Politics: Don't Ignore This Year

Politics is like cold syrup, the dentist, and bookkeeping. All three are necessary, yet I really don’t like any of them.

But I’m jazzed about voting this year. A lot of people are.

Do you recall a time where more people are involved in politics? I don’t. Perhaps it’s because this time around, regular folks can’t just ignore it. Most people are like readers of this blog: Children to raise, jobs to do, friends to enjoy–we’re living life. Why slow down to listen to political ads or grow concerned with issues that barely affect us?

Because these issues do affect us. Washington has proven that these last two years. In the past 22 months, we’ve witnessed…

  • More spending from our government since the founding of our nation.
  • The nationalization of industries that have no business being nationalized: auto, student loans, mortgages, and health insurance.
  • Unemployment at record highs, apparently the “new normal.”
  • A record 42 million Americans receiving food stamps.
  • Home foreclosures at a record high.

These problems are inexcusable. Think hard about these things, educate yourself, and act on November 2. Metaphorically speaking, we are sick, we have tooth rot, and our accounting is in shambles.

Here’s a benchmark Wendy and I (and now Cynthia, voting age this year) are using when we vote. It runs down like so…

  1. Vote against incumbent liberal Democrats. My goodness, they have spent our children’s and grandchildren’s money in the past two years. Their fiscal irresponsibility has no excuse.
  2. Seriously investigate any “blue-dog” Democrat. Did they support the wacky policies of the past two years? Everyone acts conservative at election time, but a voting record is proof. If they voted for these insane policies (and most of them did), vote ’em out.
  3. Seriously investigate incumbent Republicans. “RINOs” (Republican In Name Only) have to go, too. Their policies have made our country worse. Once again, the voting record will give you the answer.
  4. Support conservative candidates. Give them your money, retweet their tweets, friend them on Facebook. Do what you can to help get them elected.
  5. Talk about it. Let those you love know that you feel passionate about your votes. That passion will spread, and more votes will be cast.

I wish I could ignore it all and return to my family life, but I can’t. Neither can you. Vote November 2 with the higher hope for a brighter future and a greater America.

For help determining your local rules and candidates, go to: www.citizenlink.com/voter.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Christina

    I couldn’t agree with you more, especially about the healthcare. Get rid of MediCare. It is so full of corruption

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing the citizenlink URL. I have been looking for something just like that to help me determine for which candidates to cast my vote. Some people tell me that one vote isn’t going to matter, but I believe it’s worth it.

  • Lara

    As much as inenjoy your blog I must beg to differ on this. We are in this mess because of Bush and starting two wars and meting Wall St run wild not because of the Democrats. Let’s workout of this depression together and find a
    Middle ground not too left or too right.

  • Lauren

    Bush and the Republicans nearly destroyed this country with his idiotic financial policies and his ignorance of the needs of 99% of our citizens (not to mention starting an illegal war, which has cost us BILLIONS in money, not to mention the incalculable loss of life). Instead of focusing on the Republican messes Obama & his administration have been unable to completely fix thus far, how about focusing on what he HAS accomplished in just 22 months: http://thehistoricalcontext.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/obama’s-accomplishments/

    I truly don’t understand people like you… you claim to cherish family and God and this country, and yet you support a conservative movement that stands against basic human rights, uses Christianity & the Bible as an excuse for bigotry & a veil to scientific truths and advances, and is trying to destroy the separation of Church and State that protects our very freedoms. I just don’t get it.

  • natalie

    we didn’t start two wars, lara. Terrorists attacked our country on our soil, killing three thousand civilians. So we retaliated. As far as “meting Wall St run wild”, if you actually mean leaving wall street alone to function free of government interference, yes, that is how a free market works. That is the whole point.

  • Lara

    Sorry about my many typos but I truly believe we need some regulation. And a few extremists attacked us yes but many more have suffered because of our retaliation

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris & Wendy

    I prefer to stick to the 2010 issues: absurd spending, industrial nationalization, record unemployment and foreclosures, entitlement explosion. The “Bush was worse” rebuttal doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Christina

    exactly right chris. I am sick of medicare, obamacare, and social security. Did you know Social Security was originally for widows and orphans? Why does everyone get it now, regardless of their finances? And public schools are an entitlement as well. If all women stayed home and homeschooled their children, wouldn’t this be a better place?

  • Anon

    It is very convenient for you to stick to your politics and the ‘Bush was worse’ will not cut it for you and look at only 2010. And forget the past. Just say vote Republican. Say, this is my politics. You have a right and opinion. Say I do not care about the past or the wars that were illegally fought or wall street. I will respect you more for taking a stand. Otherwise, stop pretending please. I can agree with you on a lot of things,. Not for being in this case almost hypocritical, sorry. Thanks

  • Abby

    Christina – it is a lovely idea, but not everybody can homeschool and not everyone should have to
    1. Not all children have their parents. Some children are in foster care, some children’s parents have died – what about these children?
    2. Everybody homeschooled would certainly increase unemployment further – the teachers, janitors, bus drivers to name a few – no schools means no jobs. It’s not just moms in this mix, fathers too, trying to provide for their families.
    3. All moms staying at home, possibly self employed if anything at all? Do you use women doctors? There are some issues where I do not care the gender of the doctor, some things, I’m sure most could appreciate, I would prefer a woman. Would you be perfectly happy with a male midwife only? Pulling all women out of every work place couldn’t happen. Some women are alone (for so many reasons we can never just assume) and need to work, otherwise they would have to live off government assistance. Which would also not be popular. (I’m not suggesting a single mother can’t homeschool, but for some it just won’t work)

    4. A parent has to judge whether they personally can provide a high standard of education for their children. Academia, character, faith…..every child deserves a good education and whilst many can provide that, many can’t. Homeschoolings wonderful, but not for all. A good friend of mine is blind. It devestates her that she cannot teach her children to read. She can teach them many things, but standard reading and writing, huge obstacle, and she feels school is best for them.

    You do not believe that the elderly or disabled should receive any help for their needs when care is otherwise inaccessible? What about those who genuinely can’t work? There are people who take advantage of such systems yes, and maybe their should be more of a cap beyond certain incomes, but social security and other forms of government assistance is needed by many. Do we just leave these people to rot, because we are ok?

    “Bush was worse” should cut it because the circumstances and events of previous government will always affect the next one.

    It is interesting to see what the Bible says about taxes. Jesus tells us not to rebel against authorities God has put in place, and to owe what we owe. Tax money largely funds Medicare, social security etc…and many of the people these help are the needy. Jesus tells us to love one another. Is it not an act of love to contribute to something that, despite it’s flaws, helps people? Some readers here may not believe God put this authority in place, but Jesus told us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked….if we remove all these programs which at the end of the day are reaching to people who need assistance (in health care costs for one thing), then what happens? Just my thought, all in respectful debate

    • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris & Wendy

      Some thoughts (and my vote reflects it)…

      1. Free markets address all these social issues much better than government programs. This is why we are still in depression. The markets would have rebounded had it not been for the run-away spending of taxpayer money on the so-called “stimulus” package.
      2. No schools mean no jobs? This is economically ignorant. Skills will be demanded elsewhere.
      3. Women in the workplace…is that really part of this threaded discussion?
      4. You’re using anecdotal extremes to devalue homeschooling as a legitimate alternative to public school. Doesn’t logically compute.
      5. “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”: charity and caring for the poor is the job of the church, not the government’s. Even in our over-taxed country, churches and nonprofit charities exceed government subsidies in care and efficiency.
      6. “Bush was worse” still doesn’t cut it. There are no “illegal” wars being fought; this is your opinion. (BTW, I don’t think anything has changed in the last two years.) Wall Street is being sustained by the current administration (at the expense of the tax-payer, i.e. Main Street).

      Did I miss anything? I’m still convinced that a government overhaul is in order on Tuesday.

  • Abby

    Just to clarify, women in the workplace was a response to Christina, not your article Jeub Family. (That is a totally separate debate)

    I didn’t actually mention the war, so I will assume that was a response to posters above :)

    “no schools means no jobs” – what I meant was schools are a huge employment base – if unemployment is so high, where would these people go? (I am perfectly aware that schools are not about to dissappear, I was just responding to the ideal mentioned by a poster above)

    I believe that homeschooling is a perfectly legitimate alternative to school. I homeschool some of my children. I am just saying it is not possible for all. These can be caused by extreme situations which you cannot just ignore. I will repeat what I said first time, I think homeschooling is wonderful, and I deeply respect the Jeubs and over families who do it.

    True, there is a responsoibility on the church to take care of the poor and needy, but do we do enough? Valid point, the help exceeds that of the governement, but if government is removed, will it be enough? will we all give more? Will we sacrafice luxery items such as the most up to date cell phone and computer etc to help the needy? It certainly gives me a lot of thought. I just personally think removing them all “because without exception they are terrible” is extreme. But as you correctly say, we all have a right to an opinion :)

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris & Wendy

    Good comments, Abby, and I appreciate the spirit from which you communicate.

    Your last point strikes a chord with me. I love charity, and I love to give generously, and I believe most people will do so. I am convinced that if the government would get off the backs of hard working individuals, those individuals would be able to give much more than they do now.

    Same goes with business. If government would lay off with their regulations, they would be freed up to hire more people.

  • Abby

    And I appreciate your spirit too, I certainly prefer polite, structured arguement to bashing each other over the head and everyone screaming until our lungs hurt :)

    I hope I give generously, I pray for guidance in this area, and I certainly see your points and I think we actually agree on many areas :)

    BTW I heard about you guys after being given Wendy’s cook book-it’s a lovely book, even if I still end up with the smoke alarm cheering me on whilst I cook…… :/

  • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris & Wendy

    You sound like a very good person, Abby. I need more liberal friends. I don’t keep them for very long. Not because they leave, but because I convince them to be conservative. 😉

    I’m glad you enjoy the cookbook. We have a special deal coming in time for Thanksgiving. Watch for it!

  • Matt

    Epic Picture Mr. Jeub!

    • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris & Wendy

      Thanks Matt!

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