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Cynthia and Lydia as a Debate Team

Cynthia and Lydia as a Debate Team

I just published an article on our corporate blog at Monument Publishing, “‘Dominant Design’ for Home Education” (read it here). It’s an attempt to explain just how important we believe speech and debate is for home educators.

There is a reason we knock ourselves out every year going to tournaments and competing every chance we get. It isn’t to wear ourselves out. It is because we believe the activity teaches our children more than any textbook or lesson plan can come close.

I write and publish curriculum for the homeschool speech and debate community, but I’ve not coached a club for three years. We’re going back to coaching with a new club here in Monument: Monumentum. Cool name, eh?

See the Monumentum Club Webpage Here

Monumentum has three teachers on staff (I’m one of them) and will be following the Ironman Curriculum in the fall. We’ll be hosting our own tournament in November and prepping for competition throughout the year.

Read the article I posted minutes ago. If you are able to make it to our Colorado Conference in August, there are still available slots (see here). If you and your family make the commitment to do speech and debate, you will not regret it. I have yet to hear of anyone who does.

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  • http://www.beingniceisfree.com/ Lisa Peterson

    Very impressive! I could not agree with you more the able to articulate oneself is critical in today’s world and an skill so many youth (and adults!) lack. Keep up the important work!

  • Sandra

    I wish we could see more debates and speeches in the mainstream media.There doesn’t seem to be much out there,which is a shame since our kids are literally the voices of tomorrow.
    My daughter did debate in middle school,and it would be neat to see / hear the homeschoolers/debaters/speeches (or any combination thereof) on tv, radio,etc.,and would inspire so many,imo.

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