Ordinary Folks, Concerned and Angry

Training Minds Ministry just finished a full week Research Camp for team-policy debaters. Twenty-two students got together to research the current topic of environmental policy. They pumped out a sourcebook called “Blue Book Lite,” 150 pages of credible evidence for and against all sorts of environmental policies. We now head into a week of our Conference: about 120 students participating in Extemporaneous Speaking, Apologetics, Team-Policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate training along with a round-robin tournament at the end of the week.

Whew! Hard to believe we are getting so much done.

I enjoy waking up to a cup of coffee and breezing literature before the sun rises. This morning I watched this fantastic video from Daniel Hannan concerning the current tea parties and townhall uprisings across the country. The 9-1/2 minute video presentation makes the strong argument that ordinary people (families, hard working people) are justifiably upset over the nationalization of huge chunks of our economy. It is worth the time to watch this:

The media is turning a blind eye to the outrage of cap-and-trade (which is consuming my debaters’ time), health care reform, nationalization of the auto industry, etc. The media that is not ignoring us is instead attempting to marginalize conservatives as angry mobsters or cronies from big industry. We’re un-American, racist, mean-spirited, whatever. This can be depressing.

But don’t let the chant of media fool you into thinking your convictions are trivial. You are seeing our freedoms thrown out the window and you have every right to be upset, concerned, and cheated.

The burning question I have is this: “What can I do?” Most moms and dads reading this blog have jobs, businesses, kids to raise, lives to live. We aren’t employees of Acorn who get paid to hold a sign supporting health care reform. This is what you can do: pack up your kids and go to a tea party or a town hall meeting. Post a blog. Send a letter to your newspaper. Call your senator. Do whatever is in your power to make your representative know that you are unhappy with the trillion-dollar deficit spending and the direction he/she is taking this country.

And if they don’t listen, get behind a candidate who will challenge their seat in 2010 and 2012. If there is none, consider running for their seat. There is an uprising of conservatives who would vote for you.

I’m taking time that I don’t have to write this blog. I have a hundred students and parents showing up today to be trained in how to think, speak and persuade. They’re “training their minds for action” (1 Peter 1:13) in the hopes to turn the tide of popular sentiment around to the more sensible, reasonable, and conservative sentiments of the ordinary folks.

Here’s this year’s Research Camp debaters. They are our future, and after hanging out with them for a week, I have complete confidence that our future is bright…


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  • Ron

    This video of Danial Hannan is amazing! What an inspiring speaker. Our American compatriots would do well to listen carefully to him.

  • Barbi

    WOW – powerful! I’m sending this on … thanks again!