Every family should have a Game Night written into the schedule. Our game nights get pretty crazy. One of our craziest games is spoons. A deck of cards and a handful of kitchen spoons is all you need to have a wild evening of entertainment.


It's a favorite game of ours. The more people, the crazier the game!

The rules are pretty easy. Even the littlest can keep up:

  • Lay out spoons for the number of players…minus one.
  • Deal four cards to each player.
  • The dealer passes cards from the remainder of the deck to his/her left.
  • After the player looks at the card received, he or she either keeps the card and discards to their left, or passes that card on. Players are not allowed to hold more than 4 cards at a time.
  • As soon as one player has all four of a kind, he/she can take a spoon.
  • Once one spoon is taken, everyone can take a spoon.
  • The one person without a spoon is out. That one becomes an observer for the next round.
  • One spoon is removed, another round is dealt, and the Spoons Tournament continues.

We posted this picture on our Facebook last weekend. Here were some of the comments:

We always play on New Years Eve. However, we’ve had broken eye glasses, black eyes, scratched wrists. I think we’re a little too competitive when it comes to this game! – Marie S., mom of 5

This game can be sooo dangerous : ) – Rachel S., mom of 4

We love that game! Played it once at a friend’s house and they didn’t use spoons, they used 8 inch pieces of rope with knots tied in them. Safer than spoons! :) – April M.

Love that game. – Janet K.

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  • Liz

    In my family, we play that if you are “out”, so you can still participate–you try to mess other people up! IE pretending to take spoons, trying to take your cards. Yet, the people still in are not allowed to talk to the people that are out. My dad is the worst when he gets out–one year he went and got a sharp serving utensil and tried to mix it in with the spoons. Another time he got me out by asking me a question, and without thinking I answered!

    • Chris & Wendy

      That’s a great idea, Liz! I have always thought, “How could we incorporate those who are out?” You gave some great ideas.

  • Angela

    My daughter, remembering all the scratches she got on her hands the last time she played this, suggested that we play the game wearing gloves. :-)

  • Briana

    I haven’t played spoons since I was a little girl. I know my kids will love this game. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Gabriela

    Whenever I play that game no one wants to sit on my left because I will watch and see which cards that person picks up and then if I come across another one, I won’t pass it!

    • Chris & Wendy

      Heeeyyy, that’s a great idea! Strategy of Spoons!