a quick note to say hi and hope your feeling well after the birth. The pictures are gorgeous he is a real boy baby! I was so excited to see your diet book is out soon. I am really struggling with my weight, it has slowly crept up with each baby, I am really feeling the effects of being over weight with this pregnancy. Nothing serious just extra tired and breathless and swelling etc. It’s not as if I eat lots I think its when I eat and what I eat,eg snacky things! I make sure we all eat together and buy fresh but just never seem to manage a whole dinner. So I look forward to your book and what tips you have. Do you have advice for nursing mothers? Take Care Love to you all, Jane x

  • Wendy

    Hi Jane,
    I am glad you asked!
    Yes! I do talk about pregnancy and nursing.
    This book does what other books don’t and I think that is the missing key, to weight loss and fitness, for mothers and all women who struggle.

    I can’t go into all details here, my hope is you can get a copy for yourself and get started on a new you right away!

    Bless your heart,
    Wendy Jeub

  • Ellen Shank

    Hi Wendy,

    I just received your book “Love in a Diet” and I LOVE it! Finally a book written to real people who wants to eat great AND lose weight.
    How wonderful on your new blessing!
    In Christ, Ellen