Thanks-GIVING for the Vander Family

The best of people are brought out during hard times. When the twins were born (5 years ago October), we were at a financial low point. These times were tough, Wendy was physically not yet recovered from the birth of the twins, and Thanksgiving was looking to be pretty drab that year. That’s when we discovered how good of friends we had…

Half the Vander family were nearly lost last month. Chuck and Jonathan (far right) are still recovering.

Eight families grouped together to provide us Thanksgiving dinner. Each pitched in one of the main courses. The blessing was more than we could bear, knowing a group of friends cared enough about us to put together Thanksgiving dinner for us. The gift meant more than anything we can remember. We still reflect fondly of that wonderful gift to our family.

This year we know of a family who could use help: the Vander family. Jonathan is a high school debate student who flew out to Florida for one of our debate camps. He flew out as a helper of one of our coaches to help pay for the educational opportunity (their family could not afford the full price). When there, Jonathan’s heart was attacked by a nasty virus that hospitalized him for a few days. It was quite the scare!

But the story gets much worse. Jonathan’s parents flew out to rendezvous with Jonathan. While out there, Jonathan’s father was struck by another vehicle running a stop sign. He was hospitalized and nearly died! In the short week, the Vander family was nearly wiped out.

This took place just one month ago. Today, Tonya Vander has both her son and her husband, Chuck, home. Jonathan still suffers from side affects from the heart virus, and Chuck suffers from pain from his crushed shoulder and a head injury from the accident. Chuck is the owner of a small, struggling construction business. You can imagine the dire straights they are in.

Yesterday, the last day of our state’s first debate tournament, we held a benefit luncheon for the Vanders that raised several hundreds of dollars. The food was donated and 100% of the the $7/plate cost went straight to the family. Even so, you can imagine, the bills of such a tragedy are piling up and the Vanders could use more help.

A debate dad set up a site to benefit the Vander family, complete with a PayPal donation button. If you are able to give a small token for this family, they’d most certainly appreciate it. Thank you for your consideration! And please keep the Vander family in your prayers.

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  • Rebecca Woodson


    Just wondering if this heart virus was Kawasaki virus? My daughter is a survivor of this virus and it attacks the blood vessels, heart, and other internal organs. She was in the hospital a long time and was gravely ill. She was misdiagnosed with the flu, appendicitis, and other things before finally they diagnosed the Kawasaki virus by process of elimination. It is a very rare and scary illness. She is making a slow but hopefully full recovery. If this is Kawasaki that the Vander’s son is dealing with, please let them know that I have been there and can be a resource. The doctors did not and still do not always know what to tell me with my daughter because it is so rare. It is scary to hear a doctor say “I don’t know” when you ask them about your sick child! Will keep them in my prayers and you all as well!

    • Chris & Wendy

      I don’t know, Rebecca. All I know is the laymen’s terms: “a virus attacking the heart.”