Mr. President, YOU are the one being called out

Presidents have called emergency addresses to Congress for national crises, largely limited to big issues like war. Last night President Obama addressed both members of Congress on what he considers an emergency: health care. He and the Democratic leadership have come under fire lately for insisting on a government takeover of 17 percent of the American economy. This was his 112th speech given on health care reform, one that was expected to be a slam-dunk speech that would clarify the controversies and relieve the doubts the American people have grown in the past few months (currently, 52% oppose Obamacare).

I watched him last night with honest curiosity. Sure, I’m against ObamaCare, but perhaps, I thought, I would gain some insight into the democratic proposal. Instead, I was enraged. Barack Obama turned on the offensive, stating he would “call out” those in opposition to his health care plan for their lies in three areas:

  1. Creation of death panels
  2. Funding of abortion
  3. Medical care to illegal aliens

Mr. President, let’s be “called out,” specifically on these three claims. Here goes…

1. Creation of death panels

This was a direct counterattack to Sarah Palin’s coined term “death panels” from her Facebook comment a month ago. Nowhere in Obamacare are there things called “death panels,” but does this make Sarah’s claim a “lie”? Hardly. HR 3200 specifically mandates end-of-life counseling for terminally ill patients as a money-saving procedure. President Obama explained how “perhaps taking the pain killer” would be better for an elderly patient. The following You Tube video of the president himself:

Now, which sounds more like the truth? Sarah Palin’s Facebook term “death panels” or Barack Obama’s explanation how government will decide end-of-life issues? The President can call this end-of-life “counseling,” I suppose, but I would hardly call Sarah’s word choice a “flat out lie” as he did last night. In fact, her word choice struck a chord with the American people; it is a fair analysis of the President’s own explanation of his bill.

2. Funding of abortion

Abortion on demand is the Democratic party’s pillar issue, so it is extremely difficult to believe it’s now off their radar. For Obama to claim that he would protect “federal conscious laws” smells fishy. sets the record straight in a full article, “Abortion: Which Side Is Fabricating?” Its subtitle says it all, “Despite what Obama said, the House bill would allow abortions to be covered by a federal plan and by federally subsidized private plans.”

Now, is a non-partisan group, hardly a right-leaning group. The article addresses reasonable claims that abortion is covered in HR 3200. Responding to NRLC’s director Douglas Johnson’s claim that the government plan is to cover all elective abortions, admits, “Our analysis shows that Johnson’s statement is correct. Though we of course take no position on whether the legislation should allow or not allow coverage for abortions, the House bill does just that.”

The declaration of a lie does not make it a lie. President Obama is wrong, flat-out wrong. Coverage for abortions–all abortions–is in HR 3200.

3. Coverage for illegal immigrants

There is a provision in HR 3200 that exempts illegal immigrants from federal health care option, and prior claims that illegals are directly covered in the plan are false. But no one is currently making this claim. The problem people have is that HR 3200 has no mechanism that requires validation of citizenship, thus making it very plausible for illegal immigrants to apply and receive health care. This already happens in many state health care systems that did not put an enforcement mechanism in place. Just like emergency rooms are required by law to treat anyone who comes in — insured or uninsured, legal or illegal — HR 3200 could reasonably be held to the same standard. The 1,017 page document doesn’t seal this loophole up, and amendments proposed to do so have been purposely kept out of the bill.

Cause for concern? Yeah, I’d say so, and according to a recent Rasmussen poll, an overwhelming number of Americans think so, too. The President is attempting to marginalize this concern by claiming, “That’s a lie, plain and simple.” This just doesn’t cut it.

It is NOT plain and simple. These aren’t “lies,” and claiming them to be so are insults to our intelligence, to our concerns. President Obama’s “calling out” those people and calling them liars is backwards. The democrats who are pushing HR 3200 should be “called out” to explain themselves, not vice versa. The status quo has presumption: US medical care is the envy of the world, produces the best medical treatment in the history of man. Handing over that system to the government is a pretty big sell, one that is in the President’s court.

Last night the President was tasked to make his 112th speech on health care, to answer unanswered questions, to reveal his plan — again — with the suave that got him elected. He instead attacked his adversaries, presumably the Republicans to his left. Frankly, I wish the Republicans were truly an opposition party, but last night they were standing and applauding much more than opposing. No, Obama was not attacking Republicans; he was attacking concerned citizens and the American people, 52% of who now strongly oppose ObamaCare — nearly twice that number since the bill was released to the public. They are rightly “calling out” the President to justify, to explain, and to deliver the truth.

He didn’t do that last night. The more people read for themselves what is in the bill, the more skeptical they become…in the bill and its advocates.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Karin

    Will you please post a link to the entire HR 3200 bill on your website?

  • Sheila

    I don’t know what to say, other than how can so many people be so duped?! It’s very frustrating, more cause to pray, and more reason to get involved, in any way possible.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Annie

    I am not for Obama or his health plan and so this is no suprise. Thanks for the imformation.

  • Kristy

    We were unable to watch his speech. Thank you for the summary! I am having my 16 year old daughter who will be voting in the next election read what you wrote. Our president makes my stomach turn :(

  • Debbie Vanden Berk

    There are many parts of this bill that are not controversial. Why Obama refuses to negotiate in the places that are calls the entire motive behind the whole bill into question!! There can be better laws to regulate abuses in health care and improved health care for people on disability, unemployed, widows, etc. We can write the bill without Euthanasia and Abortion included. We can write a bill that protects people with health care programs and doctors with whom they are happy.
    We must make a bill that does not harm any life…

    ON illegal aliens…God help them, they are trying to find a better life for themselves- If America is that much of a draw because where they came from is so bad, oh, I hope we’d try to accomodate!! Is it possible they’ve been led here where we can teach them about Jesus and they can help make our nation strong in the long run?!
    We need to find solutions to this problem but we also have to remember that “this problem” are illegal aliens and illegal aliens are people – children of God. It is not Christlike to refuse to treat them when they are sick, clothe them when they are naked, feed them when they are hungry.
    …We need to remember we are Christians, not Democrats or Republicans…our job is to take care of the poorest of the poor and to welcome the outsider… We need to make sure everyone who is sick gets treated…no matter who they are!!!
    People in our country illegally is a different issue but NOT treating them when they are sick would be a sin.

    It is so true we need to pray hard for God’s hand in all of this. His Will, for Christ to come alive in our hearts and the hearts of our leaders and guide us into an America and a world that is
    truly as “Thy Kingdom Come” as it can get!!!

  • tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    As a permanent resident in this country, I don’t understand how the American citizens can allow for what is happening. In my native country, we have governmental health care, but we have the option for private care. No one in their right mind, or with means will opt for governmental health care. It makes no sense, from a secular point of view, much less from a Christian point of view, to put in place this health care plan that gives the citizen NO option of choice. You can’t pay for your own treatment or doctor, and you will be fined if you don’t have insurance. The Constitution of the US is definitely being ignored and the people of this country and the rest of the world will pay a high cost for that. The Bible tells us to watch and pray so we will not be deceived. I believe that many Christians that voted for Obama were just that: deceived. They believed a LIE. Last night he just kept on lying. Wake up, America, before it is too late!!!

  • tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    oh, here is the link to read the bill yourself..

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for saying so clearly what my husband and I have been saying all along. Sigh… if only America would wake up!

  • Ron

    The sad news is that, unfortunately, Obama is doing everything he promised he would do on the campaign trail. There are no surprises here. The only surprise is that some people voted for him because they hated George Bush, and are now scratching their heads saying “wait, I didn’t vote for this either!” Which is a shame, because this is exactly what everyone who supported Obama voted for.

    We can’t forget that this is the same man who said “I don’t want my daughters to be punished with a baby [if they engage in promiscuous sexual behavior].” He took six, long, drawn out, dramatic months to choose a puppy for his children, and yet took a whopping six seconds after assuming office to sign a death warrant for tens of thousands of unborn humans overseas (by nixing the “Mexico City Policy.”). He despises human life, especially that which needs protection the most.

    All the talk before the election about how Obama was a “constitutional law scholar,” was an absolute sham. He knows and cares nothing about the constitution, or the history of our nation’s founding whatsoever–that is incontestable. His constitutional authority to force a federal mandate upon Americans to buy healthcare or pay a fine is exactly nil. But to even argue this point completely ignores the fact that the federal government has no authority whatsoever to enter the healthcare business in the first place. Absolutely ZERO. His hatred for the spirit of the constitution was explicitly stated when he said it has “inherent flaws” and “negative liberties” and that it needs to be interpreted with “compassion” and “fairness” instead of with accuracy, context and original intent.

    It’s also no surprise that:

    A) his support as of today is lower than Bush’s was even months after we invaded Iraq (which turned out to be Bush’s most unpopular move in his 8 years as president), and

    B) that he’s had to campaign many long, hard, long, vicious years (yes years–he’s been piously lecturing us about this issue since 2006) to try and sell this bill of socialism. In his speech yesterday, he spoke of how liberals have pushed for socialized medicine for over seven decades. Indeed, he is correct, and all this proves is that Democrats are so stubborn and so hardcore about forcing socialism on the masses that it has taken over 70 years for them to get the message: “the American people don’t want this.”

    When Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You Lie!” he was absolutely right. His timing was poor, but he was 100% correct. But the media have a love affair with our president, and they detest any American who isn’t falling for the lies Obama keeps churning out. So in the end–and on your TV screen–all Obama had to do was say “that’s not true,” and he’s back to being a christ-like saint, and Joe The Senator is a dirty, rich, racist schmuck.

    …Just like Joe The Plumber was during the election. All for the singular reason of standing up against big government.

  • Rachel

    I have never before considered the idea about health care for illegal immigrants in the light that you put it Debbie. You have a great point that we as Christians are to assist in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, etc. including the strangers in our land. I never looked at it this way. However, the Lord does not say that the government should do these things but rather the body of Christ. I would much rather give abundantly than be stolen from in the name of giving. The government doling out free care does nothing for the soul of an illegal immigrant. There are many hospitals that offer free care already and are privately funded by people like the Shriners for example. These services are provided through the generosity of those who choose to give. These hospitals will likely disappear under obamacare. The more Uncle Sam steals from my husband’s paycheck, the less we are able to give financially to care for the sick. I don’t want Obama to be in charge of my giving. It is perhaps a sad state of affairs that the body of Christ in America has so neglected their responsibilities in this matter to the point that the government is petitioned to step in.