Noah's 10-Point Buck with Video

I learn something new every time I go hunting. It’s a wild adventure, filled with the unexpected. Four Jeub kids and I ventured out to Nebraska for a whitetail hunt that we’ll never forget. Here’s the story…

First, I have to tell you about my good friend Phil. He brought his son elk hunting with him a couple years ago. A herd of elk ran out into an open field before the two of them. Phil was so excited he started unloading commands to his son, one of which was, “Don’t shoot into the herd!” His son mistook that as “Don’t shoot,” which he dutifully obeyed. The herd ran by, and Phil’s son missed his opportunity. I recall telling Phil, “You shouldn’t have said anything,” and he agreed. I also told Matthew, “You are a very obedient child,” and he sighed and agreed.

Now let me tell you about our exciting hunt in Nebraska, specifically 12-year-old Noah’s harvest of his 10-point buck. We were sitting together at the foot of a butte when this beautiful buck spooked over the summit down into the valley where we were sitting. Noah saw it first, “Dad, a deer!” and we both prepared our rifles.

Guess what I started doing? I started unloading a bunch of commands, just like Phil! “Wait till it comes out into the open!” “Make sure you have it in your sites!” “Shoot…wait, wait, it’s coming closer…”

Noah acted like a pro, responding exactly as he had trained. He dropped to the ground and set his .243 on his knee, one of the best positions to shoot. The buck ran further down the hill toward us, then turned parallel with the butte: a perfect broadside shot. Noah let one go, then quickly reloaded. The deer ran another 20 yards and Noah let another bullet go, the deer dropped. One bullet hole to the lung. One clean, humane shot.

In the few seconds, I think I rattled off more no-brainer commands. “Reload!” “Shoot!” “Get it!” In my excitement, I was trying to guide Noah, but I sounded like an idiot!

We tend to parent exactly the same way, don’t we? The children are taught, trained, and prepped to behave in a certain way. We rehearse dozens of different scenarios. We school them till their brains are mush. In our excitement (or, perhaps, fear?) we rattle off commands when they they have their first shot.

Maybe I’m making more of it than it is, but it sure makes sense. Staying silent, letting them do what they were trained to do, I think is the better parenting model. Like I said, I learn something new every time I go out. Especially when I bring my children.

Noah and his 10 point whitetail buck
Personally, I think this should go on the cover of Nebraska’s hunting journal.

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  • Sara

    This is so great!! My kids and I just watched your video together…Congrats to Noah and congrats on getting some meat this time!!! Wish we could do this, but have no experience…you guys Rock!!

  • Jimmy

    Awesome Buck!

  • Michelle-Momto5&wishingmore!

    Welcome to Nebraska!!! We live in Eastern Nebraska in a nice community. My husband took 2 of our children out for opening day in Valentine! They brought home 2 bucks…hope you guys had a great time as they did! Blessings to you and your family!

    • Chris & Wendy

      Thanks Michelle! Congrats to your husband and children. Venison is awesome.

  • Ken

    Thanks for sharing this! Looks like a fantastic family time. You’re doing a great job building memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to Noah! Blessings to the Jeub family…

  • Brandi

    How precious!! Good job Noah!!

  • JenT

    That’s awesome! Way to go, Noah!

    Great parallel to parenting, Chris. Sometimes I get so involved in what I am saying I miss that they’ve tuned me out long ago and are already doing what I said. lol

  • Rod Carpenter

    A chip off the old block!

  • Amy Pederson

    Thank you, Chris, for sharing lessons learned with us. Praise the Lord for your insights!

  • Mom

    Congratulations, Noah and Micah. And congratulations to Dad, too. Couldn’t be prouder of all of you.

  • Grandpa

    Congradulations Noah & Micah. There is nothing like that first deer! And boy, did you start out at the top, Noah! Next year, you can coach your dad – “steady, safty off, ….shoot Dad!”
    Micah, your doe reminds me of the first deer I ever shot. It wasn’t pretty, but it finly stayed down. I am sure you will both remember this for the rest of your life.
    God Bless

  • Chris & Wendy

    Mom and Dad…thanks for commenting. I read your note to Micah (he’s the only one up right now) and he had a good laugh. Next year you’ll have to come with…no excuses!

  • ChristinaS

    What an inspiration! And an excellent lesson. I catch myself all the time trying to “coach” my children, when really they just need me to stand back and let them do it because I’ve already taught them what to do. Thank you for sharing your lives with us Jeub Family :)

  • Ken Davis

    What a great experience and delightful insight in your blog. Your son will remember this all his life…….. not killing the deer……… being with you……. Okay, he will remember killing the deer too!

  • Paul Walerczak

    Hey Chris and Noah,

    Thanks so much for sharing this video with us! Noah I am so happy for you..what a great experience to share with your family. You are very blessed to have a dad like Chris who invests time with you and your brothers and sisters. Most importantly he loves the Jesus! Congrats!

    In His Grace,
    Without Excuse Ministries
    Romans 1:20