Cookbooks: Why Wendy's Are Just AWESOME

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There are several unique characteristics of Wendy’s cookbooks. Few cookbooks are written this way:

  • Additional chapters on how to shop frugally, but not feel its impact.
  • The “spice-that-no-one-ever-heard-of” problem: most ingredients are bound to be in most homes.
  • Index of key ingredients allow cooks to find recipes to fit their needs.
  • Coil binding with durable front and back cover, ready for plenty of stains.
  • Most portions cut to starndard-family sizes of 4-6. (There are a few “feeds 20” favorites, though.)
  • Real recipes that the authors have been really eating over the years.

Most importantly, Wendy’s cookbooks get used. We have heard time and time again from people who rant and rave about how much they love these cookbooks. Here’s one that came just a couple weeks ago:

I just want to let you know that I purchased your cookbook when it first came out and I use it to this day. My husband just loves the food and in the summer there are always refrigerator pickles to snack on! I only cook for two so sometimes there are plenty of leftovers and other times I just reduce the recipe but I just want you to know that we love it!!!

Thank you for your ongoing inspiration,
Linda Ames

Sold? I hope so. Every family out there would love to eat as well as the Jeubs. Click here to order your cookbooks today!

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  • Jen

    I’ve been eying out your cookbooks for a while now. We’re vegetarians and I know that you guys do a lot of hunting and I figured most of the recipes would be meat based (but maybe not). I was wondering if this cookbook would be a good fit for us or if they would be easily adapted to a vegetarian family?
    I’m just finishing Wendy’s diet book that you sent out last week…love it! What an ispiration!

  • Mary

    I ordered them the other day. Looking forward to using them for our family of eight. I hope to learn more ways to save money and still feed the family well.

  • Chris & Wendy

    Jen, we have several vegetarian recipes. In fact, our frugal living section speaks about using zucchini as a meat substitute. I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

  • sandra

    I have to tell you these are some of my fav cookbooks and Wendy and Cynthia make cooking fun!
    I keep them on top of my stack of cookbooks and I use them often.It’s inspiring to think that if Wendy can cook for a dozen ppl every night and also plan a big dinner on weekends,then what am I complaining about?!
    I’m also not worried about my husb’s retirement anymore,(although that’s quite a few yrs down the road),but if you all can make it work so frugally with a big family,then I have nothing to worry about with just the two of us. :) thanks again.

  • Bethany

    I just ordered mine and I cannot wait for them to get here!! Supper time has always been my greatest challenge as a homemaker. Ever since I got married I’ve been searching for the “holy grail” of cookbooks – one book that will cover all my meal preparation needs. I have yet to find it. I’ll let you know if Wendy’s books are “IT.”

  • Mindy

    I love both books. It has become a game for me to get my “staples” at the lowest possible prices. I don’t have extra room (small apartment) but non-perishible things like spaghetti sauce (less than 1/2 price), mayo, ketchup if I hit a really good sale they share space with my walk in closet. I have more boxes of stuffing in there right now (we like it and it was 80 cents a box). Also cheese freezes well. I got such great satisfaction a few weeks ago from making two pans of lasagna by primarily shopping at home!

  • Mindy

    LOL I was going to say more boxes of stuffing than clothes!