Our "Secret" Life

kitchenWe got word yesterday from CBS News: the Jeubs will be featured on the Women’s Entertainment Network (WE-TV) on Tuesday, November 10. The show that captures us (and two other “quiverfull” families) in the series Secret Lives of Women, this episode titled “Born to Breed.”


Yes, you read that right: “Born to Breed” on the Secret Lives of Women. Take a look at some of the past show titles here. Tattoo artists, polygamists, abusive women, and worse. This is a rough crowd we’ve jumped into. Quite dicey.

Update: The producer emailed me a newer link that updated the show’s title to “Quiverfull Moms.” We’re back to “Born to Breed”…See here.

But Wendy and I have a strong story to tell, one that we hope CBS fairly captures. In a nutshell, God has laid on our hearts to have children, and we raise them with the tools He gives us. Our “dicey” side is this: we push back on popular assumptions about families like ours. More specifically on WE-TV, Wendy brings this message home to women.

There is a popular sentiment against family life. For a moment, consider the rush of arguments. Women like Wendy (housewife, mother of 15, living on a modest income) are stereotyped. She should be fat, barefoot and pregnant, at her wit’s end. Her life should be oppressive and overwhelming. She should have no self-esteem, no joy or fulfillment. You know, the woman-in-a-shoe template.

Wendy–a fulfilled, beautiful woman who follows the heartfelt conviction from God to have and bear children–dispels these myths. Come to think of it, this is a “secret life,” one worth exposing on sensational television. We are a large, happy family who are living the life we were born to live. We hope the show brings to the surface a universal question women have: What would my life be like if I, too, had children? Maybe a lot of children?

We have been given fair warning about the show. The preview of the “Secret Lives of Women” series has some risque camera shots, I suppose what you’d expect from cable television. Two other quiverfull families are profiled. Rachel Scott has much more experience than us appearing on nationally recognized news broadcasts (e.g. Fox News) advocating for families to embrace the quiverfull movement. The other family is a divorced mom who previously embraced the quiverfull lifestyle, till her marriage fell apart. Kathryn Joyce, a known anti-quiverfull feminist, was interviewed for the show, but I’m not sure if she made it through the editing. We’ll see how it goes.

Doing these television shows are a bit nerve-wrecking. We don’t see the show till the rest of the world sees it. Tune in Tuesday, November 10, and watch it with us. I’ll post a poll on for your feedback.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Allison

    Your family is beautiful. I hope your story doesn’t get twisted out of porportion. I am proud of your family and your willingness to be in the media. May God continue to bless you and yours, Allison
    Wife to Scott
    Mommy to: Jesse 1989
    Jordan 1990, married to Brooke 1991
    expecting baby girl December 26, 2009
    Sarah 1992
    Rebekah 1995
    Charlie 2000 (born into my heart by adoption in 2007)
    Joshua 2001 First reversal miracle (His name is another form of Josiah, which is “Jesus has healed”)
    Selena 2002 (born into my heart by adoption in 2007)
    Joseph 2004 Second reversal miracle
    Angel baby born straight into Glory Dec. 2006
    Angel baby born straight into Glory Oct. 2008
    Angel baby born straight into Glory March 2009
    Newest Little Firecracker being knit in secret Due July 4th, 2010

  • Wendy Cukierski

    I’ve always said you are brave, brave souls!
    I’ll continue to remain in “hermit” mode as I continue my “born to breed” lifestyle (what a disgusting title, aye??)
    Love and Blessings…
    Wendy and crew

  • Stacey Jagerson

    I love your family and will look forward to the show. I”m hoping they will not explote your beliefs. But I support your beliefs because as you say children are a gift from god. you are all wonderful people and I love following your family.

    God Bless


  • Marcy Smith

    I agree BRAVE souls! I will be praying that the Lord will bless this!

  • Lisa Jones

    will the show be on the internet? We do not get cable… Would love to see it!

  • Jason & Anna

    We hope they don’t put to much of a bad spin on it. It seems that is always determined by the editing room. We are sure that you all did or will do fine. 😉
    On a side note we are having our 6th baby 2 May 2010. But we would have never used the born to breed title. :) If anything I would use Multiplication Experts. After all we were told to multiply :)

  • Lisa Jones

    I meant to put our website in the field required not in the comment. Sorry about that!

  • tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    We were once on a Christian show and they spinned if off so bad. We convinced ourselves never to do it again unless God called us to do it. I would say you are brave. Maybe this is your call to be up and in front of this unmerciful world and blood thirsty media. I am glad that I did the Christian show because now I KNOW how they twist things you say, how they EDIT stuff to make it look like what they want it to look like. I already understood how films and series where made, but I had no clue how much editing goes into interviews and documentaries too. It’s like taking a Bible verse apart from it’s context, you can proof that the devil can become a Christian too. Ha. :) wishing you all the best. Tereza

  • Tammy (wewinnow)

    I will be praying the show may touch many lives and will help others to receive God’s blessings willingly.

  • JenT

    I love what Jason & Anna said, “Multiplication Experts”.
    I really hope they don’t mess up what ya’ll say. Sounds like they want to put a negative spin on being quiverfull. Too bad. The world just doesn’t understand the blessings a large family brings. All they see is the money. Or rather lack therof. lol Isn’t it funny how you always have just enough? We’ve found that to be so.
    God bless you.

  • Amy

    Looking forward to it! :)

  • Kristi

    oy- here is a quote from the WE website:
    <<>> So, yeah, I’d say she made the cut. Yikes. I have no idea if I even GET WE…. are you all going to be able to watch it?
    Not your typical TLC show anyway…

  • Kristi

    oops- deleted the quote, here it is:
    We’ll also talk with today’s foremost expert on Quiverfull women, Kathryn Joyce, to learn more about the religious aspects of the movement and those who live by it.

  • Vanessa & Adam

    Our family will be praying that they don’t twist your story too much. I am looking forward to watching it and seeing your wonderful family on TV again!

    Vanessa, wife to Adam, mother to Gregory (3), Ezekiel (15 months) & Sam Bako (17 year old exchange student from Nigeria!)

  • Crystal

    Why on earth is the “expert” they’re consulting (Kathryn Joyce) someone who despises it? And doesn’t live it? How can she possibly be an expert? ugh….
    God works everything out to His glory, so I stand in faith that no matter what the “media” wants to do, that those who are called according to His purpose, will see through all the ungodly things they try to interject, and that your light will shine through the darkness and speak to those who need to hear.

    Crystal, MOMY to 6

  • Jennifer

    Was this the same taping you were doing a few months ago? Did you know what this footage would be used for or did the other show you were taping borrow this information? Just curious since you seem so surprised which series you are going to be a part of. One would think they would have told you first but you never know! This show was already on my DVR before i knew your family would be on it. I’m interested to see what kind of spin they put on your wonderful, loving family.

  • Stephanie

    Well, I’m not sure either why Kathryn Joyce was picked as the “expert” on this topic. But I am glad that your family was chosen as one of the families they used. Praying God will use this interview as a stepping stone for many who deny Him and His ways and many will see that because those of us who have chosen to allow God to be in control of our wombs, are well-adjusted, loving people. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    In Him,
    The Neujahr family
    Stephanie, mommy to 9

  • tina

    What a special privilage to be a light in a dark world in such a way. I will pray that God will get glory for what he is doing in your family. No matter the ‘spin’ the show takes God has the power to soften the hearts of those who the show is ‘truley’ intended for in God’s perfect planning. (I hope my comment makes sense):~)


  • crumbsonmyfloor

    Timer is set! Can’t wait to watch it.

    Take care,

  • sandra

    You weren’t afraid to have children,(lots of children); how truly empowering!!(I love the cookbook, btw!! I took the first one on vacation and intend to do so with this one as well). :)

  • Rita

    Wow! I never thought “breeding” would be a “secret life”!
    I’ve seen the ads for that show, and this seems out of the normal realm.
    I will certainly be praying over the whole thing and thanking God for his control over it.

    Do you know the other families? Did the show come here to tape? I’ll be tivo-ing the show!

    You know, your lives have been such a blessing to so many through your willingness to be public.
    I’m sure God will use it for good. Rom. 8:28.

    The vast majority of the population would never be exposed to the benefits of a large family if it weren’t for shows like this, the Duggars, and Kids by the Dozen.

    I’ve never seen you dishonor God through it, and I don’t think at all that it would be in your hearts to do so, so rest. Rest in his sovereignty over the show, sovereignty over your lives, and sovereignty over good and evil.

    Are you all well? How’s business? We’re all well–we THINK we’ve passed through the H1N1. Maybe it wasn’t, but it was assumed to be.

    Catch me up on you!



  • Rita

    Oh, good!
    That isn’t insulting at all.

    The other one wasn’t at all respectful. The “here” link, below, still showed me “Born to Breed,” though.
    I’m anxious to see it, and I’m telling my facebook friends all over the country. :-) I’ll keep praying, knowing God’s hand is all over it! –Rita

  • Samantha

    Sorry to tell you this, but they are advertising the show on WE today, and it is being called Born to Breed. It’s also listed in my Dish Network guide as ‘Born to Breed’. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be very favorable. :(
    They showed a clip of Wendy saying ‘No, 15 is NOT enough.’
    Love Samantha

  • Fruitful Harvest

    What time does the show air?
    I thought I read it was tonight but can’t find the time?

    Georgiann QF momma of 6 so far!

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