Love Another Child: Table of Contents

Writing a book is tough; it drains you. We’ve been pounding this content out for over a year, little by little, but have really turned up the time commitment since Christmas. Twice Wendy and I have locked ourselves in a local hotel to pound out content. So much to say, so much burning in our hearts, that this book is almost poetic. I hate to sound haughty, but let me risk it: “You’re going to love this book!”

We changed the name from “Have Another Child” to “Love Another Child.” We were struggling with a part of the book that reflects on broken families who cling to the idea that bringing children into the world will fix their family. Having children alone–without love–is just as ugly as any family absent of love.

Who knows what the editing process will weed out, but a table of contents has been established. I grabbed a snippet from each chapter and pasted it below. We hope to have the book in entirety off to the publisher by the Ides of March.

Chapter 1: Our Early Convictions

We do have this regret: we wished we understood the profundity of love at a younger age. This book doesn’t end with a legalistic command to have another child. The title is Love Another Child, and for good reason. If we would have had that mom and dad of a dozen kids next door pour their wisdom on us when we were young and struggling with our convictions, we imagine them telling us to love our children more.

Chapter 2: The Camera Eye

Let’s be clear: we pray over every single media opportunity we have, and this opportunity seemed to open up quite naturally, as if God was blessing it. We’ve turned down opportunities before, even some that promised large compensation. We interviewed with the CBS producers and were convinced that they were genuine, honestly seeking answers to our unique lifestyle. We don’t doubt they were interested; granted, we live an odd life and people are genuinely curious about our family. But “Born to Breed”? What a stupid title. We grew worried at how we would be portrayed, but by then there was nothing we could do. Besides, our faith, not our doubt, directs our steps. God opened this door for us, so no matter what happened–ridicule and shame included–we were going through with it.

Chapter 3: Financially Speaking

It isn’t poverty that is a shame, it is an impoverished mentality that is. What a shame it is when parents carry this weight around their neck. Rather than put their resources to work and together fend for themselves, they bury their God-given talents and accept the impoverished mentality. Shame.

Chapter 4: Our Environment

Our hope is that someday men will look back at the practices of the 20th and 21st centuries and ask the same questions we ask of previous centuries. How could they have justified such atrocity? We ask this of slavery, how a free nation could allow buying and selling of human beings. It is with the same blind idea that we justify the restriction of the birth of children. Human life is devalued, always illogically so. We don’t buy their bag of goods, and neither should you.

Chapter 5: Fear of Child Bearing

We have been extremely disappointed to see some Christian leaders jump on the bandwagon of environmental lunacy. They fall for the premise that “good stewardship” (the Biblical root of environmental concern) means liberal political advocacy that responds to the great fear that earth is on the verge of being destroyed by mankind. Good heavens, the air we exhale (CO2) has now been labeled a pollutant. Keep this book; I guarantee that a few generations from now people will look at such lunacy like we do at leech bleeding of the 1800s.

Chapter 6: Making Love

It’s unnatural, really, to fight the attraction a married couple has, especially at the times when the woman is most fertile. Saying “no” when the female’s body is saying “yes” is painful, yet millions of couples resort to this. This is the way of NFP (Natural Family Planning), abstaining when you want to engage the most. It lends to the popular joke about NFP: “What do you call couples who practice NFP? Parents.” It is largely because their wills weren’t able to stand it, they made love when their bodies demanded it, and they were blessed with a child. We say, “Amen,” to that.

Chapter 7: Loving Your Children

When pressed, most parents will vehemently say they love their children. Who wouldn’t? It is when they are alone with their closest confidants that they open up and are more truthful. There are those children who get under our skin. Now, we have 15 children, so we have a lot of personalities to deal with. Loving some have been more difficult than others, but not impossible. Unfortunately, many (most?) parents allow unlove to fester toward one or two children–the tougher children–and the results are devastating to the family.

Chapter 8: Getting Right With Love

It is difficult to share this story with you, brief as it is. The wounds have healed in the past five years, but the pain is easily remembered and felt. In a nutshell, we were told to leave because we refused to support the excommunication of one of our church members, a sitting elder no doubt. The other elders told us we were in sin for not throwing our support behind them. Their favorite chapter to quote was Hebrews 13; not the opening verse “Keep on loving each other as brothers” (Hebrews 13:1), but later in the chapter, “Obey your leaders and submit to their authority” (Hebrews 13:17). We refused, therefore in sin, so “there’s the door, Jeubs.”

Chapter 9: Check Out or Stand In

What is there to appreciate about normality, anyway? Do any of us really think we’ll lay back on our deathbeds and ponder, “So glad we were just like our neighbors”? The deathbeds of parents who welcomed children as blessings will be surrounded with a rich and diverse heritage. The childless do not share in this fortune, and one of the saddest realities of our modern world is that most of the childless are so by choice.

Chapter 10: Your Heritage

It isn’t surprising, really, to see similarities. Our personal conviction is quite common: have children, open your heart to the idea of several children, and let God’s love pour in to lead you through the blessed heritage. This “movement” is not a product of a slick marketing campaign, funded by some huge subsidy, or led by an underlying denomination or theology. It is as simple as this: God is pressing on parents’ hearts to Love Another Child.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Amy

    Amen to that last sentence! Thank you again for investing so many hours into this book and for sharing it with all of us. God has gifted you richly with the gift of expression and I am thankful to be one of the many beneficiaries of your faithfulness in using that gift for His glory. I look forward to reading the whole book. God bless you all.

  • Caroline Cordle

    This looks wonderful! It covers so many vital issues, that so many Christians fail to see as important or relevant! Can’t wait for the publication and release, in the UK! Thank-you for being willing to share your thoughts, and put in all this effort. May God bless you richly, today and every day.

  • Roger Hicks

    Looking forward to picking up a copy of your book when it’s released. Like you I’ve felt a deep conviction to share our beliefs about God’s gift of children but most people seem so closed off to the idea of giving God control over that part of their lives (even those who follow Him in many other areas). It’s nice to see you guys “spreading the word”.

  • Penny

    We look forward to your new book!

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    I love the title..what a wonderful reminder!!! Will look forward to reading it soon.

  • Debbie

    I like the change of title as some people choose to add to their family through adoption.

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    Great stuff! Looking forward to your book and another blessing in about 9 months…you know what happens when you lock yourselves in a hotel room. God bless you :)

  • a patchwork mommy

    Your book sounds very good! Chapter 7 sounds expecialy good. Thanks!!


  • Jessi

    Sounds like you have chapters 4 & 5 reversed.

    It sounds like a great book though!

  • Steph T

    When I saw the new title I was like, “AHhhhhh…of course!!” It makes perfect sense! :)

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    I can’t wait until I can order a copy! Looks wonderful!

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    I would also like to add that I think your comment about the problem of broken families having more children to try to fix their issues is a a very wise one.

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    Just a few more days…blessings as you wrap up this work. Can’t wait to read the whole thing. :)

  • katie

    As a loving, christ-centered family, can you please tell me your take on this article about USA being a christian nation (which it is!)

    or on glenn beck’s social justice comment? As christian I feel it is my duty to feed the poor. Curious how your family feels about this.

    Thank you.
    In Christ,

  • Jason and Anna Wilkinson

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    This is a conviction that has been growing in the hearts of my husband and myself over the last several years. Your family has been a source of great inspiration and encouragement to us to not be afraid of following where God leads and allowing ourselves to be blessed by Him with children. I can’t wait for this book!