Real Playing

Swinging in the Wisconsin TreesWe stayed at a campground in Southern Wisconsin last weekend. Wendy’s mother and brother, Tod, live in Burlington, so we popped the outfitter’s tent and enjoyed family. Tod’s children (2) had a blast with their Jeub cousins (13).

This campground had about a half-dozen playground areas. Monkey bars, swing sets, etc. What did the kids spend most of their time doing? Making their own swing out of an old camping rope and a metal bar. Nearly the entire day was spent making the most interesting swinging contraptions.

This caused me to ponder two things that are on our hearts a lot lately. First, creativity. The kids find more value in the play they create than the play that is created for them. Sure, playgrounds are fun, but how much more fun for the children was a rope and worthless bar? They created it themselves, and that was 90% of the fun.

Second, hard work. The kids really worked hard. They had to throw the bar over high oak branches, getting stuck several times. Hours were spent setting the swing up. Hard work, but rewarding to say the least. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “The best prize that life has to offer is working hard at work worth doing.”

We’re now in Minnesota at my folks’ place. Wendy and I are speaking tonight in Elk River on “Cheaper by the Dozen: Economic principles for living frugal and fruitful lives.” Creativity and hard work are two principles of life that aren’t spoken of much anymore. They really should.

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  • Sarah M. in MI

    Chris and Wendy –
    Kids do have fun when working hard on ideas of their own. Sounds like a blast with the cousins!
    Also –
    I spoke with the dad of the Burns family this weekend (of Pendragon fame) at our MI homeschool convention, and referred them to your website/blog and your review of their movie. They were pleased to hear about it, and looked forward to checking out your site. : )

    Have a great week!

  • Karen

    So refreshing to here what fun you and your family are having just being together with one another. My children are grown but some of our best times together were when we went camping because we couldn’t afford to do anythin else but they loved it. Our intertainment one night was listening to two coons fighting over a syrup bottle that was left out on the table, what fun we had in those days.
    My God Bless You and Your Children and Keep you together!

  • Stephanie Keaty

    The joy we sense when we see our children doing what God has intended for them…
    Yesterday in North Idaho, the sun came out and new phone book arrived. The old one became the centerpiece of my boys’ outdoor playtime…they invented a game similar to baseball, but incorporated reading! Truly- they are a blessing!
    Enjoy your time together.

  • marcy

    Wish we could be there to hear you guys.
    But i did buy the CD and really enjoyed it.
    Thanks Marcy

  • Bobbi Jo Nichols

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a continued great time. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  • Amanda

    Thats cute

  • melissa

    i wish tlc would put you guys back on for a 1 hour special on how to save money in this economy. you seem to have a lot of great ideas that are useful to families big or small.

  • Robert Runge

    I would love to know more about your money saving ideas, i am blessed to have a wife who is very good with Gods resources. I also agree about hard work and creativity, we have a generation of kids who only know entertainment provided for them through electronics, video games, ect. we love to camp and love the outdoors and want our kids to not be dependant on videos games for entertainment, god has given us so many wonderful places to go to and see and an imagination that is going to waste for so many kids!

  • Beka

    So true…like the boxes I get with shipments…my boys make cars out of them and play for days! My daughter will take paper and create something to play dolls with! The majority of toys don’t have a great play value!

  • karen rathbone

    You are an awesome family, is there ever a chance that you will ever do another special on tlc. You have so many great ways of parenting and saving money and we would love to see how the children have grown. Both you and the Hepners are very insperational!!