Love in the Kitchen Feedback

I’m not sure which we love more: eating or cooking? My daughter and I love to cook, and we’ve received tremendous feedback from folks who are cookin’ away with our recipes. If you own the cookbooks already and have an endorsement to share, please enter it in the comments section. Thank you! -Wendy

Cynthia and Wendy Jeub
Wendy Jeub (right) with daughter, Cynthia, are family cooks whose recipes should be in your kitchen. Both cookbooks on sale for the price of one. Click to order.

Hi Wendy! I am loving your cookbook! Tonight I made the enchiladas, they were so tasty! Usually I make them with chicken and a mexican cooking kit. This time I used minced beef (hambuger) and followed your recipe. The topping with the chicken soup and sour cream was so lovely. My children absolutely loved them. My 3 year old cleared his plate in about 5 minutes and usually he is our slowest eater! Even our 8 month old ate the filling with rice!God has really been laying on my heart recently how important it is to be a good steward of our money and that actually I have a big responsibility when shopping to make our pound stretch.

-Jane Buss, United Kingdom

I just want to let you know that I purchased your cookbook when it first came out and I use it to this day. My husband just loves the food and in the summer there are always refrigerator pickles to snack on! I only cook for two so sometimes there are plenty of leftovers and other times I just reduce the recipe but I just want you to know that we love it!!!

-Thank you for your ongoing inspiration,
Linda Ames

I have recently bought both the cookbook and Love in the House and am enjoying both. I’m a mom to 7 and love to hear how others manage things. My kids are friends with a family of 11 kids so I find myself saying, “If so-and-so can do it, so can I.”….I just had to say I love the books and thank you.

-Angela G.

I received Wendy’s cookbook and I LOVE IT! I have poured over it and cannot wait to try the recipes! I already read Love in the House and loved that as well.

-Lisa P., Minnesota

A friend of mine bought me your cookbook as a gift. I LOVE IT! I love all the recipes and plan on trying many. Just out of curiosity… are these all of Wendy’s own recipes? [From Wendy: Yes] Or has she gotten them from family/friends and such. There is so much here. I was trying to think of what I make and I don’t think I would be able to fill a cookbook up! Thanks so much for writing this. Any more books on the horizon? Has TLC scheduled any more shows? They should!!!

Amy W., South Carolina

I can’t believe it! I got my cookbooks today! I only ordered them Wednesday and they are already here. Thanks so much! I opened them right away and immediately started looking at them. I read the intro by Wendy and looked at the recipes. I’ve already got a few I’d like to try. I know the ladies will love them Sunday. Thanks again. God bless you for all your hard work for Him.

Jen T., Tennesee

I just wanted to say thanks you for the cookery book. I’m from England so have had to Google a few ingredients for alternatives, but last night I made a list of recipes to try and there must have been at least 20 on my list. I am mum to 5 kids, although 2 have now left home and my others are young adults/teenagers with big appetites. When we all get together plus friends there are often 9 or 10 of us. With prices rising so fast on this side of the pond (I expect its the same where you are)I am having to make even more use of what I can get hold of, and the recipes in your book will help add variety to my menus. With love to you, Chris and all your lovely children.

Helen G., England

About Wendy Jeub

Yes, Wendy Jeub has brought 16 children into the world, and loves each and every one of them. So much so, she'd welcome more!

  • Sheri in PC

    I received your first cookbook, Love in the Kitchen around a year ago and loved it. My husband was excited to find wild game recipes which he was quick to try out. The kids love the cookie recipes and I like that recipes are made with things I already have or can buy in bulk. Thus bringing the monthly food bill down. I am now waiting for the 2 for 1 deal I ordered last week as I am going to give the new Love in the Kitchen cookbook to a friend for Christmas.

  • Dawn Hall

    I purchased Love in the Kitchen a while back and absolutely love it. I’m mom to 10 children ages 13 and down. This cookbook has really added to my selection of affordable healthy delicious recipes for my family. Thank you so much!

  • Melissa

    I have both of Wendy’s cookbooks. The recipes are easy and the ingredients are very affordable. I love that there are variations for the crock pot as well as stove top. It proves over and over that cooking at home from scratch is most affordable, nutritious and delicious. Thank you Wendy for writing the books and I look foward to more of your cookbooks in the future. Have a Happy and Blessed Holiday!

  • Janet Kiessling

    I, too, have both books. They are a wonderful addition to my kitchen. When I received them – my hubbie & I went through and tabbed the recipes that we wanted to try. They are easy. And easy to substitute my own variations. The frugal tips are great. I can’t say enough about them – except, “When the next one?” :)Thank you both! Have a wonderful & Blessed Holiday!!!

  • Kim

    Wendy, We use your recipes all the time in the first edition. they are soooo great. We are a family of 10, and at this point have not ordered the 2nd one, purely for financial reasons. I am certain I would not be disappointed. Thanks, Kim

  • Ellen Shank

    Hi Wendy….I have a picky eater who never wanted to try anything new. I fixed a batch of your enchiladas one night and he asked for seconds!Now he will ask for “Jeub night”..potato hot dish, creamy chicken over noodles, Cynthia’s mac & cheese…all hits!
    Wonderful recipes with REAL ingredients! 2 awesome books!

  • Kimberly Simko

    I just ordered your two cookbooks..I can’t wait for them to arrive!! :)

  • Christy

    I ordered the 1st cookbook, and loved the simple easy to make and yummy recipes. So within a couple months I ordered the 2nd cookbook. As I expected it’s just as good as the first cookbook! Our family had never heard of hotdish until reading your book, but we are so glad we found it! Hotdish is a good meal to feed a big family and the possibilities are endless! We have not tried a recipe that we have not liked :)

    Thank you for your cookbooks, and I’m now considering ording a set as a gift for Christmas… What a wonderful price you are offering for this set of cookbooks :)


  • Sheri Lorenz

    We have so enjoyed Wendy’s cookbook! We have enjoyed the “nutrigrain” like bars. They are so much more substantial that any bar you would buy “boxed”.

    As our family is growing soon to five, it is such a blessing to have a cookbook from a mother of many that understands both budgets and tastes!

    Many blessings from our kitchen to yours!
    Sheri Lorenz

  • Alex

    Hello Jeubs – I am also from England and considered your cookbooks but held back on the fear of having to find too many alternatives (and the fact that my scales are metric lol) but am changing my mind-how much would shipping to England be?

  • Chris & Wendy

    We’re so happy to read such great comments about the cookbooks.

    BTW: Shipping to England is automatically generated. Contact us know if there are issues.

  • nicole j bideau

    Hi the jueb family love your cook book my daughter (who is now a mum of 2) and I plan our weekly meals using a lot of your recipes its a brilliant book and full of wonderful things to make thank you for including us in your family this way God bless you and your family

  • Carmela Edwards

    Dear Jeub Family,

    I ordered both of your cookbooks and I have to say they are WONDERFUL! I am not a big cook but the recipes in the cookbook are so easy to do that I feel like I can cook anything now! God Bless your family!!

  • Darrelynn

    I bought Love in the Kitchen quite a while back, it has some great recipes, that adapt to my small family of 3 very well and that are very tastie as well. But, I really love Wendy’s tips on how to save money when feeding your family. Which lead me to my next purchase, Love in a Diet. Absolutely loved it!!!! Wendy eats real food to stay fit and trim. When I struggle with my weight I pick up “Love in a Diet” to keep me on track. I love the books and cookbooks….Thank so much for share these with me and my family.

  • Heather Gackle

    I have ALL of the Jeub family products and I absolutely LOVE them!!! When I picked up Love in the Kitchen, Vol 1 this morning to make Wendy’s muffins, I noticed that the page had stains on it already. Upon flipping through the pages, I saw that numerous pages had food stains on them! These books are so good that they will quickly become a family favorite!

  • Tammy R

    We have the first cookbook and have been very blessed by it. The current favorite dish is Macaroni and Cheese. My pickiest eaters love it! Thank you for the wonderful books you author!!

  • Lelia Doroski

    Hey there, long time lurker here with my first ever comment! My only daughter is getting married to her lovely mexican boyfriend soon, and I’m tasked with preparing the wedding party! I thought enchiladas would be a good idea, so trying to find some good enchilada recipes. What do you think? Any more suggestions?? Anyway, thanks for your hard work as ever… I’ll try to comment a little more on future posts.

  • crissy

    Our family has been so blessed by the Jeub family.
    The cookbooks are honestly the best i’ve ever read. They have great recipes that are very budget
    friendly and so easy even my young daughters can
    make them. Love in a diet is great for any mom,
    it’s a very easy way to get in shape, i’m always
    reading through it for advice. Love in the House is very encouraging for families, it is really a
    testimony of Love. We LOVE all of their books. Thank you Jeub family!

  • Richelle

    Love, love, love the Jeubs:) I have both cookbooks and Love in the House which I have read twice already and Love on a Diet. Wendy is fabulous at what she does the food is really tasty and doesn’t break the bank. I LOVE the frugal tips and watch the Jeubs on my DVR when I can my children love watching it as well and they are 4&3:)

    Love you guys and love the youtube video….

  • Rose Salas

    I bought the first cookbook for gifts. The teachers that work at our homeschool coop got them and they all love them. My son just turned 18 and he wanted Monster cookies for his birthday. He got them.

    • Chris & Wendy

      We’re glad to hear, Rose. Enjoy!