Elk – A Family Heritage of Hunting

Ron Stauffer (right) and some of our daughters in the background, preparing for our scouting trip.

Ron Stauffer (right) and some of our daughters in the background, making preparations for our scouting trip. Photo by Ken Carpenter.

I just heard back from Ken Carpenter, owner and producer of Franklin Springs Family Media. He posted some nice photos of last week’s expedition into the mountains of Colorado. Check out the posting at his Web site.

We are extremely excited for this production. There are countless number of details that need to come into play to pull off a hunting video–especially one that involves three fathers with 10 hunting youth and a camera crew in tow. Ron Stauffer and I (Ron is another father involved in the production) talked a lot about this over the weekend. We pondered, “What makes an elk hunt so intriguing?”

Possible answers include wilderness, harvesting an elk, excitement, fellowship, campfires, good eating, adventure, time with God, time with family. All good things, no doubt, but here’s the kicker:

Hunting is about the power of story.

This is more profound than you might think. Every year the hunters in the family return home to tell stories of their few days in the woods. Even if unsuccessful in harvesting an animal, I’ll return with vibrant stories of this or that. All my pre-hunting children (those under 12) can’t wait for me to return home to tell the tales of the year’s hunt. None of the tales are fabricated or made up. They don’t have to be. Every year is exciting, adventurous, wild. These stories get told over and over again through the years. Lessons of survival and temperament and strategy and adventure get repeated around the campfire.

They get repeated over and over again for generations.

We’ll be talking about these stories all through the hunt in October. What is really cool about this film production is that Ken and his crew will be capturing the story as it unfolds. We will have a documentary of the 2009 Jeub Family Elk Hunt, professionally done and edited for family enjoyment.

Who knows what the story will be? I’m glad we don’t know, glad that we are not able to orchestrate it or write it ourselves. This is the wild, where nothing is rehearsed or practiced or dramatized. There is adventure in the uncertainty of it all.

Can’t wait…

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Valerie

    I am so glad that Franklin Springs is featuring you in a DVD! We own just about all of their DVD’s, and they are excellent. I just e-mailed the company to let them to let them know how glad we are that they are featuring you guys. Although I am not into hunting, I am going to buy the DVD anyway because we are big fans of the Jeubs!

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