Noah & Tabitha Gymnastics Duo

Coach Kemp of PE+Plus credits the Jeub kids’ gymnastic ability to the fact that they are outside constantly. They sure didn’t get this talent from their parents. We have a trampoline, a zip line, a creek and sledding hill. Their playing is aggressive, and their self-confidence causes them to push the limit and try new things. Coach Kemp may be right.

Noah and Tabitha are best friends. They chose to do this routine and made it up themselves. They are about the same height. You’d think they were twins, but they are 18 months apart. You’d also think they worked all summer at this routine. Not true: it was only a 1-week camp, a couple hours a day. Here’s the performance:

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  • Alicia

    Wow!!! That was amazing!!! Please let Noah and Tabitha know I was highly impressed!! I’m watching it crying (as I’m sure Mom was while she was there in person :) Sorry I missed it in person! Love you guys! Great job!


  • Jo

    We do gymnastics as well and it did my heart so good to see your blessings having so much fun! That’s the whole concept of it, to have fun! And certainly talented! Thanks for sharing!

  • nicole j bideau

    Hi that was lovely they seemed to enjoy it too keep the great work Noah and Tabitha practice makes perfect I did gymnastics as a young girl and won the floor exercise group in my county have fun kind regards God Bless xxx

  • katie

    good job guys!

  • tina

    Very good!!!

  • http://! Valerie

    Fantastic! My kids loved watching this. I have a five year old little girl who desperately wants to take gymnastics classes – we’ll have to see if finances permit. Great job Noah and Tabitha!

  • Amy

    They are just so cute! :)

  • Amy

    Yay!! Great job!