More than once

Someone who claims to be “willing to try anything once” is often seen as brave. This person will be the first one to be invited to a sushi diner or to go sky diving.

But I’ve done a lot of things once. Once, I managed to climb a tall excruciating mountain. Once I found the place I was headed for without having to turn around or call for directions. Once I ate something I thought I wouldn’t like.

The real challenge is not when you do something for the first time. The real challenge comes when you do something once, realize how hard it is the first time, and dare to do it again.

Christ commands us to do things that are hard. We know that they are hard because we tried them once already and know the pain it caused. “Love your enemies. Forgive four hundred and ninety times. Don’t keep record of wrongs.”

I’ve tried all of these things once – I’ve loved, I’ve forgiven. But is that truly the goal, or only the first step? Again and again God proved to the Israelites that He was slow to anger by forgiving them, coming to their rescue. How often do I reflect this?

Today, I have a new plan of action. I’m going to think back to something I did that was hard, something I didn’t really enjoy doing, but should have. Then I’ll do it again. Because God doesn’t call us to just test the water. He calls us to leap out of the boat and start walking.

  • Evan Brammer | Losing the World

    Well said. And impacting. Thank you.

  • Sarah M. in MI

    Sounds applicable also to your new book! A friend asked the other day if I was ready to be pregnant again. I had a hard time answering that, because the answer, physically, is NO. But the answer “philosophically(?)” is YES.
    The only hesitation is that it was REALLY hard on me this time, (being 42, having gest. diab., etc). But worthy things often are. And what a reward at the end!

    Thanks for your thoughts. Have a GREAT day! : )

  • Angie

    I’m thinking that Cynthia wrote this post . . . if so, girlfriend, you have gained valuable wisdom! Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to push on!

  • Tisha

    Beautifully said and very true Cynthia. You are a wise young woman.

  • Jess

    Fantastic post Cynthia…

  • Jennifer

    Well said.. We have been ttc now for 8 years. Each year my husband and I grow closer to one another and yet I still feel something missing. Please keep us in prayer..

  • Jodi

    Beautifully written post! What a great thought to end my day with. Thank you!

  • Rachel

    Thank you, Cynthia – I really needed that today! When I read your example quotes of Christ’s commands, it really struck a chord. I needed that reminder that we shouldn’t keep a record of wrongs and that we should keep on forgiving, even if it’s the same offense being committed over and over. Ya know, Sometimes it’s easy to get weary of forgiving, especially if someone else isn’t being very forgiving toward you. But, Jesus never said that we need only forgive when the other person is willing to forgive us… Yep, I really believe your blog entry is an answer to my prayers. Thanks again!

  • Cynthia Jeub

    Thank you so much, Rachel – you’re a great cousin! :)