Jeub Success in First Speech Competition

This is the start of Cynthia's extemp box: a collection of articles to help master current events.

Cynthia and Lydia are away from the family this weekend at the first Region 3 Speech & Debate Qualifier in Salt Lake City. Breaks were announced this morning, and both girls did well. Cynthia broke in all her limited-prep events (Impromptu, Extemp and Apologetics) and Lydia broke in Original Oratory. They are watching and flowing the next round of debate, and will be heading into semi-final speech rounds later this morning.

Wish I were there on this final day of the tournament. I plan to fly out to Salt Lake on Monday to meet the girls at the airport. We then are driving an additional 11 hours to Irvine, California, for the first Stoa Open Tournament (Stoa is a new home-school forensics league). The girls will compete again, and I will have a vendor’s table with speech & debate supplies available to the 400+ student registrants and their families. We’re looking forward to this!

Speech and debate has become the “sport” for home educators. I often ask parents, “Who were the jocks when you were in high school?” Typical answer: football, hockey, basketball players. In the home-school movement the jocks are debaters and competitive speakers. It is encouraging to see academically focused students as the “cool” kids in their social circles.

Are you interested? Our publishing company, Monument Publishing, is the leading publisher of curriculum and sourcebooks for the home-school leagues. We’re running a special on “Complete Preparation Bundles,” intended for those home-school students who want to jump right in and get going. Tournaments are happening across the country, and the Complete Preparation Bundles are exactly what you need to compete. Check out our new Google calendar here to connect with a tournament in your region.

And I’ll let you in on an exclusive coupon that we sent out with all our midseason orders on January 2: the “no brainer” coupon. With any order over $20, you can get $10 off. Simply type in the code “nobrainer” and $10 will be dropped from your final bill. The coupon is aptly named: it is a no-brainer.

I’ll post later with results. Go at it, Cynthia and Lydia!

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  • Deanna

    Oh..wish you all could stop by my home for a meal and fellowship. We are in CA, but don’t think your taking a route in the Northern area. Much blessing and prayers for safety for all your travels.

  • Katherine

    I was in speech and debate in high school. Impromptu was my favorite. I wish both girl’s luck!