Love in the Kitchen Volume 2 — Available Now!

It is finally out! We shipped samplings to everyone who ordered Wendy’s latest book, Love in a Diet, and we had hoped to come out with this second volume earlier. We’re glad we waited! We are extremely pleased with how well this second cookbook turned out. All orders receive 20% off, and if your total comes over $40, we’ll ship for free ($5.95 Priority Mail value, includes International Shipping). So, buy one for you and two for your friends, and if you don’t have Volume 1, be sure to throw that in the cart! Here are the details from the order page:

Love in the Kitchen Vol. 2Wendy Jeub is defying logic: she mothers 15 children on a budget fit for two while keeping her family well fed, healthy and happy. The first volume of Love in the Kitchen is now seconded with more tips on saving money, more additions from like-minded moms, and (of course) more recipes. Twenty percent more, to be exact. Like Volume I, this second volume is printed with a card stock laminated cover with a white spiral binding, sure to withstand a family’s busy kitchen. A chapter from Chris’s mom and empty-nester, Judy Jeub, provides frugal tips for the large and small family alike. All unique recipes categorized and indexed for easy finding. Most ingredients are easy to find in your own kitchen, something unique in Wendy’s cookbook, so whipping up a hearty meal for your family should be incredibly easy. Check out what others have been saying about Wendy’s cookbooks:

“I absolutely LOVE your cookbook! Your recipe for Cheesy Wild Rice Soup has been a tremendous success. I took a huge pot to our church’s Sunday night supper. I have since had several requests for the recipe. I have encouraged them to order your cookbook. We have recently had our 4th child and I am finding I turn to your cookbook often for budget friendly and delicious meals when I am feeding my family and friends.” – Tiffany

Hi Wendy! I am loving your cookbook! Tonight I made the enchiladas, they were so tasty! Usually I make them with chicken and a Mexican cooking kit. This time I used minced beef (hamburger) and followed your recipe. The topping with the chicken soup and sour cream was so lovely. My children absolutely loved them. My 3 year old cleared his plate in about 5 minutes and usually he is our slowest eater! Even our 8 month old ate the filling with rice! God has really been laying on my heart recently how important it is to be a good steward of our money and that actually I have a big responsibility when shopping to make our pound stretch. -Jane B., United Kingdom

I have recently bought both the cookbook and Love in the House and am enjoying both. I’m a mom to 7 and love to hear how others manage things. My kids are friends with a family of 11 kids so I find myself saying, “If so-and-so can do it, so can I.”…I just had to say I love the books and thank you. -Angela G

Downloads and Details:

  • Download Love in the Kitchen Vol. II – Table of Contents (80 kbs)
  • Spiral bound and card-stock provides ease-of-use and durability in the kitchen
  • Few recipes extend more than one page, and when they do, the recipe extends over gutter of book
  • 222 pages

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

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