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You may be visiting this site for the first time after viewing “Born to Breed” on WE-tv. Welcome! Tell us, what did you think of the show? Enter your answer into the poll to the right.

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Leah S

    Hi Chris & Wendy,
    It’s playing right now in California, and is about half-through. So far, I think it’s pretty good. I haven’t seen anything really negative – except the title. The family looks great, as always! Much love to you all, Leah

  • Michelle

    I thought it was fair to your family! I was ready to throw aout dipsaraging remarks at WE TV simply because of the title they chose, (Born to Breed??)and the fact that they are a more liberal network/programing. However, I thought they gave a pretty clear account of your family and the fact that you are HAPPY with your life, and children. As for the opposition view they presented, I am afraid there isn’t enough room to comment. I think the mail thing the other family needs is prayer. And I think it was very well stated and presnted the the Quiverfull Movement is a true calling from the Lord, and may/may not be for every person. It is a true conviction, personal and spiritual. I don’t see the Jeub family bashing others for their choices to limit the size of their families, so why should larger families be “bashed”. They don’t say, you’re wrong for not having a big family!! LOL
    Sorry, my soap box speech is over.
    As a side note, thank you Jeub family for being a positive, Godly role model in this crazy world!

  • Tiffany

    I thought the 1st half of the show was great! Both the Jeub and Scott families were shown as very loving, positive, happy, well adjusted families. But then the 2nd half of the show; wow, they made it look like the quiverful movement was some sort of cult that those in it were forced into and everyone had to do things the same. It made it look like being quiverful was a very bad, sick way of life. Being quiverful is definitely a heart matter. It is between you, your husband, and God. No 2 families will look alike. We are all different people with different personalites, likes, dislikes, interests, and gifts. The only thing we really all have in common is that we look at children as a blessing and are willing to let God bless us he chooses. Quiverful is NOT about having as many children as we can, it is not a race. It is opening yourself up to God’s plan for your life, whatever and whereever He leads you. Great job Jeubs, you were awesome!!

  • Marcy

    I missed the first half. The part they you guys are in . I hope i can catch it somewhere else.

  • Heidi

    I really enjoyed the program and thought they did a good job representing your family. I love Wendy’s quote “The more love you give the more you get back, it is so fulfilling”. Thanks for that, it’s good to be reminded.

    Thanks for sharing more of your life with us!

  • Brigette Wilson

    I occasionally check your website and after watching the show with my 11 year old daughter I for some reason had to go see what twitter messages you had posted. Now as a non-quiverfull person who watched the special I actually walked away from it with a more positive view about your family. When I watched the Kids by the Dozen on TLC I walked away with a negative view of you and Wendy due to your treatment of your oldest daughter. I walked away from this show feeling that our two families are more similar than different. I thought the program showed the positives of the quiverfull movement and the potential downsides. When I read your twitters I really got the impression that you didn’t like the other side they showed of the quiverfull movement because you personally don’t agree with it. I found nothing that Vyckie said to be slanderous and just because you haven’t heard of her before doesn’t discredit her. Just because you have not read every IEEE journal and seen my six published articles does not mean I am not seen as an “expert” in my field. You were discrediting Vyckie just because you have never heard of her. Her story was sad but thankfully she is doing what she feels she needs to do to rectify the situation to herself, her children, and God. She never said that her children were a mistake or that they were not a blessing from God. Had she said either of those things I could understand your negative feelings toward her but neither of those things were said. I can completely understand her wanting to let her daughters have the freedom of choice about their future. As a mother to three daughters I want them to go toward their dreams as they reach adulthood whether that is to become an astronaut or a mother of 12. They have my full support either way.

    I guess in the end I don’t understand your negativity toward her and what she said. What scares me as a semi uneducated person about the quiverfull movement is that it seems like a group that is very narrow minded and biased in their thinking. I can’t help but wonder if a family like mine made up of a husband and wife who are a team in the household (no patriarchy here) and throughly enjoying the three wonderful daughters we have been blessed with are looked down upon because we feel God has told us to stop growing our family. Our second child is handicapped and while we love our girls we could not possibly justify adding another child to the mix as our two other children, sadly in the end, get shortchanged as it is.

    BTW – As I mentioned my 11 yr old did watch it with me and she thought it would be fun to live with your family for a week. She said she wouldn’t really want to stay more than that because being a big sister to two other siblings is hard so she couldn’t imagine the responsibility with more siblings under her. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Fruitful Harvest

    I’m getting ready to watch it here in WA…it starts at 10pm Pacific time~
    I’m watching the Duggars now on TLC!


    I will chime in again after I watch!

  • Terry

    We do not have television so I cannot comment directly on the “Born to Breed” show. However, our family has had the blessing of talking with Chris and Wendy. We had to limit our family because of health reasons that almost killed me. It was a very sad and difficult time. Wendy in her grace was very comforting to me. I write this to agree with the position that you do not judge others but come along side and encourage. TYVM! We haven’t seen you all in years and not sure you remember. Our family are close friends of the Sargent family and we used to visit the church in CR from time to time. Chris, you have also been a great encouragement to my husband. THANKS!

  • Leigh

    Followed your blog for a while now (2 sweet babies ago). Didn’t watch the show, but I have to take issue with the title “Born to BREED”. My goodness Wendy! That’s not you at all! How ’bout “Born to Love” or “Born to Praise”, “Born to Write”, “Born to Know a Gift When I See One”, “Born to be a Smart, Caring, Thinking Woman”… Anyway, you’re an awfully good sport :)!
    Peace to all.

  • Sarah

    It was a lot better than I expected, (based on the name they chose to give the show). They made having a large family look very fun and appealing (to me anyway…lol). I felt like the opposing side looked dark and bitter. I enjoyed it. Great job Jeubs!

  • Melissa

    I really enjoyed watching “Born to Breed” and learning more about your lifestyle. I felt that your family was portrayed in a positive light. In regards to Vyckie and her choice to leave the lifestyle, I felt that her story was more about leaving an abusive husband than really saying anything negative about the quiverfull lifestyle. I chose to look at her blog for more info, and she states that she is now an atheist. She blames her misery and family problems on this lifestyle and Christianity. Her husband was controlling and abusive to both her and her children. That happens in every type of home and faith (or lack there of) and I do not believe that it can be attributed to the quiverfull lifestyle. She repeatedly stated she couldn’t believe her daughter was having issues because they were a Godly family…Godly does not equal controlling and abusive.

  • Amy

    I loved the show, I thought it was awesome. I actually dvr’ed it and watched it twice.I did not, however like how they explained it as a cult, as a movement. I guess that comes along with really not understanding having a relationship with Christ. As for Vyckie, her issues were not because she was ” a quiverfull” follower. Even if she weren’t, I believe her problems would have existed. It was a sad situation to be in and I wish it never happened for her but its because of the quiverfull movement. There was something very wrong going on in that house for her to just drop every single thing you once believed in… more than just a controlling husband. And explain how you “join” and “leave” this movement??? Again, this is not a cult, no names are written in books. No membership cards are given out. Its just a personal decision. You both explained quiverfull perfectly!!! Its not a contest on having kids. Its a mindset! Whether you have 3 or 13 doesn’t matter. Some women can’t have more for different reasons but still pray for more and would welcome more… but it doesn’t happen. They are still quiver”ing” (lol) THATS what quiverfull is all about, seeing the kids you have as blessings, wanting more, and just living a lifestyle a bit different than others in the world. Good for you for going forward with your story once again… even if you do get backlash! <3

  • Beka

    Jeub Family…WE Tv did their show with a fair & balanced approach. There is room for both sides of the spectrum without putting down either one. My husband & I watched it late last night and were thrilled to be neighbors with such a God oriented family. I think that the best message was the fact that mothering & raising a family to Biblical standards is important if I have 4 children or you have 15…my calling is important! Thank you for showing the positive side to a world full of parents that think its a “burden” to have multiple blessings!

  • Vanessa Murphy

    I loved the show. Although my husband and I are from different faithsh (he is Roman Catholic and I’m Pentecostal) we are open to God’s family plan. Baby #6 will be here Memorial Day weekend.

    God Bless,
    The Murphys

  • Camilla

    I both enjoyed the show and was angered by it. Like Tiffany said, the first half was very fair and well portrayed. The second half? What was with that? Not only did the “against” portion receive a lot more air time, but it was presented in a completely unfair manner. Melissa is right that Vyckie’s point was about the husband, not Quiverfull, yet she blamed Quiverfull for it. Vyckie made a statement that no one mold is perfect for every family, but that’s really in agreement with the Quiverfull beliefs.

    I did very much enjoy the footage of your family, and got a chuckle from you being asked if they’re all yours or if you run a daycare. I have only three children and I’m constantly hearing “Wow you have your hands full” so I can only imagine what other comments come your way.

    All in all, I’m glad to see your family out there and portrayed in a positive manner, as you deserve to be. You have a very positive message and attitude to share, and I believe that the rest of us benefit from it.

  • crumbsonmyfloor

    I think they did a great job in being fair. I tried to watch it as though I didn’t read your blog and feel like I know you and your family.

    I do have an ache in my heart for Vicki Garrison’s family. I will be praying for them. I think Satan is very busy at work on them and has a strong grip. I went through a time where I had alot of doubt and days where I would think this is wrong. Telling myself that I didn’t want to be submissive to my husband. The Lord has worked hard on my heart. I’m not perfect. But I know what His Word says.

    I loved the point in the show where you guys were at the ice cream shop and the music playing then the would show some kids and then flash their name (s) on the screen–LOVED it. Too cute!!

    I love the decorating you guys have done in your home as well. We have a house similar to yours. Ever get the, *living in a trailer comments*? Fun, fun. My oldest is 12 and sees how kids she’s been around can make comments about *trailer trash*. I have been trying to show her that if God wants us to move, He will show us the way. For now, we will be content with what He gave us. We have 5 acres-plenty of room for the kids. 4 bedrooms-one is an office for my self-employed husband. I do wish we had a basement like you guys have though for a midwest storm that might come through.

    ok, enough about the house. :o)

    Forgot that you own a publishing company. I’m busy working on a book-hope to keep working on it in my *spare time*. I’ll look you up when I’m ready to print it.

    Praise God for your family. You have been a blessing to me.

    Take care,

  • Fruitful Harvest

    I loved it~
    You all were great!
    As for Vicki I think she suffered post partunm depression. Things may have been harder for her having a blind husband! She can’t say that she wished her children were not born~ or does she?
    Her divorcing does not a defector make! She chose to talk down on HER decision to be QF and act like she made a BAD decision.
    What I also liked about the show was that there are many family styles that are QF.
    I could most relate to Racheal Scott’s family.
    We do sports and love boating. We homeschool on and off.
    I suffered postpartum depression after my 4th child. God calls me to only homeschool each child as it has been Prayerfully concidered!
    There is no 1 mold..dresses no dresses,homeschool only or just a few of the littler ones?

    We can’t try to live another Quiverfull families life! We must pray about our life and go where GOD calls us!

    Well I have to go…my to littlest ones are sick!
    4 down 4 to go!lol I pray not! 2 boys had H1N1 last week and the girls have fevers and a cold now!

    Blessings to you Jeub family…Well done!


  • Casey

    Chris and Wendy,

    I haven’t seen the show yet but am anxiously awaiting it to be placed on an On Demand service here in Washington state.

    I’ve been following your blogs and links, etc., and I have to say the most impressive thing I’ve seen lately is how you all handle the eyebrow-raising adversarial attacks on the so-called “quiverfull” movement. You show so much grace and wisdom as well as love for the people who are basically making themselves, well, your enemies. It is great to see such patience and love.

    Y’all have been a great blessing to us here in tv and internet land, and I’m hoping and praying we get to see more documentaries about you, maybe your own television show a la the Duggars(?), as well as more books. Heck, maybe even that novel Chris has been talking about!

    God bless

  • Shonda

    I’ve been watching and reading your blog from the begining. I think being quiverfull is a beautiful thing. I feel sorry for those who look down on it or call it a cult. I really feel sorry for Vickie. Its as though satan got a foothold within her family through rebellion and depression. And I’ll leave it to that. I just think if given the right help her family could have had a better story. Also I don’t agree with the born to breed. Quiverfull doesn’t mean you’re going to have many children it only means you’ll have how many the Lord decides for you.