Why November Was Our Best Month Ever

November was our best month in our 5-year blogging history: 16,933 visits! Our previous month was in June 2009 (15,049 visits) when two elements came together: (1) TLC aired our show where 1/3 of our visits landed on one day, and (2) we had purchased a dedicated server ready to handle the traffic.

November Favorite Photo: Noah with his 10-point buck
Our favorite photo from November: Noah proudly showing off his 10-point whitetail. Read the adventure.

We had no such outside influence to cause a spike in November, but we did have three key elements to help promote our website. Here are the details, plus a list of the most popular articles…

1. Daily Blogging

We feel like we’ve got daily blogging figured out. I even post on it: 5 Ways Daily Blogging Can Be a Joy. We’ve figured out a routine and a process, and the consistency pays off. We believe this is why people are visiting: content is posted daily.

2. Meaty Content

We don’t want to waste your time. Many of our posts (the most popular are listed below) cover intense topics that we put careful thought into. Really, we pour our hearts into these posts, and we believe YOU appreciate that.

3. Open Conversation

We used to screen our comments, afraid that contrary opinions would somehow hijack our blog. We don’t do that anymore. We have found that those who disagree with us — as long as they’re not vulgar or snarky in their response — helps everyone understand controversial topics. The exchanges have been fantastic!

We believe these three elements (daily blogging, meaty content, open conversation) are what made November the best month in our blogging history.

Curious on what our most popular posts were? You may enjoy catching some of those you have missed. Here they are:

November 2010 Most Popular Articles:

  1. How Much Does Our Thanksgiving Dinner Cost?
  2. Organizational Tips I Wish I’d Known as a Young Mother
  3. Judgment Hurts, But Is It Really Persecution?
  4. Don’t Mix Messages on Infertility
  5. Whether or Not to Watch Television
  6. Stop Judging Your Parents
  7. Frugal Living Beats the Trend
  8. When Adult Children Don’t Want to Visit
  9. Thanks-GIVING for the Vander Family
  10. Thankful Turkey
About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • tereza

    yes, blogging as a business can definitely pay off!! Blessings, :)


  • Cynthia Cruz

    Thank you for taking the time to share what helps!! I appreciate the value you put in your posts – and that I get their valuable content on my fb news feed! Keep up the great work.

  • Karen Huse Clifton

    Congratulation Jeub Family. Your blog is a fun place to visit. The reason I come back is to see what else is going on. You do have interesting posts and I appreciate ones that deal with finical advice. As a family of 6 and 1 vary to meager income to say we struggle is an understatement. To see how an extra large family can do it is helpful. And I love the fact that you are Christian bloggers. Keep up the great blogging.