Wendy's French Fry Hot Dish

Here’s our second YouTube video. It’s only 2 minutes long and shows you how to cook one of my favorite meals for my family.

Here’s three reasons why this recipe is one of my favorites:

  1. I am able to “throw this together.” On Sunday morning or on a busy errand day, I’ll throw this together in the slow cooker to ensure dinner is ready when we all get home later in the day.
  2. The ingredients are typically in our pantry and freezer. We buy Sam’s Club cases of potato french fries, so that staple is usually at hand.
  3. The kids love it! It’s one of their favorite meals.

I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. More movies are being planned. And if you don’t own our cookbooks, check them out in our store.

About Wendy Jeub

Yes, Wendy Jeub has brought 16 children into the world, and loves each and every one of them. So much so, she'd welcome more!

  • Tammie

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! Doing these videos and recipes are such a great idea !! I already can’t wait for more !!

  • Crystal

    Very cool, Wendy you look lovely. Think I might try the recipe, and since I already have the cookbooks that should be easy!

  • Ann

    Did you drain the canned vegetables or just dump it all in with the meat? Thanks, ann

    • Chris & Wendy

      Yes, the vegetables were drained before dumped.

  • Kelly Morris

    This looks really good! I’m frying up about #10 of beef and venison today, I think I might make it real fast.

    • Kristen

      Love it! It is now crocking away in my crock pot. I even put a little shredded cheese on top! I know the kids are going to love it. I am also loving the 2 recipe books I received a couple weeks ago. I’ve made some granola and fruit/granola bars. Thanks for all you do!

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  • Wendy Jeub

    Someone asked if you drain the meat. Yes. Thank you for asking.

  • Kelly Morris


    Made this for dinner last night and it was a big hit! I think we’re going to have it again tonight, makes a ton!


  • Tarahleigh

    just curious if you have a photo of the end product? sounds great!

  • Wendy Jeub

    No we do not have still pic just the video.

  • Wendy Jeub

    BTW-You drain the meat and the veggies.

  • laura

    I made this for my family and they loved it. I used frozen veggies and just potatoes (no frozen french fries) and it was really good. Will definately make it again. We love the mac and cheese recipe also. Thank you so much. Your grocery saving tips are really helpful as well. Budget is really tight and I am thankful for all the tips.