Questioning the Status Quo

I’m working on a book called How to Think. It is in rough draft form right now (set to release 2010), but I have to give you a sneak peak on a chapter where I attempt to expose one of the biggest frauds in our modern times. Considering late-breaking news, you’ll catch on to what it is. Enjoy.

Academic policy debate students freely use the term “status quo” as if it is a common table-talk term. It isn’t any longer, but the meaning of the term is quite fascinating. Debaters are tasked to run cases that challenge the status quo and promote a change to its policies. Negative teams are tasked with attacking the affirmative’s propositions and, essentially, defend the status quo. All in all, the activity teaches students to never presume that the way things are done currently–or what is necessarily believed to be truth–is actually the best policy.

So engrained in our media today is, what I believe, to be a huge hoax, one that millions of people (many whom are in control of our world governments) believe without one shred of doubt. It is an all-out fraud, nearly cult-like, and challengers to this status quo form of thinking are branded “deniers” of what appears so obviously clear.

Global warming is this fraud, and it resembles a religious frenzy more than a scientific theory it claims to be. Several readers of this book may frown on my choice of what to call a fraud (couldn’t I pick on Wall Street greed or the years of the Bush administration?). Please, hear me out. It usually doesn’t take me long to put a Global Warming activist on the defensive, and if these folks are serious with themselves, they typically start doubting what they have always been told was the truth.

I remember being taught in the 7th grade that the world, in fact, was cooling. Come to think of it, I was taught that glaciers were on their way to overcoming the northern hemisphere and would greatly impact my way of life. The earth was on its way to freezing over.

This wasn’t the only farce that came through disguised as educated science. I was also told that the lakes of the Upper Midwest and Canada were all acidifying due to the irresponsible pollution of industries. The claims were profound, too, making sure my small preschool brain was fearful of the harmful effects of pollution. Today, Minnesota and Canada have the best bass fishing in the world.

Every decade seems to go through their scary doom-and-gloom tactics. In the 90s, the tropical rain forests were on the course for destruction, and the entire West was to be obliterated into desert wasteland as a result. Today the jungles of Brazil are just as thick as ever. Who can forget the evils of Y2K? Be honest, some of you still have wax candles in the basement leftover from your stockpiling preparation of certain disaster. For the past several years, every flu outbreak has a predicted course of wiping out one-fifth of the world’s population. It never does.

The thinker should push against any theory, idea, or even apparent scientific finding that struts its arrogance around posing as fearmonger. This is the element consistent with all of these doom-and-gloom scenarios: fear. Fear and change, that is, usually change that involves money to invest, lives to change, and a change in power. Fear is a tool to control the masses, and it is precisely what is evident in the Global Warming movement.

Remember, these are the “scientific community” that Al Gore touts is in consensus! One of the most revealing comments about the Global Warming movement came from Al Gore when he was promoting his 2004 movie, An Inconvient Truth. In response to some who were doubting his findings in the movie, he responded, “There is no debate.”

There is no debate? You mean, there is no room for discussion or questioning or doubting? That is exactly what he meant, and most of the Global Warming advocates are taking this stance a bit further. There is concerted effort to mock those scientists who have questions Gore’s claims as “deniers” failing to honestly accept the “fact” that global warming exists. They’re made to look like crazy Chicken Little, when Chicken Little resembles these scientists more accurately.

Even when these Global Warming activists choose to debate, their reasoning is squirrelly. There is an uneasy umbrella of reasons–anything, really, that goes on in the climate–is now explained away with a simple word change. Instead of Global Warming occuring (they’re slowly admitting that such showings are infitesmal and, perhaps, non-existant), they are claiming “Climate Change.” How convenient of a position. Just a few years ago we were at most certain doom of rising ocean levels and heatstroke, but today we are faced with global cooling patterns that are just as bad.

This isn’t science.

Looks like a good book, eh? I had tried to publish this in ’09, but time got sucked up with all sorts of other projects. I hope to wrap this up early in ’10.

Other great reading on ClimateGate, being touted as the largest scientific cover-up in modern times. If you haven’t heard about it, it is likely because major news stations are sitting on the story. The news is incredible.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    oooh, I love it, love it, love it!!! I hope you publish it soon so I can get my hands on it!! My husband and I have been firm believers that this is a scam going on on a world wide scale and unfortunately, some BELIEVERS are sucked in because they do not read their Bibles.

    We have over 7,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest and have had trouble selling it because of all the greenies.

    Anyway, we believe God has everything in motion and it is pride to think that man can actually affect the global environment and destroy it.

    can’t wait to read your book. :) Way to go.

  • Heather

    Thank you, for finally calling “global warming” a fraud of an idea! agreed!

  • Paul D. Cooke

    Keep up the good work! In the last few years I’ve given a couple of speeches (entitled “A Most Convenient Myth”)on this subject and it’s amazing how emotionally attached some of these college age kids are to Global Warming. I gave my speech which I worked very hard on researching and preparing for. Then another student gave his speech which was poorly researched (he even showed a slide of some scientific diagram and said’ “I’m not sure what this is.”) and yet when he finished some of the students cheered. On the other hand my speech teacher was also a TV weatherman and he told me that at meteorologist conventions the general concensus is that Global Warming is about politics, not science.

    I could go on, but for your sake I won’t.

    I’m looking forward to the book!

  • Valerie

    I’ll be one of the first to order it!

  • Flynn

    You will probably delete this comment, but this honestly sounds like your delusional way to justify your large family’s enormous carbon footprint on our planet. To deny global warming is ignorant, dangerous, fool-hardy, and downright ridiculous. Talk about something that “resembles a religious frenzy more than a scientific theory.”

    Did you ever think that the reason “Today, Minnesota and Canada have the best bass fishing in the world” is because once people learned how polluted things were becoming, regulations were put in place to combat that pollution?

    And YOU talk about using fear-mongering? How about throwing around words like “socialism” to deny millions of people healthcare? How about using a fear of other religions to justify an illegal war? How about using the Bible to deny entire segments of our population basic human rights?

    The science on global warming is there. You can call it myth. But let’s be honest, you’re just trying to put forward your own political agenda.

  • Rachel

    Flynn, sounds like you are pushing your own agenda too. Although, yours is based on scientists collaborating with each other in order to beef up the global warming propaganda. The science of global warming being caused by people is NOT there. They made it up.

    And yes, the Jeubs are leaving an enormous footprint on our planet. Beautiful footprints of good news.

  • Annie

    so… if global warming is a myth, then explain to me why the polar ice caps are melting. the earth may not have warmed by a lot, but remember, there is only a 1-degree difference between ice and water.

  • Victoria

    tereza… are you saying that you want those 7,000 acres of rainforest to be developed for human use? i find that despicable. what happens to those animals who use the rainforest as their home? the earth is god’s creation… why then, do you want to destroy it? you people spout out words about god’s creation (which i absolutely believe), but then are content to ruin it. that seems very hypocritical to me.

  • Dan

    I am looking forward to your new book !!!
    God bless you all !!!