Our 2-year-old Gets It, Why Don’t Grown Adults?

I’ve always said, “economics is as predictable as gravity.” The American free market system works beautifully, if politicians would just leave it alone. Sometimes I think my kids know economics better than incumbent politicians. And here’s a great picture to prove it:

The Jeub children display economics every Nov. 1 when they sprawl out their candy and start trading. Even the 2-year-old gets it.

Our website receives about 1/2 million pageviews every year, and immediately after our TLC show aired, we were surprised at how many people were interested in our money-saving techniques. We’ve never been “wealthy” people, and over the years we have developed some techniques that the TLC cameras captured and aired. The show did not center on Saving Money.

It’s no wonder people were interested. The warning signs of a recession were buzzing in the news, and Wendy and I prepared speeches highlighting these problems. Here’s our bullet points:

  • “USA 2008: The Great Depression”
 -The Independent, 4/1/08
  • Grocery prices are up at fastest rate since 1990
  • Milk, eggs, and flour increased double-digits since 2006
  • 2008 Headline: 28 million Americans are on food stamps, a record since 1960 (when the program started)
  • 2009: 32.55 million Americans on food stamps
  • Unemployment at 25 year high
 “Employers cut 539,000 jobs in April” – 5/09
 “U.S. unemployment hits 13.7 million” – 5/09

These are figures nearly two years old! I took them off our Cheaper by the Dozen presentation (a product we sell about living fruitfully and frugally).

Today, we have some significant economic problems. Some real doozies. And election day is our opportunity to vote those responsible for it OUT. Wendy and I have developed a criterion for voting this year (I blogged about this last week). Essentially it is this: If the candidate is economically illiterate, they’ve lost our vote.

Economics. This issue takes that cake this election cycle. Never before have I witnessed educated politicians be so incredibly economically illiterate. Incumbents have spent more money in the last two years than any administration in previous history–combined. I was upset over Bush’s spending, but Obama/Pelosi/Reid has dwarfed him.

You see, tax-and-spend economics has never worked, yet liberal economists think they will. Americans have been duped. The economic illiterates that have been in power for the past 2-4 years have driven our once-vibrant economy into the ground.

There is no excuse for the failed economy other than economic ignorance. Get out there and vote for economic sanity today!

Here’s a great video explaining the economics of it all. Notice: This was put out two years ago. The warning signs were there, yet politicians ignored them.

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