We are planning a trip to San Diego

Two adults, three teenagers, and 10 children–crammed into a 15-passenger van for an 18-hour drive to San Diego. Are we adventurous or crazy? Maybe a bit of both.

“Stoa” is a new homeschool speech and debate league that we’ve affiliated with (we still affiliate with the NCFCA). Their first national tournament will be in San Diego in May. Well over a thousand homeschoolers will attend, and we’re going to be a part of this exciting tournament. Cynthia and Lydia qualified in all their speech and debate events, and I (Chris) will be running a mini-camp the weekend before the tournament for qualifying debaters.

There was a huge hesitation in going. Traveling with so many little children (five are 5 and under) will have its share of challenges. We had originally planned to send just the girls to compete–fly in and fly home. Quick and easy, no brood to keep watch over, simple.

But then we thought, “Why not?” The cost of driving out with the family is not much different than a few flying to and fro. No car rental necessary. We won’t stay at a hotel (we think hotels are rather boring), but are making arrangements to camp (cheaper, and more recreational options). Considering the choice between being apart for a week or being together, we decided to stay together.

Sure, it is going to be a lot of work in the coming weeks to prepare, but that’s part of the fun of it. If you can make it to Stoa’s National Invitational Tournament of Champions, look for the Jeubs!

Cynthia in cross examination.

Pictured: Cynthia and Lydia nearly broke to outrounds when they went up against the Rose/Rose team, Robert Rose pictured to Cynthia’s left. Funny how far back our history with homeschool debate goes. I remember judging Robert’s older brother, Joseph, at the 1999 HSLDA debate tournament in Virginia.

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  • Rhonda

    We just returned from there. (We’re from Colo Spgs too.) You’ll have lovely weather for camping. If you do nothing else, maybe you could splurge on Sea World for the day. (It truly DOES take all day.) It would appeal to all your various ages. The advice given to me, which I’ll pass on to you, is make the shows a priority and fit everything else in around them. Good advice! We saw 4. Also, you simply must go to the beach since you’re land-locked Coloradans like us. Best of all, it’s free! The 5-and-unders will have a blast digging/drawing in the sand. Your braver older kids may want to get in, though it’s a little chilly this time of year. And you can all watch the surfers! We went to Coronado Island (a cool drive over a bridge from San Diego). I hear La Jolla beach is lovely too. Have fun — be safe — make memories! The most convenient way isn’t always the best way. :)

  • Chris Jeub

    Thanks Rhonda, this is great advice. We’ll look into this.

  • http://! Valerie

    Hi guys! I was just wondering when the new book will be available to order? I can’t wait.

  • Chris Jeub

    Valerie–we ran into some roadblocks with our book. Wendy and I are planning to post an explanation soon. It looks more like a fall publication. =(