Here's Insane for You: Global Warming

Those who were in Cancun last week at the UN’s Climate Summit spent the week complaining about the “carbon footprints” of human beings. It’s unfortunate that some of them hold diplomatic offices in high places. Telegraph articles of the event were filled with outrageous claims.

Cancun Climate UN Summit

We’re not making these headlines up, and I included links as proof. Check these out…

We spent the entire 2009-10 school year studying the environment. Cynthia and Lydia were debate partners, and I had the privilege of publishing the best-selling debate briefs on the year’s topic of environmental policy. Needless to say, I wish these high school debaters were in charge, for they apparently know much more about environmental policy than our elected officials.

Ordinary parents (perhaps like you) don’t know (nor care to know) about environmental science. Much like politicians, ordinary folks simply believe what the experts tell them. Problem is, experts have been exposed as frauds, some blatantly knowing their false claims yet continuing to promote them. Even in the Telegraph article, there is another article in its very sidebar titled “Climate change leader knew about false glacier claims before Copenhagen.” It reveals that Rajendra Pachauri, leader of the IPCC, knew for two months of the false claims that his very program was making. Yet he is still promoting for absurd changes!

Here’s a list of the mandates quoted straight from the article:

  • “Halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years.”
  • “Drastic change in lifestyles for many people.”
  • “A rationing system similar to the one introduced during the last “time of crisis” in the 1930s and 40s.”
  • “A limit on electricity so people are forced to turn the heating down, turn off the lights and replace old electrical goods like huge fridges with more efficient models.”

Here’s the catch-22 of these UN positions: The complexity of the science allows faulty claims to go unchecked. Laymen—hardworking moms and dads who simply want to raise their children—have little time to expose faulty science. So they take the experts at their word.

Despite the public disclosure of purposely covering up faulty science (even hacking e-mails that displayed the vulgar abuse of scientific data), these so-called scientists continue in control of our highest global offices.

Heaven had the last laugh, though. The UN Summit dealt with some of the coldest temperatures in its history. Check out beautiful — but cold — Cancun!

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Mary Lou

    I simply don’t understand why anyone still listens to these people.
    How many times do their lies have to be exposed before someone says “ENOUGH!”?

    • Tracy

      Thanks for posting. I agree with Mary Lou. ENOUGH!

  • Sarah M. in MI

    As my tongue in cheek, well read hubby, likes to say about “global warming”…THANK GOODNESS. If not for “global warming, our house would still be under a glacier.
    What they don’t like to address is that climate is actually COLDER now than it was before the little ice age. They used to be able to grow warmer weather crops in England!
    Anyway…preaching to the choir here!

  • Jen

    I consider myself to be an environmentalist. We are vegetarians (for many reasons, but among them is the cruel manner in which animals are treated in slaughterhouses. I applaud your family as avid hunters. I think this is a much more humane way of killing animals while being more involved with nature at the same time). Our family treats the earth with respect not because of some mass government agenda but because we are trying to be good stewards of this AMAZING world that the Lord has left for us to take care of.
    I wish people would take care of the earth because it’s the right thing to do and not just because it has become popular or because the government says so and scares us into doing it (and I’m talking about taking care of the earth in general not advocating that everyone needs to become a vegetarian). I do have to say that the one good thing that has come from this government scare campaign is that many people (our family included) have become more aware of what we can do to protect the environment as a whole. Too bad it’s been taken too far. I do believe that part of this agenda is to discourage families from having “too many” children with all of these limited resource policies. It’s amazing how Satan will use any trick he can. It’s also very sad that people don’t see it for what it is.

    • Chris & Wendy

      I like how you state your convictions, Jen. Thank you for sharing! We try hard to articulate a conservationist lifestyle, especially when speaking of harvesting game. At its core is a love for our natural habitat and the biblical call to be good stewards.

  • Kevin

    You all should check out the work done by John “J.R.” Moore. He’s been investigating “Global Warming” for more than twenty years. He also has a website,
    My only question right now is what will it be called when it is no longer consider global warming?

    • Chris & Wendy

      They’re already calling it “climate change.” Our point in this article (and our new book) is that is way too convenient of a position to be in. When it’s too warm, the earth is warming; when it’s too cold, the climate is changing. The links in my article is proof of it: They are running a rabid circle of arguments.

  • Lara

    Interesting as everything I have heard disagrees with you all. Would your daughters do a post sharing their knowledge with those of wanting to learn more?
    We have a large family but live simply, we even share a bedroom with our five children because bigger is not always better. People driving huge cars with one child bother me honestly as cars are huge pollutants.
    Ok, I will stop now:) love your advice for large family living and would truly enjoy hearing your debate perspective

  • Margaret

    Every year this meeting comes around, and every year my dad reads the news paper and laughs.

    All the wailing and gnashing of teeth about “global warming” is printed next to articles about the whole Western hemisphere getting slammed with “record cold” and huge snowfalls. At the very least, he thinks they’re stupid for picking this time of year. People would be more inclined to believe what they’re peddling if they were peddling it during a hot, muggy week in August. 😀

    The fact of the matter is, the earth has been warming and cooling for as long as it’s existed–and for secular scientists, that means admitting that their belief that the earth is millions of years old means that the earth warmed and cooled *all by itself* without human help through most of these cycles.

    Personally, I would prefer a warming cycle over a cooling cycle. As much as I hate heat, I think it would be much easier to survive a few degrees higher temps than a mini ice-age.

  • Ninabi

    Your thoughts on ocean acidification?

  • Hannah

    You should watch, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” if you haven’t already. They interview mainly scientists who were on the IPCC who say it’s all data that’s been misinterpreted or messed around with. It’s really interesting. I didn’t watch the whole thing because we watched it in a 50 min. class period, but I’m pretty sure it’s family friendly. (No cussing scientists or random strange scenes)

    It’s really well put together so it’s entertaining and educational too. (Although I personally enjoy documentaries anyway… yay for being home schooled!)

  • Abby

    I don’t necessarily believe global warming is as extreme as what’s being made out by some scientists and such (not all, let’s be fair)- BUT i do think as someone stated above we all have a key part to play in looking after our planet from God. Never before has so much pollution been sent into the atmosphere from our factories, cars, boats, planes ( some may not personally ever fly, but think about where everything material around us comes from from car parts, furniture, clothes, food and so on and we realize many things have come on quite a journey round the world to get to our homes). Big cars with one child annoy me too. We have pictures that show the ice caps are melting, which if it continues we can certainly say goodbye to the polar bear, so something is definatley happening-climate change or earth cycle, I don’t know, but I see no harm in thinking we can do something to help these matters. We all produce so much waste too, so many disposable items to make our lives easier but the Earths a lot tougher. It’s not the number of people, it’s how we choose to live. There’s certainly no harm in using something green friendly – we need a fuel alternative anyway because we are going to run out some time. The Earth can live without us, but we cannot live this life without the Earth, so whilst the outcome of the natural cycle/climate change/global warming/whatever everyone personally believes may not turn out as extreme as the government or scienctists feel it will, nothing bad can happen by thinking “maybe I’ll walk instead of taking the car less then a mile down the stree”. I know what I’m getting at :)

    • Margaret

      Abby, actually air pollution is down since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

      Read some descriptions of what air quality (and water quality) was like in major cities a few centuries ago. People were literally dying as a direct result of what was in the air and water. We think smog is bad now.

      As far as I know, there are very few people who actually believe in consuming without limits and have a desire to destroy the earth. 😉 Most of us are more than willing to work on preservation of resources and wise stewardship of them. But the “global warming” and environmentalism movements are very threatening to economies and to individual families, as they include a huge push for rigid regulations and there are many people involved who would love to see population “austerity measures” go into effect, punishing families who have more than an allowed number of children. It’s not so much that there’s a desire to take care of the earth that’s troublesome. It’s all the other garbage that’s tied into the movements.

  • Abby

    hello Margaret,
    I’m glad you were very friendly in your response :) It’s sometimes hard to express opposite views. Anyway…
    I don’t deny there is much garbage tied to the environmentalist movement, but I also don’t believe we need to panic about child restrictions, really, I honestly do not believe we will ever follow China with one child laws for example. As corrupt and awful as many will feel our governement is, take a look around the globe and we are not the worst off. I really really do not believe we will ever have a restriction on child quantity.

    Yes, the air pollution has in fact been reduced since the industrial revolution (I didn’t consider this), and pollutents also come from natural sources. I suppose the main theory behind global warming is that the changes on the Earth are caused by man. We increased air pollution with the industrial revolution, it has rduced, we still send extra pollutants in the air with what I said above. I suppose what I question is do we honestly believe that we as humans are having absolutely no impact on what’s happening to this world? There is evidence of something-more extreme weather patterns and such and the ice caps. It could be a cycle, It could be caused by man – and if there is potential that we are causing change we need to realize this.

    There probably are very few people who actually don’t want to be good stewards of the Earth, we agree here :) but i have read such on this blog from people replies. let me clarify: this hasn’t come from the Jeubs. A previous article they posted on the issue resulted in some replies where someone spoke about the rainforest and seemed set on destroying it and thought environemntalists got in the way. Now that’s not global warming but its still our world which some people seem to be intent on destroying because they feel humans have no impact, the Earth is for them and God will just look after us anyway.

    This is my point. We all have a job to be good stewards, look after the earth, make good use of it’s resources. Some peopel who believe everything the scientists come out with on this subject is trash and use it as an excuse or as a cop out for living as they do (not many, we agree :) but some) and this is what I believe is dangerous…..because whether or not climate change is real (and I research both sides as to whether the world is heating up, cooling down, spinning the opposite direction 😉 ) I feel we as humans do have an impact on the Earth and so the work the UN and such do is not all harmful, I don’t think they are going the right way about everything but the outcome isn’t meant to be harmful and I don’t find the whole concept totally insane.

    I think we are more on the same wave than anything. I certainly don’t want my family intervened with, but I do not feel that research and work into global warming is trying to do us harm. I strongly believe we as humans are impacting the Earth in some way, I do not believe in population control, but we all have a duty and I believe some do use their disbelief in climate change as an excuse.

    Climate change may not be true (I honestly don’t know,if it’s not we can still reduce are damage to the physical Earth rather than the atmosphere), but do you believe we are having absolutely no impact on the Earth? That’s what I put forward

    I apologize for my ramble, I’m not a good writer :)

  • Kelly

    I wish global warming would stop being an issue. No, really. I think the moment you say the words “global warming” you get one of two knee-jerk responses. Either someone becomes vehemently defensive or aggressively offensive. Sigh. Neither accomplishes anything useful.

    Is the earth warming? Possibly. I couldn’t find it this morning when I was looking but I’m almost certain the Bible talks about a gradual warming of the Earth – does it not? Anyone care to pull a quote? If I’m correct and it is scriptural then I am not entirely certain why Christians are hesitant to believe in it. At the same time I believe much of the “scientific” data is propaganda.

    I personally feel that if they were to put all of this aside and only request that people evaluate their useage…

    Well, I personally know many, both Christians & non Christians alike who feel “entitled” to use their “fair share.” Sigh. What DOES being a good steward mean anyway? Well, there is no water. So urinating mass amounts of hormones (from the birth control pill) into the water supply with no way to really remove it seems insanely irresponsible to me.

    Overpopulation has been utterly debunked as truth. We can’t even replace our dead and in other countries they are paying married couples in an effort to encourage birth rates. There is a serious issue when we place the importance of earth over humans, made in God’s image.

    But that does NOT excuse our consumption, use, and abuse of the gift God Himself has given us. What do we call good stewardship in a family? What is a man’s responsibility towards his family? To support them, to guide them, to lead them, to care for them. So what is our personal responsibility towards the earth – something for which we have been given responsibility? To care for it!

    If we can step away from the other side’s hype for just one moment and try to see what we are really called to do, it is so simple – Don’t ABUSE that which you are given responsibility for! So what’s abuse? TONS of garbage being buried in the ground, contaminating the water supply. Buying more food than you can consume & wasting it. Taking, taking, taking… Gross overconsumption. Let’s take jeans for instance… Do you know how much the simple making of blue jeans contaminates water? What about the people in those countries? We certainly don’t make them HERE where we’d have to drink the water… Oh no, a third world country is more appropriate for denim making, taking apart computers, etc. You know – anything where you have to touch toxic substances. So how does one justify owning 15 pairs of jeans? Overconsumption.

    I frankly believe large families are, by nature, better stewards. Most of us can’t afford to grossly overconsume, lol. As a matter of fact, I’ll give you your counter argument… A family who has only one or two children is LESS efficient. Assuming that each family owns a home, each family owns two vehicles, each family will utilize electricity for the running of that home… That home is MORE efficient when it houses 15 people than when it houses 4. So does that make the children of a 2 child home less worthy of life? OBVIOUSLY NOT. I would never presume such a thing. Those children are made by God in His image.

    Do I feel we with large families (we are expecting our tenth child currently) have MORE responsibility than the average family to be eco-aware? I do! MORE responsibility not even EQUAL. Why?

    We impact more people. My choices as the mama directly impact the choices of 11 people. I can choose whether or not to use petroleum based skin products with formeldahyde as a preservative. I can decide if those nine babies are going to use disposable diapers or cloth. I can decide if they will drink formula or be breastfed. My husband and I decide if the money spent on purchases for those children will support which companies…. And if we will upcycle or buy new.

    There are MANY more levels on which our family alone could improve. But I feel there should be that constant awareness by every cent we spend what we are supporting or impacting.

    • Abby

      I like what you’ve said :) – but please please remember that not everyone falls into the big family=good stewards under consume small family=bad stewards over consumer because I don’t don’t quite know where me and my 5 kids fall – smaller than many on this site but we try so hard not to overconsume, though like most we are guilty of some things :(

      I don’t recall specifically warming of the Earth mentioned in the bible… could do…..we could go metaphorical of course because we can think about the end of time….the Earth will change…..things happening we can’t reverse to show us a sign…’ve got a super point :)

      • Abby

        ah kelly I re read your paragraph and assumed you said something slightly different-please don’t take my first point on my reply as a jab :)