Inside the Quiverfull "Movement"

CBS just posted the clip of the upcoming “Secret Lives of Women” show. Check it out…

I love the part showing me chasing Alicia and Alissa. Funny, that was our 2-bedroom apartment, Wendy and I were both working full-time to get me through college. We were extremely poor, but man, those were good days.

One of the other moms profiled is Rachel Scott. She was on the Joy Behar Show on CNN:

Rachel handled herself very well, didn’t she? I think that was HER skiing behind that boat. Way to blow those stereotypes out of the water, Rachel!

The two ladies to her left were anti-quiverfull women, and their show clips are here and here. We’re not so quick to jump all over Vyckie or Kathryn. We find their perspective adversarial, but also a bit enlightening, as to how people view us. We can’t wait to hear Vyckie’s story. Full of pain, rejection and judgment from what she claims came from the Quiverfull movement.

This is turning out to be a very interesting show…airs 10:00 p.m. Tuesday on WE-tv.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Jenny

    I wish they picked a different title for the show instead of “Born to Breed”. How about a title like a “All of our Blessings or a Gift of Mothering”.

  • Steph

    Yes, very interesting indeed! You are such an inspiration to us. :) :) :)

  • Amy

    I hoping to get over to my folks to see this! :)

  • Valerie

    Wendy, you look gorgeous in those clips! I can’t wait to see the show. To me, I think that “patriarchy” and “quiverfull” are kind of two different things. You guys seem to be quiverfull but not really patriarchy. The media seems to want to lump them together. I can’t imagine Chris being the “Woman, submit!” type. You guys seem to have more of an equal marriage, where Wendy helps Chris but I can’t imagine that Chris would totally disregard Wendy’s feelings and common sense on issues like the typical patriarchy family. I love to observe you guys relationship. Especially on the “Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen” CD, you guys just seem to work together and complement each other so well. You seem to have such a happy marriage, with lots of fun and funny moments. Wendy hardly seems like an oppressed wife, but rather vibrant and happy.

  • tina

    Thanks for posting the clips! I will be exited to see the whole show. I think CBS picked a very good clip of your family. I just love the roll call!

    I am very glad that they addressed quiverfull mindset and adoption. We are one of those families who adopted blessings along with all the homegrown blessings God gives us. (8 bio + 6 adopted. All of our fourteen children range in age from 15 down to 1.)

    I was also interested in Rachel mentioning that there are quiverfull families that do not homeschool.

  • Sarah M. in MI

    I have met several people who have felt let down by the “movement” or pressured into the “Quiverfull lifestyle” by friends/ relatives/ church.
    I think that points to a misunderstanding of what it truly means to be Quiverfull. My dh and I are not “Quiverfull,” that is…we don’t follow a prescribed set of rules or beliefs to try to fit a methodology.
    Quiverfull is a word that can be used to describe us, because of HOW we believe. Subtle, but different!
    God and I have worked it out, and IT involves me letting God decide how many babies and how often. Same for my dh.
    We don’t do it for someone else or to try to fit into “the movement.”
    That’s what ALL our decisions in life have to be…seeking GOD’S will…or you’re NOT going to succeed.

    You guys look great, by the way! Wendy and I have close birthdays, and she’s looking WAY younger. LOL
    Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah M. in MI
    Wife of John
    Mom to soon to be EIGHT (1/10)!
    (and feeling older and more pregnant by the minute, but loving every one of those minutes! tee hee.)

  • Alisha Lee

    When does this air? I’d love to watch the show but didn’t see where it says the date or time of showing???

  • Nancy P.

    I REALLY look forward to watching this tonight! Thank you, Wendy and Chris, for opening up on national tv about your beliefs. The only ONE we have to answer to is God. Praises to you for following what He directs.

    We ONLY have 7 and a “special” baby on the way, but I am quiverfull in my heart. (Medical problems have cropped up that may be too much to ignore this time…) Blessings to you!


  • Sheri (from PC)

    When my husband and I first married we too tried to let God decide for us how many was right. In the 15 years of Marriage we were blessed with two beautiful boys. Just because we follow our faith doesn’t always result in a broodful, even though we would have welcomed all of them. Thanks for sharing your lives with us and showing us it does work. I will be sure to watch and have emailed many of our former classmates about the date and time.

  • Wanda

    Thank you for posting these clips.
    I would love to watch the show but we do not have cable and have only one local channel. Could you post more of the clips after the show is finished?
    When my husband and I got married in 1987 we left it totally up to the Lord as to how many children He wanted to give us. God chose to give us our first son after 6 years of marriage and our second son 3 years later. Since then we have adopted 2 girls. In reading the response from Sheri I would agree with her. Just because you faithfully follow the Lord does not mean you will have tons of children, look at Elizabeth and others in the Bible.
    I think the quiverfull movement needs to be more focused on the attitude and submission of ones heart to the Lord no matter if He chooses to give you 20 children or no children. The amount of children should not become a badge that you wear in pride. (NOT saying that you guys are doing that! I see your humility and appreciate it alot!
    Either way God is the Author and Giver of life and leaving it in His hands trusting Him is the way to go.
    (sorry for rambling)

  • Katie

    Good luck taking over the world with your army of babies. I don’t think God would approve of using children as a weapon. Children need individual attention and love. How is that possible with nearly 20 kids? Please enlighten me if you can. But this cult is sounding more and more like the Taliba every day!

  • gina

    I have seen several references to “the taliban”, as in comparing followers of Jesus Christ, and this mystifies me. WHAT? The “taliban” is a TERRORIST GROUP, whose goal is total destruction of ANYONE other than Islamists of THEIR choosing! Isn’t is amazing how some people are SO ignorant and yet feel free to spread their stupidity toward those who they fear? If you disagree with Christians who choose to LIVE their beliefs, just SHUT UP, don’t read about us, and go on with your life! If the taliban turns out to be building an army for “allah”, you will certainly HOPE the Christians DID procreate to fight because we ALL are the target of terrorists! Christians (TRUE CHRISTIANS) are NOT out to KILL those who disagree with them, unlike the terrorists who we are being compared to! The Christian army only wishes to serve and worship THE Lord and hopes to share His salvation message so ALL may live with Him for all eternity in heaven, period.

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  • Esbee

    The main point of a christian life is that the person follow God’s plan for him….once people start doing what someone else is doing then they are following those people not God. In the 1950s, missionaries had only one or 2 childlren and usually left them in the care of someone else as they went into the mission field…was that God’s plan for all christians? When did it stop being God’s plan.     As soon as someone says” this is the way, walk ye in it”  they had better be careful  as to if it is really God’s plan for their life. Remember the poor lady in Texas who drowned her children.  She and her husband were quiverfull and the doctor told her  told to stop having kids -or give more time between them-so she could mentally/physically heal.   They did not and now she is in prison and he is remarried with other children. God does not make cookie cutter christians.