Grace Under Pressure

If a glass spills what it contains, what “spills” out of you when you’re “bumped”?

Several times I’ve read about Christians who answer with love and forgiveness to their killers as they are being killed.

Have you ever thought that if you were in this situation, you would be just as strong?

I think that if we in the free world ever consider ourselves facing arrests, loss of family, and physical pain, we think that we would be bold with our actions and witnessing.

But would we? We almost love comfort enough to lose our faith if the stakes are raised.

What I’m trying to say is that we all contain something. No matter what circumstances I’m under, I’m always going to spill my contents wherever I am.

I’m faithful in little and much or I’m not faithful at all.

There’s no way we can get rid of the junk inside of us. And if we’re bumped, we spill what we contain.

God says that He can take away a heart of stone and make it new again if only given the chance. And if we’re firmly rooted in the Vine of Jesus Christ, we will become more and more like Him – bold, kind, and obedient. Graceful.

When I’m put under pressure, I want grace to pour out of me.

  • JAC

    Well said.

  • Jordan Elizabeth

    Well said, Cynthia.

    You are what you are- faking it only last for a little while, sooner or later, everyone will see the ‘real you’.