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Tonight’s the debut of the Jeubs (with others) on “Born to Breed,” WE-tv, Secret Lives of Women. We hope you can watch it at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

We have not yet seen the entire show, only the clips that are online. Wendy and I are going to a friends’ home tonight to watch the show. The producer is overnighting a DVD to us to watch with the kids on Wednesday. I’ll be Tweeting during the show giving my live thoughts (Wendy will be with me). Go to and find me…my handle is “chrisjeub” (one word, lower case).

We’re excited about this show for a different reason than TLC’s “Kids by the Dozen.” The TLC show was more of a spotlight, a feature family film where we told our story. The CBS show is a documentary, less reality television and more of an investigative journalist piece. We’re analyzed for our decision to have as many children as God sees fit, and two positions against this idea are likewise analyzed.

I sometimes find it hard to believe that there are people who find us offensive. We’re having children, and we believe these children are blessings to not only us, but to everyone around them, to society as a whole. If our example encourages others to have children, then great! We write our books and blogs for this underwriting reason: to encourage couples to have children, to throw off the all-too-easy arguments out there that paints children as drags, as liabilities. Children are blessings, period, end-of-argument. So, therefore, have children.

It’s not too complicated, but oh boy, is it controversial. Follow my tweets tonight, and post your thoughts on

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Jodi Brock

    I bet it will be controversial! I am only 31 and just had our 8th baby. The last 3 arrived in just 3 years, and 5 of our children have special needs. We hear many negative comments for continuing to have children when we have “so many with problems…” Living out your faith through challenges that arise can be tough, but then again God didn’t say following Him would always be easy…it IS always a blessing though! I’m glad you are telling your story and standing for the truth. Maybe someday we will get to tell our story too!!

  • Lisa

    Thanks Jeub family for being willing to share your story. I read, Love in the House, as soon as it was released. While reading it, I became very convicted that I had fallen into the world’s view that children are a burden. (I was pregnant with #5 at the time.) One of the reasons we were not homeschooling was because I kept thinking, “If we homeschool, I’ll never have my 8:00-3:30 free like most moms”. Your book helped me realize there is so much freedom in having children. Shortly after finishing the book, my husband and I felt God confirming that we should homeschool our children.
    We have been homeschooling now for almost 2 years. What a blessing it has been! Thanks again for sharing your story. It has made a difference in my family and I’m sure it has in the Kingdom as well!

  • Krustal

    I think that the show will be GREAT !! I enjoy reading about your family and I believe that children are a blessing from God and my family welcomes more too!!

  • crumbsonmyfloor

    Praise God! Thanks for sharing your story. Can’t wait to watch it tonight.

    Take care,

  • Ginger

    I was wanting to watch this too, I thought it was going to be on CBS? But it is not on the schedule?

  • Chris & Wendy

    The WE-tv network is owned by CBS News. This is who filmed us, and we ended up here.

  • mollie

    I am really dissapointed! We do not have this channel and I have been looking forward to seeing it… will you have the entire broadcast on your website later this week?

  • Kevin Brock

    Well… we get the channel but it’s not on at the expected time! There are a few episodes of “Secret Lives of Women” on tonight so we’ll just see if one is “Born to Breed”.

    God Bless!

  • spudmom

    I do not have access to the show but am following your tweets Chris. Thanks for doing that. We really enjoy following your blog. God Bless you all.

  • Elaine

    Thanks for sharing more about your family! I watched you on TLC a few years ago and just thought your family was so sweet~! You are blessed. Everyone will have their opinions about large families……let them! You are so strong in your faith and an inspiration to the rest of us trying to do our best to love these blessings! I have 4 and get looks when I tell people that “yes” they are all mine. I am proud of my family. I came from 8 so mine feels small but it is the size God wanted for us.

    Again, thanks for sharing and can’t wait to watch ya tonight! :)

  • sandra

    you all were great!
    I would have liked to have heard Warren’s side as any good marriage counselor would say,there’s her side,there’s his side,and then somewhere in between lies the truth.(I’m not saying she’s lying).But I got the feeling the change in Vyckie’s lifestyle had more to do with the state of her marriage and her own personal need to dissasociate from it.
    overall, good show. :)

  • sharlyn

    Congrat’s! Your show was great! I am a mom of 13 kid’s and i think you guy’s are doing a great job! Your kid’s seem very happy! Good for you! Live for yourself, not other’s- Children are a blessing! We plan on having more…Good luck to you as well.