"Coach" Lydia Leads Her Kids to Success

I’m not sure there is anything a parent can be more proud of than this: One of your children confidently moves from “student” to “teacher.” Our 16-year-old Lydia did this yesterday at the Junior Speech Tournament.

Lydia with her students. They did quite well at yesterday’s tournament, thanks to Lydia’s coaching.

Public speaking is a big deal in our family. Training Minds Ministry, the organization I lead, has training camps for speakers and debaters, the largest camps of the kind in the nation. We take “training the mind for action” seriously.

Though we start young, the older they get, the more competitive the opportunities are. Lydia and her older sister, Cynthia, are teaming up to do team-policy debate. They plan to travel across the country to tournaments. Already they spend at least one full day at their desks researching for their upcoming tournament. Academic debate is one of their pillars for their homeschool education.

I am so proud of Lydia for taking these little guys and gals under her wing. She worked with them nearly every day for the past three weeks. Here’s the list of pieces they did:

  • Tabitha Jeub & Michael Gilbreath: Amelia Bedelia Goes for a Drive — 3rd Place Duo
  • Keilah Jeub: I Love You Forever — 1st Place Dramatic Interp
  • Tabitha Jeub: Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep — 3rd Place Humorous Interp
  • Hannah Jeub: Rainbow Fish — 2nd Place Dramatic Interp
  • Havilah & Joshua Jeub — The Little Dragon — Duo
  • Josiah Jeub — Five Little Ducks — Humorous Interp
  • Michael Gilbreath — Expository Speech “You Might Be Smarter Than You Think” — 1st Place
  • Michael Gilbreath — The Frog Prince Continued — 2nd Place Humorous Interp

These results are more than just entertaining: they are encouraging. Think about it. This is our future generation of leaders, thinkers, and speakers. Building these skills up in the young ones is what our ministry is about. Consider supporting us at

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