Training Minds for Action

Christians complain about a deteriorating culture, and we love to rant about the evil of our day. But when it comes down to actually doing something, too often we sit back in our armchairs and continue complaining. Here’s a way to make a difference…

Debate camp consists of good, hard training for action in the world. This is a good ministry worth supporting.

I lead an exciting academic ministry, one that promotes “thinking, speaking and persuading” in profound ways. It depends largely on donations from good people who want to be a part of it. Here’s what Training Minds Ministry does.

We host debate camps to train young people and their parents in the art of persuasion. Specifically, TMM has successfully trained students competing in various speech and debate leagues. Such training we believe is a spiritual journey, our key verse being 1 Peter 1:13, “Train the mind for action,” a mandate for Christians to strengthen the muscle of the mind. I believe there is no better academic activity than debate to train young people how to think, speak and persuade. If you ever have the chance to see the outcome of our training camps, you would see that we are raising up a generation of the sharpest thinkers in the world. Visit our website and you’ll see what we mean!

But don’t take our word for it. Our Testimonials Page stems back to 2005, filled with young people and their parents making the best of comment toward the ministry of training minds. Click through and read these outstanding, first-hand accounts of how we are training young minds for action.

Camps are fun, testimonies are nice, but validation time comes at competition. When these kids hit the tournament decked out in their suits and speaking their convictions from the lectern, they are soaring! Just last weekend, we had our first National Qualifier in Monument. We’re proud to report that 7/8 semifinalists were alumni of our camps (see results here). It’s not surprising, really. Those who “train the mind for action” typically end up succeeding. (See our Success Page for results dating back to 2008)

Want to support this ministry? I sure hope so. You can in two ways…

1. Get Your Kids Involved in Debate

I’m a walking sales pitch when it comes to debate (and academic speech, for that matter). Let’s face it, our schools drop the ball when it comes to speech, barely mandating a semester of public speaking before graduating. Adults know full well how important it is to have a speaking background, yet we are hardly prepared to do so.

Training Minds Ministry prepares people when they are at the perfect age to be prepared. Teenagers are learning and growing in this activity, unlike any activity available. I’m almost giddy at award ceremonies when I see the students succeed, and when parents tear up when their kids take their awards, I do the same!

2. Give to Training Minds Ministry

I’ll be honest: Our ministry is a break-even ministry that has a wish-list a mile high with a puny budget. We have no paid staff (not even me), only compensating for coaching work, and that isn’t much anyway. Our coaches, many of them working dads and college students, take their vacation time to coach the kids. We are constantly pinching pennies to continue the good work we’re doing. I’m not complaining–Wendy and I are frugal budgetary experts that make the most of what God gives us–but it’s disappointing when good work gets put aside for lack of finances.

We barely pulled off an expansion into speech training this last year. Now we teach much more than just debate: We teach extemporaneous, impromptu, literature interpretation, and apologetics. An exciting online class project was on our to-do lists that would have multiplied our efforts, but lack of funds and resources forced us to drop it. We also had to drop a scholarship fund we started in 2008, ultimately turning away families who could not afford the program.

You can assist our ministry by becoming an active supporter. We need your help to continue. We’d love for you to contribute to a ministry that is doing good work, training the next generation of leaders. Thank you for considering this!

Help support this great work!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Sabrina Cruz

    The TMM camps have helped me so much! They give me confidence so that I feel prepared, no matter how difficult the competition. Most importantly, they teach you how to think on your feet. This skill is so useful, not just in speech and debate, but in pretty much every area of our lives. Thank you, Training Minds!

  • Matt

    These TMM camps took me from a mildly interested but very insecure newbie to a well informed, prepared debater/ extemper. The coaches are great, and the education is well worth your money. Thanks!

  • Ashlyn Olson

    I have attended TMM camps for three years, and I learn something new every year! A lot of my speech and debate success is due to the training, motivation, and encouragement from the TMM coaches. Training Minds has also encouraged me to use my gifts for God’s glory, not just to win a competition. Thank you, Training Minds, for teaching me skills for life!

  • Nathan Nadeau

    If I hadn’t gone to a TMM camp I wouldn’t have the confidence I have now to compete. And the skills I’ve learned there I can use for the rest of my life, and for God’s glory.

  • Jon Bateman

    TMM has given me skills and abilities in speech and debate and opportunities that I would never had otherwise. Along the way I made relationships that have have stuck with me to this day. If you have a chance to participate in this ministry I encourage you take it!

  • Cody Herche

    I can’t say enough about what an awesome activity high school forensics is. I was fortunate to be able to participate when I was a student. And I continue to be involved as a coach. The beauty of TMM is that it understands the vital role communication and critical thinking skills play in the development of young leaders. Few missions are as worthy of your assistance.

  • Jewel Soiland

    TMM is so important for leaning how and why we debate. I attended their camp the first year I began debating and if it weren’t for their coaching, I would still be hiding in the corner. The assistence they provide is crucial for leaning about debate and the resolutions each year. I would definitely encourage anyone to donate to their ministry or attand their camps.

  • Jon and Jennifer Bateman

    From a parent’s perspective, I cannot encourage another parent enough to take advantage of the training with TMM. It’s not just the information shared, but the relationships that are formed and continue on. We will always be grateful for the time and energy that those at TMM built into our son, Jon, and even ourselves as parents. Thank you TMM for all that you do, this truly is a ministry to homeschool families! Thank you.

  • Natasha Torrens

    Training Minds Ministry kept me motivated and excited about debate when I was ready to slow down and take a break. It’s absolutely crucial for getting in-depth on the resolution, working through hard positions, and debating in general. Thanks, Training Minds!

  • Chris & Wendy

    You guys are awesome!

    Note to donors: many of these posters started out as knee-shaking, fearful speakers, but have moved on to become nationally recognized champions. Thanks for posting, and we’ll see you at Nationals!

  • Garrett Soiland

    The success of Training Minds Ministry must be at least partially due to the spectacular coaching quality and the program’s ability to teach both beginners and advanced students about what will benefit them specifically.

  • Rachel Seay

    Great post, I completely agree! The impact of Training Minds and of Speech and Debate goes far beyond competition- competition’s merely the tool and the confidence builder for these kids to learn world-changing skills. This is serious. God has called us to impact our culture- and that means getting out there, having a message, and presenting it well! Contribute, be a part of Training Minds, go to the camps, read the books, compete- this ministry effectively impacts lives and communities and is empowering a generation of warriors! Be a part of it.

  • Tisha

    It is impressive to see your kids competing. My children especially enjoyed watching the recent Amelia Bedelia skit.
    I have been on your Training Minds website. I am still unclear though as to how exactly we would go about involving our kids in debate. Do you offer classes they can sign up for?