A Family Heritage of Hunting

We’re gearing up this weekend for our big elk hunt. Franklin Springs Media just released their promotional video that features two hunts, a Tennessee deer hunt and a Colorado elk hunt…

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • tina

    What a fun video. Have a fun weekend!

  • Vincent Carrano

    Thank you for being such an encouragement to me and my family. God bless

  • Amy

    Oh how wonderful! I sent the link over to my husband!

    And Wendy, I just recently finished your book, “Love in the House” while on vacation. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord can place just the right things on my heart and in my life that spur me on and refine me. God has used your book to change my life.

    Thank you for your candidness and love,

  • Jeff McKinney

    I’m looking forward to watching your hunt. I hope you are all blessed with a great time.

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