On to Minnesota!

We’re leaving for our big 2-week trip to Minnesota tomorrow. What a zoo it has been these past couple weeks. Today will be extremely busy packing, so I woke up early this morning to prepare for the business aspect of our Minnesota trip: Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resource Workshop, “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

If you can make it, do so! We’re building on our 2007 presentation “Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen” and providing more entrepreneurial ideas for families. Plus Lydia will give her award-winning presentation “Creativity in Family” which she will give at NCFCA Nationals in June.

This presentation will be a cozy group (capped at 24 people, space still available), so Wendy and I are looking forward to really connecting with the couples there. This presentation may sound sort of stale, only about money, but it weaves a most profound principle and is extremely convicting. Here’s the principle: God has a fruitful plan for your family, and finances should not get in the way of that.

This begs the question, “How can I do it?” This economy is at a standstill, and the more I see Washington’s foolish responses, the more skeptical I become. The present is daunting, and the future looks bleak. “You don’t know the position I’m in, Jeub,” I can hear someone say. “Things are really, really tough.”

You’re right, I don’t know the position you’re in, but God does, and Wendy and I stand to testify how God has lead us through tough economic times. We have developed a handful of principles to financial stewardship (largely from years of trial and error) that have paid the greatest dividends over the years. Life is good–and it always has been, in both tight and loose times–and the principles we share should bring freedom and wealth to your family.

So, I hope you can make it. If not, we will be giving the same talk at the Christian Home Educators of Colorado Conference in June. We hope to have a new book out for CHEC, Frugal & Fruitful Living, but there are several elements that need to come into place to make that happen. For now, try to make it to either event, especially if you are feeling the crunch of this current poor economy.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Marie

    Good luck on your trip and with your upcoming workshop.

  • JenT

    I’ve started following Wendy’s advice as laid out in her book. I’ve done a week journal of everything I ate. It was too much. Today, I cut back and wrote down the calories of everything. My question is, as a nursing mom “they” say to eat 1800-2200 calories a day. In order to lose weight how did Wendy do that? Wendy, did you stay on the lower/1800 end of the spectrum? Did you eat less than 1800? I also need to start an exercise routine. I’ve ordered a video to use and should get it soon, so that takes care of that part. I know you’re probably busy on your trip, but when you get a minute can you answer my question? Thanks.