Scouting the Wild: Another Jeub Movie Opportunity

area66The Jeubs have another media event coming up: a DVD on our family-integrated elk hunt. This is an adventurous project produced by Franklin Springs Productions. They are a top-notch outfit out of Franklin, Tennessee. I met the owner at a conference in June and he took interest in the hunting heritage we’ve developed over the years. A few phone calls and emails later, he had plane tickets for Colorado for our July scouting trip. Things sure move fast in the movie-making world.

We returned yesterday from a 3-day camping trip in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We drove into the area after dark on Sunday (it’s a 5-1/2 hour drive from our home) and spooked a herd of 30-35 elk within a mile from our campsite. We were quite cold through the night as our site was at 11,000-ft. altitude (it was about 45 degrees all night). None of us got a good night’s sleep, but Ken Carpenter and his son, Cole, the flat-landers of the group, couldn’t help but gawk over the beauty of a mountain summer morning. Who am I kidding? All of us were lovin’ it.

We hiked five miles on Monday and got a solid understanding of the area. Ken and Cole had their HD camera along and captured some fantastic shots. We didn’t see any elk, but that wasn’t too surprising. A strong element of this film is making hunting a family event. We had eleven children along. A crew of 14 people were tromping through the woods. Pretty tough to walk up on a herd of elk!

No matter, though. We focused on learning key principles of hunting. Attention to elk droppings and tracks, soft walking and whispering, how to read a map with a compass, scoping tree lines and valleys, and so on. Several camera shots consisted of gathering the kids for lessons on map reading. “Who can point to where we are now?” was a common pop-quiz when we would stop to rest.

The purpose of the summer scouting trip is to strategize for our Opening Day in October. Our imaginations help dictate where exactly we will be when the sun comes up the first day of the hunt. We plan to cover a valley where several elk have been harvested over the years. We mark spots on the map, make lists of gear to bring, and talk about who will be matched up with whom (of the 14, nine are youth).

We are extremely excited to have such a fine film group, Franklin Springs, taking on this project. It was a joy getting to know Ken and his son, Cole. He left with “great footage” (his words, with smiles) along with a heartfelt conviction to “get into better shape” (my words, with smiles). Check out their Web site to see the kinds of films they come out with. My favorite is Measure Twice, Cut Once.

To get an idea of how this project idea came about, check out these links to Jeub hunts in the past:

Hunt 2009 will consist of three dads, 10 youth, one grandpa and a camera crew out in the woods. We have 14 bull tags in a Colorado Game Unit where the success rate is 34% for bulls. Chances are good, but the advantage (as always) is with the elk. We have to work hard, hunt smart, and keep a camera crew in tow. Ken plans on a 1st-quarter 2010 DVD release. We’re praying for a fruitful harvest, an exciting hunt, and a God-ordained story from His wild mountains.


Here’s the cast after a long ascent (we walked up that valley in the background). I’m on the right, and Ron Stauffer–a longtime hunting buddy–is center-left. We are gathered here with nine of our 24 children.

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    Looking forward to this coming out. We’ve recently ordered a few DVDs from Franklin Springs. We like their stuff, too.